Chapter 387: Master, You Meanie


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The winter days were becoming shorter, and the evening arrived once again. Before the usual melody sounded throughout the town, the street lamps were already beginning to light up.

Taiyou was walking through said town alongside Youran, arms linked.

“So what are you going to do for New Year’s?”

“What do you mean?”

“I plan to just laze around at my house, but don’t you have a lot of things you can do? Events, conferences, etc.”

“Ahh, yeah, there are a lot.”

Youran counted on her fingers.

“There are already more than ten meetings with the Juunishima family.”

“Thought so. So I assume you’re returning to Juuni Island for New Year’s.”

“Mm, I dunno.”

Youran tilted her head in contemplation.

“Most of them are just customary to show up, so I could easily just throw Juurokuya into the mix and leave it to her. Not like she has to do anything important.”


“Yeah, at least not at the beginning of the year. Just your conventional ‘New Moon’.”



Youran said, tightening her arms before continuing.

“I think I want to be with you, Master.”

“Yeah, I’d be way happier if you were.”

He let his head fall to the side onto Youran’s, bumping it.

It was a light display of affection; skinship.

“I was even considering going over there if necessary. Oh, and of course I mean with everyone. Juunishima seems like it’d be a decent place to spend the new year.”

“There’s really nothing. Just a city.”

“A city, huh?”

Taiyou smiled wryly. Maybe that really was all there was.

He had figured it was mostly a city from the last time he went.

At least it was much bigger than Oritate Town.

“What was it, a population of a million?”


“That’s crazy. If there was a game to make your own city, it’d already be clear.”

“You do realize it’s all yours, right Master?”

“Hey, hey.”

He bonked his head onto hers again. This time it wasn’t so much skinship as it was scolding.

“I may have you, but that doesn’t mean I have Juunishima.”

“Sure…but you know–”

“No buts.”

He bonked her again.


She massaged her head, pursing her lips.

That third bonk was especially strong.

“Relations with Juuni Island will be the same as always—-this is an order.”

Taiyou said strongly, because he felt that way was better.

As expected, Youran momentarily twitched.

“Juunishima Shingetsu no Kami Youran. Nothing wrong with that. And I like it. To go a step further, I’d even say that I’m a big fan of it.”


“Yes, fan. Although it’s more like I haven’t completely outgrown my delusional phase.”

“Oh, okay…”

“So you be the one to rule over Juuni Island. Got it?”

“…Okay, I got it.”

She nodded, and then a moment later…

“But I’m still yours, okay Master?”

“Of course.”

Taiyou nodded, softly bonking her on the head.

“And I’ll never let you quit, even if you want to. I’ll chase you down even if you run. I admire Shingetsu no Kami, but Youran is mine…actually…”

He lightly shook his head, rephrasing it.

“Youran is MINE. Always remember that.”


Youran replied with a moist, flirty tone as she nodded. She then rested her head on Taiyou’s shoulder, moving closer and closer to him.

Anyone watching from the sidelines would probably think them to be some lovestruck couple or newlyweds.

It wasn’t like either of them would have cared, of course. At least, not for Taiyou.

Quite the contrary, he’d actually love to show off to the entire world.

That was what Taiyou was thinking as he walked through the town with her.


He let out a small voice as he stopped walking. Right in front of him was someone he would have never expected.

“You are…Shingetsu…”

“You are…Juunishima…Anna?”

It was the big-sisterly, well-proportioned woman who had once been his enemy, Juunishima Anna.

She stared at Youran, unable to believe her eyes.


Youran’s body tensed up.

“Whatcha doin’ here? And why the heck are you making a slutty face?”

“That’s going a bit too far.”

Taiyou slightly grimaced.

“Why not just say she has a feminine expression? I don’t see why you need to call her names.”

“Nah, she’s way past just looking feminine, trust me.”

“Maybe…yeah, maybe.”

Based on what had happened earlier, Taiyou was a bit inclined to agree.

“So what’s up? Why’re you two together?”

“Right, well, I wonder where I should start—-”

As Taiyou was getting ready to begin the story, Youran stammered.

“I-I-I-I’m Juuryokuya, not Youran.”

“…Are you freaking kidding me?”

“The heck you saying?”

“L-L-Like I said, I’m Juurokuya, not Youran.”

Of all the unbelievable things, Youran had actually begun to pretend she was Juuryokuya because of the sheer embarrassment of the situation.

But wow, that’s pretty messed up, thought Taiyou.

“C’mon, Youran.”

“I-I-I said I’m Juurokuya!”

Youran insisted. But…

“Juuryokuya would never refer to you that way, you know.”


“Yup, she respects you a hell of a lot. She wouldn’t address you without honorifics.”


Taiyou and Anna both pointed out the inherent flaws in Youran’s charade, and her face turned red.

And then she began trembling with anger.

“Master, you meanie!”

She screamed, bounding away like a startled hare.

“Welp, she’s gone.”

“I never knew she had that side to her, but okay.”

Taiyou and Anna were now the only ones there, exasperated at Youran…but in a slightly good way.



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