Chapter 375: Juurokuya’s Feelings


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It was warm.

He was enveloped in a pleasant heat.

This sensation was familiar, yet simultaneously unfamiliar.

Wrapped in this mysterious sensation, he felt as if he were floating, drifting around.

His consciousness began to return.

He was now able to tell where he was and what was happening.

But he didn’t open his eyes. He did not want to, because he felt like it would be a waste.

He felt someone nearby. From the way they moved, he could tell that they sensed him too.

But that person also had their eyes closed.

It was as if they were feigning sleep.

Both people were awake, and yet they were pretending to sleep.



Until at last, they both burst out laughing.

They laughed with their hands pressed to their mouths.

Then finally, Taiyou opened his eyes.

As he lay on the floor, Taiyou saw Sakura lying down further ahead.

She had a placid expression on her face.

Perhaps because she had just woken up, her chignon was slightly undone.

Taiyou reached out a hand, touching it and smoothing it onto her head.

“Good morning.”


“We seem to have nice weather today, once again.”

“Seems it’ll be getting pretty warm.”

“Do you perhaps like clear days?”

“Nah, if I had a choice I’d go for cold days.”

“I am not sure what kind of answer that’s supposed to be.”

“Cause if it’s cold then we can stay nice and close.”

“That wasn’t what my question was, however.”

Even when they woke up, the two of them continued the same sort of back-and-forth.

However, maybe just a little bit…

Taiyou felt that their distance had closed by just a tiny bit.

Now, at this point you might say “After kissing that many times?”, but that was just how he felt at that moment.

Taiyou sluggishly got up. A little bit later, Sakura got up as well.

The two of them got ready for the day as they engaged in further rambling.

Finally, Taiyou stood up.

“Alright, I’m heading back.”


“I’ll come back again.”

“Oh? Will you not be inviting me over to stay?”

Sakura smiled with a small giggle. Taiyou smiled likewise, shaking his head.

“I doubt you would come along no matter how much I invited you. I think it’d be far more likely that I’d just find you barging your way in later.”

“Oh dear, am I that easy to read?”

“Yeah, the girls around me tend to be that way.”

“How vexing. I would like to one day make you exclaim in surprise.”

“And I’m sure you will.”

Taiyou leaned forward to give her a smooch.

Sakura did not reject his advances.

“Alright, see ya.”

Taiyou said, leaving Sakura’s mansion.

As he left the condo, he saw a black-coated car outside.

As he approached it, the driver had disembarked and opened the door. Taiyou made his way in like it were the most natural thing in the world.

There were two girls inside.

Youran, and Juurokuya.

The girls with identical faces greeted him.


“G-G-G-Good morning.”

“Good morning, Master.”


Nodding magnanimously, Taiyou reclined in the seat.

He closed his eyes, ruminating over what had happened with Sakura.

He had indeed made some progress with her last night in comparison to when he had first arrived at her place. Things felt more mellow around her now. You could even say she had to some degree accepted him. Just to a degree, though.

(Now I wait and see…)

He wanted to quickly make her his, but he didn’t want to risk being too pushy and scaring her away.

He had recalled what Ruri said about the north wind and sun.

Suddenly, he felt a certain warmth.

He opened his eyes to see the two of them nearby. It was Youran and Juurokuya. The two of them moved closer on either side of him.

Although Youran was doing it of her own volition, it was easier to tell that Juurokuya was sneaking peeks at Youran, waiting for orders.

That was all kinds of weird.

“What is it?”

“Shall we?”

Youran looked up at him as she asked.

At first he was puzzled over what she meant, but he soon understood.

“First thing in the morning?”

“But you didn’t get to it last night, right Master?”

“What, were you eavesdropping?”

“No, I’ve done nothing of the sort.”

“And yet you sound oddly confident.”

“No, c’mon, it’s so easy to predict what that woman will do.”

“Fair enough.”

Taiyou grimaced, but accepted her answer.

Youran probably knew a lot about Sakura while he knew hardly anything. Doubtless it was her deep knowledge that led her to this answer. Taiyou, who had gotten to know more and more about Sakura, could find himself understanding her reasoning. That just showed how much more Youran knew, having been around Sakura for many years.

“Well, I sure wasn’t expecting this.”

“Yeah, I made sure to bring Juurokuya along. We can do anything.”

“I-I-I’ll do my best!”

Juurokuya said in a manner reminiscent of a small animal.

“Yeah, that wouldn’t be bad at all.”


“But not right now.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah, let’s just stay like this.”

He said, tightly hugging both of them.

It was interesting to see the different ways they reacted. Youran drew closer, while Juurokuya stiffened up, merely letting him do as he pleased.

It was both funny and strange.

Taiyou continued to do this as the car began to move.

“Let’s just drive around. I want to be like this for a bit longer.”


Youran nodded, giving the driver the order.

Instead of returning to the mansion, they drove around aimlessly for a bit.

Taiyou teased Youran. He kissed her, rubbed her chest. But he did absolutely nothing to Juurokuya. While Youran yearned for more, melting from their skinship, she also expected something, twitching in anticipation.

Youran was completely focused on the opposite side, on Juurokuya. Taiyou knew full well why that was: Youran had presented Juurokuya to him, wanting him to touch her as well.

So, on purpose, Taiyou did not lay a single finger on Juurokuya. He did everything he could possibly do in the car to Youran, fawning over her while doing absolutely nothing to Juurokuya.

At length, the car reached the condo and Taiyou got out.

“Master, you’re so meeean.”

“Hm? What on earth could you be talking about?”

Taiyou played dumb.

Youran pursed her lips, pouting.

Taiyou found that to be very cute, and he kissed her. And just like that, the two of them left Juurokuya in the car and entered the condo, riding the elevator to the top floor.

Taiyou was wondering what everyone else might be doing at this moment.

Finally, they reached the top floor, got out of the elevator, and stood before the only door on that floor. They opened it, entered, and announced their arrival.

“Fancy meeting you here.”

For some reason, Sakura came out to greet them.

Taiyou’s mouth flew wide open.



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