Chapter 373: Time Saver


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“Because one does not simply change fate.”

Youran said, and Sakura made a slightly surprised face.

“I wasn’t aware that you became an apologetic for destiny.”

Right after, the conversation came a halt. It seemed that she had said her fill. She looked over at Taiyou.

“I’m sorry for going off on a tangent, Master.”

“Could you tell me just one thing?”


“Was this why you were sometimes acting strange?”



Taiyou nodded.

He was also done asking everything he wanted.

“Then I’ll take my leave.”

“Ah, hold up.”


“Make sure you’re free tomorrow night. I want to take you somewhere you like.”

“Okay, got it.”

“Oh, and invite Juurokuya while you’re at it.”


Youran hadn’t expected that, but she had a happy expression on her face. Taiyou had initially wondered if it was a good idea to suggest that, but now he was glad he did.

Youran left the room. Now the only ones in there were Taiyou, Sakura, and Hera.

“You will be making love with Juurokuya, then?”


“Quite the resolute man you are.”

“That’s cause I figured Youran also wanted something like that. As you can see, I was right.”

“So you did it on behalf of Shingetsu-sama. And you would use Juurokuya to that end?”

“That’s because I’m still not sure if I really feel the way everyone says I do.”

He was talking about something that had happened prior to this.

Taiyou’s brides had all supposedly ‘unveiled the desires of his heart’. In this case, the one he loved was Youran, whereas he did not feel the same way with Juurokuya. Instead, he felt only lust toward her and wanted to become intimate.

At least, that was what everyone had pointed out.

But Taiyou was still a bit skeptical. Although he didn’t think they were lying, persay, but he also thought there might be some sort of misunderstanding. After all, he still didn’t think he felt that way.

“So you will do something that you aren’t even sure about?”

“Well no, I wouldn’t say that exactly.”

Taiyou played it off, shrugging.

“Spending a night with two beautiful girls who have identical faces? Please. I’d be a failure as a man if I said that didn’t appeal to me.”

“So you’re into the whole sibling thing, then?”

Suddenly, it was a much different question.

“No, I do not like you just because you’re siblings.”

“I wasn’t asking a loaded question, though.”

“Then, no. I don’t really like her like that.”

“Then what of the three sisters?”

“Well, they’re all one person.”

“One person…”

“They share the same soul. To me, it feels like they are the soul of one person who happened to be born in three separate bodies. Maybe it’d be easier to understand if I equated it to moving three remote-controlled robots at the same time.”

“Alright then.”

“So I’ve rarely thought of them as sisters. Besides…”

Taiyou laughed mischievously.

“If I had that much of a thing for sisters, it would be a darn shame to not make Pochi mine as well, right?”

Pochi, whose real name was Juunishima Adano. She was one of Youran and Sakura’s half sisters, and Kohaku had made good use of her controlling power to get Pochi over to Taiyou a while back.

But Taiyou had refused to think that way about her.

“True, that does seem to be the case.”


“Then, your reason for making advances on me?”

“Simply because you are you.”

“Oh really?”

“How about we do this?”

Taiyou grinned as he began to make a proposition.

“Could we be friends for a little bit?”


“Yes, friends. Friends who converse with each other. You do know how much I love idly chatting with you, right?”

“Well, yes, I would say.”

“I’d be totally fine with starting from somewhere like that.”

“So this is where you pull it.”

“Like nocking an arrow to the bow, yes.”

“But all you had to do was hammer in a long nail.”

Taiyou and Sakura had an incoherent conversation.

Hera yawned loudly as she watched them talk.

“Taiyou-chan, I’m going to see everyone.”


Taiyou nodded, watching Hera slip through the wall.

“Oh, I see she can go through the wall.”

“That’s cause she’s not part of this world. Oh, and not even Ruri can cut her. I’m the only one who can hurt her. No matter how many times Ruri tries to cut her, her sword would just bounce off. Zero damage.”

“Oh? Then in a sense, that would make her the only trump card against the world’s strongest.”

“Well, although she doesn’t get damaged, it’s also true that she can’t really do anything to Ruri. Her speed wouldn’t allow that.”

“Then she doesn’t appear to be very useful.”

“Yeah, there are quite a few dodgy aspects about her.”

“Her size is already dodgy enough as it is.”

“Yeah, she’s about the size of a figurine.”

“If she were a bit bigger, would it have been possible that she was the seventh?”

“Since she was the first one I met, that might have actually made her the first.”

Taiyou and Sakura continued their idle conversation for another hour or so. It was nothing spectacular, and probably even less so to anyone if they were to overhear. But at least to the two of them, it was quite enjoyable.

Suddenly, Taiyou stared at Sakura.

He put a finger to his lips, motioning for her to be silent.

Sakura looked surprised, but said nothing.


Taiyou muttered softly.

The wings did not materialize.


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