Chapter 381: Oath


Translator: Reflet
Editor: ryunakama

“I heard what happened, ya stupid son.”

Atsuko said out of the blue. She had come over shortly after Shuusaku left in the evening. Normally this would be a very rude thing to say to someone first thing in the evening, but Taiyou was quite used to having this sort of conversation.

“Whaddya want, stupid mom?”

He shot right back. Atsuko sat on the sofa gracefully, a sharp contrast to her unrefined speech. She then spoke again.

“I hear you got another girl, stupid son.”

“Oh, that? Yes, I increased the count.”

“Where is she?”

“She’s not in the condo.”

“Why not take her in? You wanna enjoy the sensation of having a mistress?”

“Fanciful ideas, as always.”

Taiyou grimaced. He wanted to ask how that would even work, but this was Atsuko Fukushima they were talking about. No point in doing so.

“Here’s some tea for you.”

Suzune said as she arrived from the kitchen.

“Thanks. Hey, Suzu-chan, what’s the new girl like?”

“Huh? Why’re you asking her and not me?”

He objected, but Atsuko ignored him.

“You’re asking about Sakura-san?”

“Oh, Sakura, is it? What about her last name?”


“Oh? The same name as Youran? So that means…”

“Ah, yes!”



Suzune looked at Taiyou, seeking help. Sakura and Youran were sisters, but from different mothers. Things were a bit complicated in that regard, hence why Suzune hesitated. But this wasn’t anything to hide, so Taiyou decided to step in.

“They’re siblings, but half.”


“Same father, different mother.”

“Ahh, okay, they come from a high background.”

Atsuko said, nodding in understanding.

“Hmm, so she comes here even though she’s not living here?”

“Well, yeah.”

“Then call her, you stupid son.”

“Why should I, you stupid mother?”

“Listen, stupid son. I am the mother of your lady.”

“Aoba? That you are, yes.”

And so what? Taiyou tilted his head.

“Which means you’re my son-in-law.”


“And so any women that a son-in-law gets his hands on is automatically a daughter-in-law.”

Atsuko pointed at Suzune.


“Isn’t it natural to want to meet your daughter-in-law?”

“Ah no no, wait a minute. Why the crazy reasoning?”

“Come on, just call her over.”


Taiyou raised his voice. He looked over at Suzune, who was likewise frowning in confusion. Taiyou and Suzune looked at each other, soon coming to the conclusion that Atsuko would not be taking no for an answer.

“All right, let me try and get a hold of her.”

“Mhm. Ah, Suzu-chan, could you get me a refill?”


Suzune went to the kitchen. Taiyou took out his phone and called Sakura. After hearing the dial tone for a bit, he got her voicemail. Taiyou tried once more, but sure enough, he was led straight to the answering machine.

Putting down his phone, Taiyou looked at Atsuko.

“She’s in the middle of something at the moment. Possibly work.”

“Work? So she’s a full-fledged member of society.”

“Ah, yes, a working adult. She’s slightly older than I am.”

“Say what!?”

Atsuko practically bent backward in shock. If this were a manga, this would be the moment for lightning to strike in the background.

“But I thought you were a lolicon, ya stupid son!”

“Your daughter isn’t even a loli, stupid mom!”

He joined her in a loud voice.

“You have any pictures?”

“Pictures? Well yeah.”

Taiyou picked up his phone and went to where Sakura’s photos were, showing the screen to Atsuko.

“Here you go.”

“Huh, a normal adult.”

“Well, yes. She’s an adult all right.”

“Now I really don’t understand your preferences.”

“I’m not really choosing them based on preferences.”

A moment later, Taiyou spoke again.

“I don’t necessarily prefer her type of woman. I choose someone because I like them, because they’ve been with me for so long. I really can’t answer as to what my type of woman is.”

“…I see.”

Atsuko gave him back the phone. Now that her excitement had subsided, she had a meek look on her face.

“And Aoba knows all about this, right?”

“Of course she does. She’s actually the one who urges me, saying things like ‘yeah yeah go for it!’.”

“As expected of my fine daughter.”

“So that gives you bragging rights, eh?”

“So how many more you plan to bring here?”

“No more. Sakura is the last one.”

“No waaay!”

“It’s the truth.”

He said, looking Atsuko straight in the eyes.

“Even ask Aoba. She’d tell you that I have no intention of adding any further to my harem.”

“Suzu-chan, why is my stupid son saying such stupid things?”

Atsuko asked Suzune as soon as she came back in. She seemed to expect Suzune to join in on the teasing, but Suzune responded with a serious face.

“It’s just as Taiyou-san says. The seven have all gathered.”


Atsuko made a surprised face.

“For real?”


“But won’t you want more people coming in at some point?”

“We’re fine, now that all seven have gathered.”

“Reeeally now.”

Atsuko was truly surprised. That only lasted for an instant however. Her face soon returned to normal and she began speaking again.

“Welp, that might be for the best right now.”

Taiyou and Suzune looked at each other. It wasn’t just “now”. It was from now on. They strongly felt that this bond of seven would remain the same.


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