Chapter 38:  Grade-schooler level of Command


Whilst walking behind Kohaku, his feelings somehow became gloomy.

After listening to her talk, he finally understood her side of the story.

Don’t fight over me.

I want you to make miso soup for me every morning.

Oi, get that for me will you, you know that thing?

These dialogs were all about love, and the affection that she has lacked all her life.

For someone like her whose percentage to get married was one in twenty, it was natural that she would yearn for such a thing.

And, there was another thing that he understood.

To Kohaku who yearned for such things…..

「Then, you are…..」

「Umu, Even if I look like this, I am an energetic virgin jya」

Kohaku turns her neck over her shoulders and grinned.

Hearing her say such an embarrassing thing, Taiyou’s face turned bright red like a tomato all the way to his ears.

「Please choose your words more appropriately!」

「By the way, my amniotic fluids never rots and throughout our whole lives, we the eternally little…..Retain our abilities to reproduce and become pregnant until our death」

「Like I said, please choose your words! Why are you suddenly going into such a weird direction?!」

「For an elderly person to not lose their ability to reproduce, it is truly a rare thing jya」

「Please consider the young people too!」

「Hey, you」

Youran speaks up and interrupts the comedy skit between the two people.

「Aren’t you planning on being with those three triplets?」

「Eh? Ahh, that’s what I plan to do」

「So, you are a lolicon, aren’t you?」

「I have no intention of becoming one!」

Taiyou did not want to bear the burden of shame and he rebuked Youran with a loud voice, however Youran did not mind it at all and just proceeded with her reasoning.

「So, aren’t you planning on creating a harem with them?」

「That is…. Well」

Taiyou reluctantly nods.

There was still a refusal feeling to the word harem. Or more like, he wasn’t really sure yet, if what he had between them was a harem.

However, the fact that he wanted to be together with, Kotone, Suzune and Kazane was without a doubt his feelings on the matter.

That was really the only method when it came with the three sisters and gradually he himself desired the three of them.

Therefore he nodded, then he nodded again and one last time he nodded to himself as if confirming his own beliefs.

「That’s right, I do want to be together with them」

「So, in that case why don’t you include her into your harem as well?」


「Ohh, there was also this method desu」

「Increasing your harem members by just one, shouldn’t be too much of a problem right?」


The proposal was way too sudden.

Taiyou’s scream of exclamation resounded in the building in the middle of the night.

Under Kohaku’s guidance they arrived in front of a room.

The door in front of them was an imposing mechanical door.

「Well, then this particular door won’t be activated with my level of clearance」

「Yes, please wait a moment」

Youran was fiddling around and she took something out. It was the kind of thing people used to protect their fingers when sewing, kind of like a finger condom.

「This is….?」

「It’s a finger authentication system, and it’s a relatively old-fashion security, apparently this door will open based on the finger print and in accordance with body temperature」


「In the near future, there will probably be an update to the security system which will become a hybrid authentication system, but in that case, I will also be prepared to open it」

Saying such a thing, Youran passed the finger sack to Taiyou.

「Here you go」

「Eh? You are giving it to me? 」

「Use it on your finger, because before applying it we need to make sure it matches a human’s body temperature. You, isn’t your body temperature high? 」

「…….You seem to know a lot about me」

Youran was referring to the conversation she had with Shirokiyami in the past. He wondered just how much information this woman had on him, but for the time being Taiyou decided not to worry about it.

He puts on the fake finger print, and waits for the temperature to rise, and soon after, the party entered through the door.

Inside the room, there was several computer terminals. Youran stands in in front of one and started to operate the machine.

In the front screen, Taiyou felt like he knew many of the icons that were displayed on the computer screen.

「Unexpectedly the machine seems quite old」

「This, is just a dummy」


「If I am not mistaken……『WWSSADADBA』is the input code……」

「What is that?….Ohh」

Taiyou was dubious but after she inputted the code, the screen completely changed with a poof.

Now the icons which were familiar to him all disappeared in a burst and what replaced it was a black screen which started to spell out white characters.

