Chapter 393: Scream of the Fairy


Translator: Reflet
Editor: ryunakama

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh, look at me flyyy!”

In the town, the little fairy was dangling her feet from the top of an electrical pole.

Her singing a parody of another song showed just how much of a good mood she was in. This was truly Hera.

She was wearing a grass-colored dress and had butterfly-like wings.

Her jovial smile knew no bounds, and the same went for her bright voice.

This was Hera, one of the few beings that could make anyone around her have a good time.

Hera, the level-up fairy.

She was the non-human existence that was always by Taiyou’s side.


Suddenly, she seemed to pick up on something, cocking her head to the side as she gazed at something far away.

Then she got off the electrical pole, flapping her wings as she flew in its direction.

The area she was flying to was a hotel on the outskirts of the business district.

There was a man and a woman inside a car parked in the shadows.

“But Mrs…”

“Don’t call me Mrs.!”

“—-I deeply apologize. Sato-san, when your husband—-er, I mean, when the subject comes out, please do calm yourself. You may say whatever you want, but please do not lay hands on him.”

“So you just want me to take his B.S.!?”

“While it is true that the blame lies solely on him for this infidelity, it will just counterbalance things with the amount of consolation money he will demand.”

“But he’s–”

“Don’t you want to send him to hell in a lawful manner? Then you understand that you must be patient for now.”


Listening to all of this, Hera got a good grasp of the situation.

The man’s appearance suggested he was a detective, while the woman was a wife whose husband had cheated on her.

Most likely, that aforementioned man was inside this hotel.

“This seems to be a scene of carnage from your typical drama. Oof…I should have brought popcorn.”

She slipped through the door into the car, flitting around and about the place like a fly.

Hera, the fairy who could only be seen by Taiyou and those he kissed. Even if she flew all around the interior, or even in front of their eyes, they showed no sign of noticing her.

“Ooo, and that must be him.”

A man and a woman walked out of the hotel in the distance. Clearly they were enjoying themselves and were in quite a good mood with their arms linked.

As soon as they saw this, the people in the car jumped out at once, and Hera followed after them.




It was as if time had stopped as the two of them stared at each other, the detective watching from the side.

But there was one person who was enjoying this: Hera.

“The other women called her name too…so does that mean the wife knows the mistress?”

“Why…are you here?”

The man could barely get out a sentence, but the wife chose not to answer, instead glaring at the mistress.

“I was truly astonished to hear that you were the partner in this, Shiho.”


“Why? Why would you do this?”


The mistress burst into scornful laughter.

“You were the one who stole him from me. I simply took him back.”


“Say what?”

“I bet it felt real good. Did you think he chose you? Out of four different choices? Too bad!”


Then there was the sound of a slap. The detective made a face, but showed no signs of intervening. And thus continued the scene of carnage.

Hera observed this fight from a front-row seat. After listening in for a bit, she understood the gist of it.

Apparently the man and the two women had been classmates in high school, alongside two other women, forming quite the love comedy team.

Each woman had their own episodes and memories. And the man had at last chosen one of the four, marrying her.

Now, if that were all, it would have ended there. However, the man had still not severed ties with the other three at the time, continuing to cheat on his wife.

“Wow, what a moronic man.”

Hera concluded.

“He’s so moronic that it’s hopeless to tell him anything.”

Hera said, flying off.

She had begun to lose interest as the scene began turning worse, with the two women insulting each other and two more people were added to the scene.

“The very thought of choosing only one person was what limited him in the first place.”

She muttered as she flew through the blue sky.

“What were you thinking, letting all of them fall in love with you and then only picking one? Clearly you’re not with the times, and that’s why things like this happen. That’s some outdated light novel stuff. You need to take responsibility with everyone who loves you.”

She spun around in the air.

“Taiyou-chan, on the other hand, is great in that sense. He had no qualms with accepting the love of all seven brides—-heheh.”

Hera snorted elatedly.

“But of course. This is my Taiyou-chan we’re talking about.”

She flew through the sky in a good mood, humming a tune.

“Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh, look at me flyyy! Lots of brides around Taiyou-chan.”

There wasn’t any rhythm in her movement, but that just showed how happy she was.

Then she yelled out.

“Taiiiyooo chaaan!”

She simply called his name, but now she was on a whole other level of happiness.



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