Chapter 39: The Key to a Successful Harem


For a while, Taiyou just stared at her.

The sweet atmosphere wraps around him and tempts him.

Even though the little girl in front of his eyes, looked to be 10 years old, he felt like it was also not right to call her an 87 year old woman either.

There was only one thing in his eyes……..She was just a girl.

Her pulse was transmitted to him, from the place where their skin touched skin.

Her pulse was warm, as if it was delivering her feelings right to him.

The strength and speed of the pulse continued to increase, it was the peculiar rhythm of a person who feels nervous.

Taiyou knew what it meant, in the past few days, he understood what that rhythm represented.


Because he understood, Taiyou broke off the atmosphere and he gently pulled her body off him.


Her small face was raised, Kohaku who was waiting for a kiss expectantly opened her eyes, For a while, she just stood there and watched Taiyou’s face in surprise, however before long, her pupils were dyed with the color of disappointment.

「Well, I suppose that’s how things would turn out. For an old baba like me…….」

「That’s not it」

Taiyou interrupted Kohaku’s self-deprecation.

「In truth, my heart was beating really fast, regardless of your appearance, and regardless of your inside, nothing mattered and I was just in the moment……..and I wanted to do it」

「Then, why didn’t you?」

In response to Kohaku’s words, Taiyou shook his head slowly.

「I already, have three girlfriends. They are three women who think of themselves as one entity. I want to be honest with them. That’s why, it isn’t possible for me to accept you」

「However, I’ve heard that those girls wanted you to create a harem」

「That was just my own selfishness, and it is a thing that I need to clarify with them later on」

Taiyou looks straight into Kohaku’s eyes as he continued to talk.

「Even if I wanted to get together with another woman, I would need the girls agreement, and also my own approval. ……In addition, if in the future more people are involved, I want everyone to consent before more are added to the harem. I want everyone to acknowledge and be together peacefully, I want to have that kind of relationship」


「That’s why, right now I can’t do it」

「Is that so?」

Kohaku nods her head and quietly parts from Taiyou.

「You are seeking a polyamory, aren’t you?」


Hearing words he wasn’t accustomed to hearing, Taiyou tilts his head.

「Haven’t you heard of these words being mentioned by the gay and lesbian community? Similar to their principles, when three or more people love each other, at that time, everyone’s consent is necessary for the relationship to flourish, it’s that kind of principle」

「Is there such a thing?」

「Isn’t this the exact principle you just stated?」

「No, what I mean is, is such a thing prevalent in this world, or has it been done successfully before?  I mean, I’m not too fond of gays or lesbians……but, there is a huge amount of people like them, right? 」

「Well, it isn’t something that is remarkable. Even now, polygamy is known worldwide, or it could even be said that by ethnic groups, people who do polyandry exceeds 70 percent」(TL: polyandry, for those that don’t know is a practice of one woman taking two or more husbands, AKA reverse harem)


「Well, I suppose that is the magic of numbers, when I compare it to the population of the world, the number becomes 10 percent or less. This is because, the people who follow polygamy are still in the minorities」

「Ah, is that what you meant?」

「Let’s come back to it. Hearing you talking about polyamory……..I’ve remembered a race of people who follow that principle」

Taiyou nods. Looking at him, Kohaku lets out a sweet smile. As if she was fascinated by him, it was a gentle smile.

「Then, I shall wait for you to get the acknowledgement of the girls. By the way, I will protect my chastity so please don’t be worried」

「……….Thank you 」

「The one who should be saying thanks is me 」

Kohaku was smiling contently.

He had a premonition, it was the hunch that Kotone and the girls would gladly accept Kohaku.

Even so, Taiyou wanted to hear their opinions first before making a decision. Taiyou wanted to stay true to his convictions.

However that “conviction” is one of the walls that stand in between Kotone and the girls, and Taiyou had not yet realised this fact.

「Nee nee, Taiyou-chan, Taiyou-chan〜」

「What is it?」

「If, I get the permission of Kotone and the girls, will you also let me into your harem?〜」


Taiyou was blankly staring at Hera, losing his words. He didn’t expect such a question so he lost his words.

「I mean, weren’t you talking about obtaining permission just now?」

「Well, I mean it was but……」

「Then, there is a possibility for me too desuyone?〜」

「No no…….. 」

「When his lolicon complex is aggravated this is how he acts eh」

Whilst she was still operating the computer, Yurikago managed to sneak in some remarks.

「No, like I said, that’s a misunderstanding」

「Taiyou-chan what’s it going to be?」

「No for you I can’t, if you really want me to say yes, at least become human sized」

「Uuu…….That is not possible nanodesuyo〜」

「Then, please give up」

「Uuu…..I understand nanodesu〜…….」

Hera withdrew tearfully. Seeing her depressed appearance, whilst, it did not suddenly invoke his love for Hera, it did cause him to feel pitiful, and he wanted to apologize for it.

Because the talk with Kohaku had reached a standstill, Taiyou stood up and walked next to Yurikago.


「What’s the situation?」

「It’s going well, in a little while, the one that we need copied will be obtained. The evidence, that they were doing human experimentation of the socially vulnerable, ‘Eternally Little’」

「And with this information, we will be able to stop them from aiming at Kotone and the girls?」

「Yes. If this is revealed to the public, all plans can be frozen according to my discretions. In such a case, no one will aim at the girls」

「What about the Eternally Little who are related to the experiments?」

「There is no problem in that department…..Regardless of the case, a huge amount of money will be paid to them in compensation for their hardships. Or more like, the situation will inevitably lead to such an outcome」

「……..I suppose so」

Taiyou was convinced.


Suddenly, Hera opens her eyes wide, and faces the other direction. She was just staring at this one point in the wall…… if she could see through what was behind it.

「What’s wrong?–」

‘Was there something?’ Just as Taiyou was about to approach her and ask her this question.


Youran, stood at attention, and turned her eyes. All the other people also had similar looks.

The whole room started to blink with flashing red lights, and a siren began to ring.

「What the hell is this?!」

「This is…….An alarm that informs others of any intruders」

「Did you say intruders?」

「What’s going on, why is such a thing suddenly happening?」

「I don’t know」

Kohaku says this, as she looked towards the computer screen.

「Is the data ready yet?」

「It’s just a little more」

「Quick! If this keeps up–」

Before Kohaku even finishes her sentence, the screen cuts off with a poof, and the screen of the computer goes completely black.

「Ahh Geez! I was so close to getting it!」

「Pull out the memory drive! At least we got something, it should be fine!」

「I know already」

Yurikago violently extracted the memory drive that was inserted into the main body of the computer.

「Okay, time to escape」

「Follow me, there is a pathway that is not usually used connected to the outside. It’s not as special as a secret passage, but the probability of encountering a person is considerably less」

Just like the way she guided them when they were walking in, Kohaku once again took lead to guide them out.

「Wait, what direction are you going in?」

Taiyou asks her making her stop. The pace of the flashing red lights begins to quicken gradually.

「Direction? If you are asking about that, then it’s over here」

Kohaku answers, and points in the direction.

「And can you tell me which direction we entered from?」

「That is this way」

「………I see, By the way, this here is still the first floor right?」

「Umu………….What do you intend to do?」

Kohaku was a little doubtful, Taiyou started to walk in a direction that was opposite from the two directions she pointed in.

He walked towards a white wall. Taiyou stood there and took a deep breathe.


A shout resounded and the entire room shook, as he launched his fist towards the wall.


The place which had a white wall moments ago, now had a huge hole in which a person could easily go through.

Going into this room, Taiyou started to break the wall, towards the same direction.



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