Chapter 390: Legal Interest Rate


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Editor: ryunakama

Nighttime, Kohaku’s room.

Taiyou was facing Kohaku with a serious face.

“Kohaku, I want to borrow your knowledge.”


Year in and year out about 90% of the time every day, this youthful elder mainly spent her time fooling around, but when faced with an earnest Taiyou, she mirrored his expression with a likewise earnest one, nodding.

Relieved to see this, Taiyou brought his intentions out into the open.

“A faction, was it? How does one go about making those?”

“Do ye intend to begin from scratch? Or were ye thinking of hijacking one? There be a big difference depending on yer answer, ja.”

“Mm, maybe a little of both.”


Kohaku cocked her head.

She had previously gone into the bath, which was why she was now wearing bear-print pajamas, so that combined with her mannerism was so cute that Taiyou almost felt like going off track.

But he resisted the impulse and continued on with the conversation.

“I want to take the members of a dismantled faction and make a new one.”

“I see, and that be why ye said a little of both, ja.”


“There are two main roles expected of a boss, or so I feel.”

Kohaku held out two fingers, almost like she was making a peace sign.

“One be charisma. I take it ye don’t need an explanation for that one.”

“Yeah, I could see that taking a while. Just the one word is plenty.”

Taiyou nodded. Say what you want, everything could simply be summarized by the single word charisma.

Now that the explanation was unnecessary, he looked at her for the next explanation.

“The second one be money collection. Realistically, ye need money to both gather and nurture people.”

“Okay, money.”

“Furthermore, if ye have money then people will naturally come to ye. Ah, wait, I guess I didn’t need to say that. Ye already have several people ye want to take care of.”


“Then just think about gathering money.”

“Money, huh…”

He repeated those same words.

The answer was simple enough, but its implementation, not so much.

“…And I assume ye want to make it in Juunishima, ja?”

Kohaku pinpointed what Taiyou was worrying about.


“Then ye’d best avoid getting it from Youran and Sakura-san…but ye don’t have yer own source o’money.”

“That’s going to be troublesome.”

“Well I do have a secret stash…although it’s the equivalent of pouring water on a hot stone.”

“Maybe I should hit the lottery, eh?”

“Nah, ye’d be better off robbing a bank with yer capabilities, Danna-sama.”

“Very true.”

Taiyou grimaced.

It had been a serious conversation up until now, but now they were bouncing jokes back at each other.

He had begun to resort to escapism without realizing it. That was just how much of an issue money was.

“What to dooo…”

“I have…the answers you need.”

He heard a quiet voice.

He turned to see Ruri in a white dress.

Since when had she been in there? She was staring at Taiyou.

“What, does he need ta destroy humanity?”

Of course Kohaku would resort to a joke. Flicking her on the forehead, Taiyou spoke to Ruri.

“What’s up? It’s rare for you to participate in conversations like these.”

“I have…the answers you need.”

Ruri repeated the same phrase.


“Darling, you…need money?”

“Yep, seems so.”

He glanced at Kohaku rubbing her forehead. She soon looked back up.

“I’ll…lend some to you.”

“No, some personal savings aren’t gonna…wait.”

Taiyou swallowed what he was about to say.

He remembered when they had first met.

Escorting for a million per day, demanding 10 million for one job?

The strongest sword wielder in the world demanded quite a bit of money as payment.

She would even demand that much of Taiyou, a high school student.

Then, did that mean—-?

“You…have that much?”

“Adding in Gates and justice…divided by ten thousand.”

“Make it easier to understand! How much is that even supposed to be!?”

“…We’re talking hundreds of millions here, ja.”

Kohaku answered quietly. She had probably calculated it all in her head.

Taiyou was astonished to hear that. He looked at Kohaku and Ruri in turn.

Kohaku was serious, and Ruri was just as placid as ever.

Judging from their expressions, they seemed to affirm what he was wondering.

“Are you serious?”

“Mhm…she got it pretty spot-on.”

“Darling, I don’t mind…lending you some money with interest…within the legal limits.”

“Oi oi, are ye seriously going ta take interest from Danna-sama? That’s just—-”

Kohaku chastised Ruri. Taiyou understood what she was getting at.

Those calling themselves Taiyou’s wives should unconditionally give him their everything.

Lending him money was already pushing it, but interest? Out of the question.

At least this was what Kohaku was thinking. But Taiyou had other ideas.

He held out his hand motioning for Kohaku to be silent, kissing Ruri on the lips.

“Stingy as usual, I see. It’s been that way ever since we’ve met.”

“Mhm…I am a cheapskate.”

“I’ll gladly accept your offer. And I will absolutely return it with interest.”

“Darling, if it’s you, then…don’t worry about any promissory notes.”

“I appreciate you trusting me.”

“I never said I trusted you. Jump a bill…and I jump you.”

“Ooo, so scary!”

Taiyou said jokingly.

He was of course certain that if he shirked the bill, she would cut him down.

Meanwhile, to the side, Kohaku had a mixed—-or to be more frank, a sulky—-expression on her face.

“What’s the matter, Kohaku-san?”

“Nothing at all, ja.”

“No, I can tell by looking at you. What happened?”

“Nothing at all, ja.”

Kohaku repeated the same phrase.

“Darling…that’s jealousy.”

Ruri pointed out.




It took him more than ten seconds to comprehend what she had just said.

This was probably because it was the first time Kohaku had ever displayed jealousy.



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