Chapter 368: First Kiss


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“Why seven?”


His face went blank for a moment, Taiyou seemed to finally get what the issue was.

“Right, you don’t know about that yet.”

“Mhm…she doesn’t.”

Ruri nodded alongside him.

“What do you mean to say I don’t?”

“Ah, no, don’t mind us.”

“But now I’m even more curious.”

“Only those who’ve kissed me would understand.”

“How very unfair of you to play games this far in.”

“No, I’m telling the truth.”

Taiyou made an uncomfortable expression.

He had come to reason that there were seven brides, based on reverse calculations from his power. That power was derived from Hera, and the only way to see Hera or his power was to kiss him. That was the simple truth of it all, but this was probably the worst timing to tell her that. It would be seen as a poor attempt to get intimate with her or coax her into it.

Taiyou wasn’t trying either of those, hence why he felt inconvenienced.

“I’m a bit disappointed in you now.”

Sakura said.

Her tone was more placid than usual, making Taiyou even more uneasy.

“What now…Darling?”

“Disappointed in me? That’s not good.”

“Then…you will resolve the misunderstanding?”


Taiyou became silent. He was faced with two options.

There was only one way to clear the misunderstanding: actually kiss Sakura. This was not physically difficult. Taiyou and Ruri were both there to overpower her. Sakura was but a regular woman in that regard. It would be extremely easy to force a kiss. But that was only if he were to decide to do that.


Taiyou stood upright in front of Sakura, looking straight down at her.

“Now what are you doing?”

Sakura frowned. She wasn’t frightened, but she was clearly trying to hide her disgust.

Actually, she almost looked like she was taunting him, daring him to try. Taiyou decided at that moment…to get on his knees.

Both hands and knees on the carpet, even his head touched the carpet.

“I beg of you. Please allow me to kiss you.


“Darling…how bold of you.”

“All we have to do is touch our lips. Please.”

“What in the world are you saying?”

“Please, I beg you, please.”

Taiyou repeated the same words like a broken-down machine sputtering code.

Sakura became visibly perplexed. She had not expected him to come at her like this. But of course not.

Tengai Ruri, and Juunishima Youran.

To Sakura, a man like Taiyou who had both women in his possession was higher in status than she was. From her viewpoint, it was completely natural for a man to come and try to steal her. If not that, then maybe he would try and persuade her with some strong rhetoric.

But to have him grovel here before her?

There was no way she could have anticipated someone of Taiyou’s caliber (in her mind) to grovel just for a kiss.

That was why she was shocked. Even her beautiful, composed face wavered for a moment.

“That…is all he wants?”

Sakura asked Ruri, clearly confused.

“Darling…so cool.”

“What about that is cool?”

“Darling stops at nothing to get what he wants…a man among men.”

“I didn’t know you were so smitten with him.”

“Yuri-chan…thinks the same way.”

“Yuri…you mean Shingetsu-sama?”

“Objective…and method.”

Ruri said the usual keywords exchanged between Youran and Taiyou.

“Still, surely there must be a limit.”

“There are…no limits for humans.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“So? What’ll you do?”

“Even if you ask me that…”

Sakura looked at Taiyou with a troubled expression. He lowered his head, as if sensing this.

“I beg of you!”

Taiyou repeated the same phrase.

“Oh dear. What to do…”

Sakura’s expression mirrored her tone.

At length…

“…All right, then.”


Taiyou lifted his face.

“Having you here before me in such a manner…there is no way I would refuse. However, there is one condition.”

“I’ll do anything you ask, as long as it’s within my ability.”

He popped up, staring at her as he spoke.

“Just the two of us.”

“Just the two of us?”

“I want the kiss to stay between us. It would be embarrassing to be seen after all.”

“Okay. Ruri? Wait, she’s gone already!?”

He had meant to tell her to leave, but when he had turned back, she was no longer there.

Even the sliding door was closed. It was hard to tell when she had even left.

“Fast as always, I see.”

“And very faithful. Never thought I’d see that Tengai Ruri acting like this.”

Regardless, they were now alone. Taiyou looked back at Sakura. She seemed nervous.

Could she possibly be nervous about kissing him?


“What is it?”

“Could this be…your…first time?”

“…Perhaps, perhaps not.”

Sakura tried to play it off, but her face was slightly flushed, indirectly admitting that she was saying yes.

Taiyou was on the verge of asking her if this was really okay, but he held it back.

It would be a very rude thing to ask her something like that.

Instead, Taiyou said,

“Thank you very much, Sakura-san.”

Sakura’s eyes widened for a split second.

Then she smiled.

It was a soft smile.

Taiyou endured the sensation of being captivated.

Then, he gave her a light kiss.



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