Chapter 369: Confession


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Editor: ryunakama

Sakura’s lips were soft, but cold for some reason.

There was a slight stiffness and trembling to them as well.

First kiss.

He had half-believed and half-doubted it at first, but he was now pretty sure that it was true.

When it came to kissing, by this point Taiyou had an overwhelming resume. As a result, he was able to confirm that this was her first time.

“…Have you actually not gone out with anyone before?”

“No, not at all.”

“Why not? I highly doubt that there weren’t men here and there who would have approached you.”

These were his true feelings.

Sakura was attractive.

Sometimes she had a tight expression on her face, and it wasn’t all that helpful that she preferred not to say what she truly thought, but Taiyou truly thought her to be the hottest of the hot when it came to the women he knew.

Plus she was part of Juunishima.

Beautiful? Part of a prestigious family? Perhaps there were some indecisive men, but surely there were a dime a dozen who would have nothing left to lose.

At least, that was what Taiyou was thinking.

“There were no such men.”

So he was very surprised to hear her answer.

“There weren’t?”

“No, there were not.”

“How come?”

“Because I always intimidated them, of course. I made sure that they knew what would happen if they so much as tried that.”

“Makes sense.”

Taiyou made a slightly awkward smile. Now that was one thing he understood.

“The only one so far who has so much as attempted that…has been you.”

“True, and it isn’t like we can count the person you were scheduled to marry.”


“You’re a peculiar one, alright. We were even enemies at one point.”

“Do you recall when I first went to the Juunishima mansion?”

“We met the next day, did we not?”


Taiyou nodded.

“To tell you the truth, I did hope something at that time. I hoped that we would once again play word games. Guess that didn’t turn out quite the way I wanted.”

“And I gave you a very cold reception. Have I let you down by doing that?”

“Yeah, to be honest.”

“Well, there was a lot going on at that time.”

“Was there?”

Taiyou scrutinized Sakura’s face.

“What seems to be the problem?”

“Could we kiss one more time?”

“You truly are an odd one.”


“I will decline.”

“Ah, no dice?”

“Indeed. And haven’t you forgotten your main objective here?”

“I haven’t. Just thought it’d be nice to get another kiss before that.”

“Ah, you were that kind of person, after all.”

“I am indeed that kind of person, after all.”

Taiyou mimicked her tone, firing it right back at her.

They gazed at each other for a good minute before both of them burst out laughing.

After they had a good laugh, Taiyou spoke up again.

“All right. I will explain now.”




He summoned Hera.

The doll-sized fairy appeared out of nowhere.

“Oho? Well if it isn’t Sakura-chan. I see that you see me, eh?”

“And there you have it.”

“A spectre of some sort?”

“I see that you’re quite calm despite seeing her.”

“I have already known about Blood Soul, so you’re a bit late.”

“Oh, right, the blood and soul thing…”

Taiyou had forgotten about that.

The magic sword that sucked the blood and soul out of its enemies’ wounds, converting it into energy for its holder.

That same sword had birthed the advent of further technology: the rings that converted the feelings of its wearers into defense.

This type of research was practically in the realm of the occult, and Sakura had been involved in it. As she said, this sort of thing had long since been in her radar.

“So I have essentially now become able to see her after kissing you. Is that what you meant?”

“Yes, that process was essential.”

“And then?”


“Yes indeed. You want the usual, right?”

Hera spun around and around in the air.

“Oh? Oh my…”

Sakura let out a voice of surprise.

What Hera meant by “the usual” was to show Taiyou’s status.

This stream of numbers, dubbed by Kohaku as “The Space Between the Back Teeth and Eyeballs”, was enough to astonish even someone like Sakura.

“This is…?”

“In simple terms, it’s my power, converted into numbers. It’s her fault that these are here.”

“Fault? What a horrible thing to say. You should say it’s ‘thanks to me’!”

“Either way, she’s the cause of this.”

“Is that right.”

Murmuring, Sakura grew silent for a moment.

Her eyes were darting around quickly. She appeared to be examining the status.

As he was wondering what to explain next…

“Ah, so it’s this.”


“The numbers representing your harem. This is the basis for you deciding to have seven brides.”


“Something the matter?”

“No, nothing. Just rather surprised that you pinpointed it so quickly.”

“That’s the first time anyone’s figured it out, indeed.”

“Is that so?”

Sakura nodded.

Regaining his composure, Taiyou spoke up again.

“Yes, yes, it is just as you say. And with reverse revision it seems that seven is the limit.”

“I see.”

“Now, this part isn’t from the numbers, but…It seems…that everyone I gather has been fated to meet me.”


Sakura parroted him in a calm voice.

“Yes, fate. The seven are destined to assemble around me. At least, that’s what they all think.”

“And you mean to say that I am the last of the destined seven?”


“I can understand that you might be destined to be together with seven wives, but I do not understand why I would be the final one.”

“I found it out thanks to Ruri’s power.”

“Her power?”

“Yes, although it’s a bit more difficult to explain that part…”

“I don’t care if it’s a rough explanation. It isn’t like I’ll be surprised by anything else anymore.”


Taiyou said with an awkward smile.

“I was shown the future, and you were there.”

“Fortune-telling of some sort?”

“Not sure if that’s what I should call it or not.”

Taiyou’s smile grew more uncomfortable. He narrowed his eyebrows before speaking again.

“There are still a lot of aspects I don’t understand about her.”

“Is that so.”

“And that is why I have come to persuade you.”



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