Chapter 364: Approaching The Seventh


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Just by looking at them once, he could tell which one was different.

There were seven different colors.

The Hayakawa sisters: Kotone, Suzune, Kazane.

Azuma Kohaku.

Miyagi Aoba.

Juunishima Youran.

Aoyama Akiha.

Tengai Ruri.

He soon understood that the various different colors were symbolizing their personalities and lifestyles. The lights represented their true feelings.

He reached a hand out to touch the light. The feelings flowed out to him. Strong feelings and deep love transmitted happiness.

Suddenly, he realized something: There were six brides, but seven lights. Why seven?

He wasn’t sure who owned the seventh, but it was flying around him.

“Who…are you?”

The light expanded with a ‘pwah’ sound. It glistened quietly, as if answering his question.

“Don’t worry, it’s fine. I’m sure no one will get jealous. I promised to always love the girl who’s in front of me at the time.”

Taiyou gently chided her. Then he turned back to the light, asking it once again.

“Come on, who are you? Where can I meet up with you?”

The light flickered. It seemed to have some hesitation. But nothing more.

“You’re quite the stubborn one. But it’s fine. At least I got to meet you here.”

He spoke kindly to her like one would when admonishing a child who would not listen.

“Because I do in fact understand how you feel. I was able to get close to your heart.”

So it’s fine. Taiyou repeated it over and over.

When he opened his eyes, he found himself staring at the ceiling, illuminated by a fluorescent light.

He got up. Sure enough, he was in the living room.

His brides were sprawled on the floor in their undergarments. They all seemed happy, as if seeing a nice dream.

“Thanks, Kotone, Suzune, Kazane.”

He kissed the three mismatching sisters. They all possessed the same soul, just like how their lips had the same flavor.

“Thanks, Kohaku-san.”

He kissed the youthful old woman. Sparks flew as soon as he made contact with her parched lips. Even in sleep, she was not to be underestimated.

“Thanks, Youran.”

He kissed the elegant girl with conviction, putting one side of her hair into a twin tail.

“Thanks, Aoba, Akiha.”

He kissed each of the best friends in turn, conveying his feelings to them.

And finally…

“Thanks, Ruri.”

He kissed his girl of destiny. Her eyes were closed silently, her long hair emitting phosphorescent light. This was the most open she had been since he had met her. This was the strongest girl in the world, yet in a most vulnerable state. She was almost like a dog rolling over to show its belly. Taiyou was filled with gratitude toward her as well.

Having conveyed that to her, he got up, quietly leaving the living room and condo. It was time to find the seventh lady of destiny.

“Good evening.”

He soon found her place after asking Juurokuya. She was staying in a high-rise condo in the neighboring town. Unlike the place where Taiyou was staying, it was high-class, but with smaller rooms.

There before him was Juunishima Sakura.

She had come out to the entrance hall wearing glasses and personal clothing, her face painted with astonishment as she looked at Taiyou.

“What brings you here at such a time?”

“I’ve come to take you away.”

“You’re joking, right?”

“Let me rephrase that. I’ve come to get you.”

“…What kind of a joke are you making?”

The talented woman’s intelligent, beautiful features clouded.

“I’m serious.”

“Who told you to do this?”

“If I had to answer, I guess it would be destiny.”

“Were you always the kind of person to believe in such a thing?”

“Until yesterday, it was a mere word, but now, I strongly sense it.”

“I recommend you consult a hospital.”

“I dunno, it seems like an incurable illness.”

The two of them were firing verbal sparks at each other in the entrance hall.

…Actually, it was more of a one-sided beatdown from Sakura.

The world of lapis lazuli, the seventh color. Taiyou had realized that the last light was that of Juunishima Sakura.

“So will you let me in?”

“No, I’m calling the police.”

“Excluding Ruri, it’s quite hard to find anyone who can physically stop me.”

“On a societal level…”

“Youran has my back.”

Sakura grew silent.

The two of them stared at each other.

“All right, then.”

Sakura was the first one to avert their eyes.

She entered the room, Taiyou following suit. A one room condo, smaller than where he had been living. The interior was dull and empty. There was hardly any furniture, almost like a business hotel.

“Hurry up and–kyaa!”

Right after they had entered the room, Taiyou pushed her down onto the bed. It was probably very unexpected for her, with no time to react before she was pinned down.

“What in the world are you doing?”

Her fine eyebrows ruffled, and anger was evident on her face. He gazed straight down into her eyes.

“I already told you that I came to get you.”

“Quit the jokes. If you’re seeking something sensual, then there are plenty of other women out there besides someone like—-”

“Since when have you been like that?”

Sakura’s body shivered as she heard Taiyou’s question.



  1. So the princess was eliminated?

    • He let her go, willingly. She also decodes to quit, willingly.
      Taiyou tried to love her but he ended up cant “i cant see her as a weak girl” he said.
      In the first place she randomly becomes one because of Youran’s inability to propose herself to be his bride, that she forces what she wants to do onto her ie “to be his slave”
      So prob both feel they dont need to act around each otehr anymore when Youran fix that habit.

  2. Seems so. 🙁 Maybe she will be a mistress since she can see Fairy chan. I still want her to be part of the harem.

  3. Thank u always for ur great work…

  4. If you see the cover illustrations, Sakura’s been there with the other girls since long ago

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