Chapter 363: Light at the End of the Rainbow


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Editor: ryunakama

“…Wanna try it?”

“Try what, ja?”

Kohaku asked, puzzled. The other brides were also puzzled.

“This lingerie show you speak of. Might as well show me what it’s like.”

“Ah, so that’s what ye mean.”

“I’ll go first!”

Akiha was the first to speak up. She was quick to decide, as per usual, exiting the living room and then re-entering on purpose.


She walked back into the living room with a gorgeous smile on her face, imitating a model in her movements.

“Quite the skill ye have, lass.”

“That’s cause she likes these kind of things.”

“It’s not so much liking it as it is being a natural at it.”

As they were evaluating her, Akiha walked over to Taiyou, slouching forward and flashing her cleavage with a wink. She then returned to the door and put her hand on the doorknob- her part was over.

She walked back over to Taiyou.

“How was it?”

Akiha asked.

“Ten out of ten.”

Taiyou gave an immediate answer.

He had never seen a lingerie show, but he did recall what fashion shows were like. Akiha had behaved just like a model just now.

“What do you think, Kohaku-san? Youran?”

“No complaints here, matey.”

“I could see her going head-to-head with a pro.”

The two of them gave their highest approval.

“Thanks. C’mon Aoba, you too.”


Urged on by Akiha, Aoba attempted to imitate a model. That was what set the stage for the rest of the brides to follow suit, once again exposing themselves in their undergarments.

This was even more beautiful than before. Beautiful, cute, elegant, atmospheric- all sorts of different ways of expressing themselves, competing with one another.

During this time, Ruri was constantly by Taiyou’s side. Well, to be more precise, it was her clone by his side.

“Everyone is…so beautiful.”

“Umm, so are you.”

“You think…so?”

“Of course.”

“But she…is the prettiest.”

Ruri pointed at Akiha. Taiyou nodded in agreement.

“True, Akiha might just have a complete victory when it comes to lingerie shows. Her movement and everything is flawless.”

“More like…her presentation techniques.”

“Presentation? Ah, yeah.”

Taiyou nodded again, agreeing with her. Everyone else was pretty, but that was in terms of natural beauty. Akiha was equal in that respect, but she went further and flaunted her beauty, which gave her extra points.

“I can’t…win against that.”

“I always thought it to be odd.”


“When I think about qualities that you all share.”

The brides reacted to that statement, looking over at him.

“We gettin’ philosophical, lad?”

“Don’t get too excited, that’s not what I’m getting at.”

“Then what? Aren’t we just a bunch of pretty girls?”

Akiha said. This way of thinking was very characteristic of her. Taiyou could have interjected there, but elected not to. Instead, he pointed three fingers up.

“One, none of you ever get jealous of each other. Two, you all dressed up like this just for me. Three…you’re all just so amazing for someone like me.”

He folded a finger every time he listed something off.

“And you’re all just so individualistic and beautiful in your own way.”

He shrugged his shoulders before continuing.

“Sometimes I feel shocked to see you all around me.”

Taiyou said jokingly.

Of course he wasn’t being serious about that. Even though they were beautiful, all they had on right now was underwear. And all of them were making various poses, mimicking Akiha.

Taiyou soon began to harbor lustful feelings toward them. He didn’t generally have an issue with this, but this time around he hesitated from acting on it, telling a joke instead. The brides didn’t take it seriously, and it showed on their faces. Kohaku, for instance, made an impish grin on her face, trying to think of a comeback to that.

However, there was one bride who did not understand the joke: Ruri.

Not only had she barely just became a bride; she wasn’t used to these sorts of jokes. Her tone stiffened as she spoke.

“That’s…because everyone loves you, Darling!”


“We love you…which is why we want to show off.”

“Yeah, well, I mean—-”

Taiyou was a little unsure of how to respond to her serious response. Just as he was contemplating explaining the joke to her, the atmosphere around Ruri shifted. Her double disappeared, leaving her by herself, her long white hair glittering in phosphorescence. She was now in the form he considered to truly be his “woman of destiny”.


“I will…show you.”

“Wait, how—-”

As soon as he was about to ask how she intended to do that, a sudden ‘thud’ in his heart assailed him. He felt a bright light and floating feeling envelope him. He should be in the living room, and yet he felt as if he were flying above the clouds.

And then, he saw the light.

Seven lights were flying around him.


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