「Is this the command prompt…..?」

「That’s right, and operating from here……」

Youran inserted a memory stick into the machine, and the clattering of the keyboard was heard. He remembered that she previously explained that this terminal was not connected to any networks, so it was imperative that she physically came here with a memory drive in order to steal the information.

Taiyou was keeping guard as she performed her work but suddenly, there was a glance from the side that he was worried with.

When he turned around, Kohaku was looking at him with sparkling eyes, at least that is what he felt.

For some reason or other, she seemed to be blushing, and she looked seriously cute.

「Umm…..What are you looking at? 」

「It, it’s not like I’m looking at you or anything jya」

「Why are you suddenly acting so suspiciously?!」

After giving her a retort, Kohaku’s body which was twisting and turning a moment ago, was standing in their usual firm position.

「That’s weird, I had heard that nowadays the young men liked this sort of attention? 」

「I think that is questionably old fashioned!」

After he objected, she noted it with an “Umu”, and then after nodding, she looked at Taiyou once again.

For some reason, this time around, she was staring at him intensely and was glaring at him.

「I’ll, Kill you!」 (TL: Yandere mode activated?!)

「By any chance, are you giving me one of those death stares with that kind of look?!」

「That didn’t work? in that case how about—」

「Like I said, please stop it with this kind of behaviour, ya got mee?!」

「Your way of speaking the Japanese language got slightly impaired, young fellow」

「Whose fault do you think that is?!」

「Is it mine?」

「Who else could it be? Why are you so interested in these kinds of “dangerous jokes”? 」

「How odd, all I was trying to do was appeal my own loveliness, it didn’t work?」

「Even if you didn’t do such things, you are normally cute desuyo〜」

Hera’s whole face was smiling as she complimented Kohaku.

「Umu, Thank you. However, my cuteness, does not seem to be able to reach him jya. What shall I do, I wonder? 」

「Taiyou-chan is just antisocial desu, words are useless against him, I suggest that you take the direct approach, otherwise it won’t work desu〜」


Kohaku’s eyes, was glittering and shining.

「In that case, why don’t you just stick your body next to his? If it’s just oral, I can pretend not to see anything」

Whilst operating the terminal, Youran joins the conversation whilst looking at the screen. Her multitasking was pretty good, like being able to hold a conversation whilst driving a car.

「That is an ingenious idea desu. Now then Kohaku-tan, Ike ike, Go , go nanodesu〜

「You guys, what are you trying to instigate here?!」

Taiyou raises his voice.

「If you want to have this kind of conversation, at least do it when the person in question is not right next to you」

As he was saying that, Kohaku without caring in the slightest, leans against Taiyou coquettishly.

The atmosphere changes. It was different from before, and a gentle atmosphere was created as she snuggled into Taiyou’s arms.

「Wha, wait…..」

「…..If it’s me, do you dislike it? 」


「I’ve heard you already made promise to take turns with the three women, then the principle of only having one partner will no longer apply to you right? In that space, is there none left for me?」

「Wh, what are you saying so suddenly?」

「I’m entreating you, jya」


「In other words, this is a close-out sale jya. I don’t have much longer to live, however, this youthful appearance can be retained until my last breath. I think that right now, it’s a very cheap bargain jyazo」


「Umu, I won’t get jealous and I make any selfish remarks. Even if I only receive the warmth for one person, divided into four…..for me that will be more than enough jya」 (TL: omg what a pitiful loli baba T.T)


Taiyou was at a loss for words, the joking atmosphere which they had a few moments ago was blown away like the wind. It was completely replaced with this sweet, yet suffocating atmosphere.

Her dialog of begging him. Combined with the fact that she didn’t have many years left to live, her frantic desperation was really transmitted to Taiyou.

Eternally little…..They were also known as the Old Maids. 95% of them remained “unsold”, and even going as far as to refer to herself as a special bargain sale.

These kind of earnest things she said, truly made Taiyou’s feeling waver.



She was nestling into Taiyou’s arms as looked up at him, her eyes were gently shut.



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