Chapter 380: Classmate


Translator: Reflet
Editor: ryunakama

The next day, Taiyou and Kohaku were alone in the living room. They weren’t doing anything in particular; just chatting over tea.

“So, I hear ye managed to land yeself a Sakura.”

“Mm, yes, that’s what happened.”

“When will the lass be movin’ in?”

“Oh, apparently she won’t be moving in here. I mean, we’ll be moving elsewhere soon enough anyway, so she’ll be meeting us there.”

“I see. Then it may well be time to take that plan into motion, ja.”

“Which plan? You have so many sinister schemes that I can no longer tell.”

Taiyou asked with a slightly wry smile.

“I be talking ’bout that building construction project, ja.”

“…Ah, you mean making that new building with each floor being like everyone’s theme park.”

“Theme park? Ah, ye make such fine comparisons, Danna-sama.”

“It’s because the more I hear about this the more it starts sounding like a theme park.”

Taiyou shrugged his shoulders. He had just begun to expect that sort of thing more than before.

“So you’re going through with it.”


“Looking forward to it.”

“Aye, so am I, lad.”

Kohaku sipped her tea before asking Taiyou a question.

“So until then, ye shall be going out to meet her, ja?”

“You can come with us if you’d like.”

“Oh, how daring of ye, Danna-sama.”

Kohaku’s mouth twisted into a grin.

“But that does not sound like a bad idea. I shall think it over, ja.”


Suddenly, a phone rang.

But it wasn’t Taiyou’s- it was Kohaku’s. It wasn’t a short sound effect, but an entire melody.

“Someone calling for you?”

“Aye, it would seem so…mm.”

Kohaku’s face stiffened. She had changed her expression upon seeing whoever it was that had appeared on the LCD screen.

(What’s the matter?) thought Taiyou as he tilted his head.

“Hello. Aye, long time no see.”


Taiyou felt an unpleasant feeling as he heard this. He didn’t really get it, but it just felt strange. He opted to continue listening carefully.

“Huh? You’re coming over here? Yes, but…”

Kohaku said, glancing over at Taiyou. It was at that point that he realized: The uncomfortable feeling was because of her tone of voice. She was no longer speaking in the manner that an elderly person might; she now sounded perfectly natural. As she did all of this, there was a hint of reluctance in her voice.

“Is something the matter?”

Taiyou asked, stifling his voice. Kohaku answered him, covering the receiver.

“Umm, an old acquaintance of mine be making their way here on their trip to Tokyo, ja.”

“Ah, okay.”

“And so they be wondering if they might see me again, ja.”

“Okay, then please feel free to call them over here.”


“They’re coming this way, right?”


“Then wouldn’t it be easier to talk here instead of going off somewhere?”

“A-Aye, that be so.”

Kohaku nodded haphazardly, conveying that to the person on the other end. And once again, her sentence was not ended with a “ja”. She spoke naturally. Taiyou had a slight interest in who this person could possibly be.

After hanging up, Kohaku fidgeted. For once, she was acting out of character.

“Kohaku-san, why the fidgeting?”

“Ah, uhh…”

“Could it be that…it’s a guy?”

Taiyou said mischievously.

“Eh? Aye. It be a guy, ja.”

Kohaku looked at him quizzically.

“Oh really now.”

Taiyou was becoming more and more interested by the second. And not just because the person was male.

Kohaku had answered his ill-intended question without reading between the lines. That was just how frantic she currently was. So of course he would develop an interest in someone who could push her to that extreme.

Soon after, the doorbell rang. Kohaku went up to the intercom, checking to see who it was before opening the lobby door.

“It seems that they be here, ja.”


Taiyou nodded.

In order to receive their guest, Kohaku went out to the entryway. Soon after, Kohaku came back into the living room, accompanied by an elderly man with wrinkles all over his face. Taiyou was surprised to see an old man come out. Who is the old man. Meanwhile, Kohaku seemed to be fidgeting. After they greeted each other, the elderly man sat down on the sofa. Then both of them turned and looked at Kohaku. Accepting her situation, Kohaku faltered before she began speaking.

“His name be Kinoshita Shuusaku, a classmate of mine during middle school, ja.”

“Oh, okay.”


Taiyou readily accepted it, while the elderly man named Shuusaku inclined his head in puzzlement. Meanwhile, Kohaku’s face flushed with embarrassment.

“And this is Natsuno Taiyou, who so happens to be…my husband.”


This time, it was Taiyou’s turn to be surprised. At that point, Kohaku shut her mouth.

“Uhh, so you were a classmate with Kohaku-san, huh?”

“Yes, that I am. And you are…?”

“Well, to give it to you straight…”

Taiyou then stopped talking, focusing his gaze on Kohaku. Now that both of them were looking at her again, Kohaku’s face flushed with embarrassment once again.

“Well, it seems that saying it would inconvenience her.”

“It would seem so.”

Shuusaku’s wrinkled face smiled as he nodded.

At that point, Taiyou left his seat. If he stayed here any longer, Kohaku would probably die of embarrassment. He left the two of them there as he headed to the living room, reflecting on her face. This was the first time he had seen her like this, and it was so cute that he could die.

“Thanks, Mr. Classmate.”

Taiyou secretly expressed his gratitude to old man Shuusaku.



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