Chapter 396: First Love


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Editor: ryunakama

“What was your first love like, Kohaku-tan?”

Late at night in the living room, Kohaku and Hera were alone together.

The loli baba tilted her glass to her lips as Hera asked her this question.

“What’s this out of the blue, ja?”

“I was just a little curious. Actually, I never heard who your first love was, Kohaku-tan.”


“You are a Loli Baba.”

“Aye, my appearance versus my actual age. Not an attractive witch. Loli Baba fits the best, ja.”

She tilted her glass, her lips wet with the amber liquid.

Hera wondered if Kohaku perhaps wasn’t as strong with alcohol as she thought.

She could drink sometimes, but in general it was only one glass, plus it took her over a night to finish drinking over half the cup.

Perhaps it was just to create an atmosphere or a persona. Hera pondered this as she asked another question.

“You’ve been living about 80 years, right?”

“Aye, that’s correct, ja.”

“If you’ve lived so long, then don’t you have plenty of stories to tell?”

“The first time was all to me husband, ja.”

“I’m talking about the first romantic occurrence, though.”

Hera pouted slightly.

This was Kohaku’s way of evading the conversation.

She spoke the truth, but did not answer the core of the issue.

That perfect balance in evading the question—-another way of lying.


“It wasn’t Taiyou-chan at first, right?”

“Me husband was the first one I offered me everything to, ja.”


“Kukuku, ye got me apologies. Ah, but this makes me a bit self-conscious when I discuss it,ye see?”

“So it’s embarrassing?”


She nodded, drinking the rest of the cup dry. It seemed she would not talk without a drink.

Kohaku left the glass on the table, gazing into the distance, until she finally spoke.

“Well, we’ve aged quite a bit, and they’re in the ranks of the departed after all.”

“You mean they’re dead?”

“A bit older than I am, so yeah, that’s to be expected, ja.”

“I see.”

“And it isn’t even anything crazy, ja. Guy who lived close to me, very nice. But that kindness did not stop him from going to the battlefield, never to return.”

“That doesn’t seem to have anything to do with your age, Kohaku-tan!”

Hera immediately objected. Kohaku was stifling her laughter.

“Ye could say that. Also, just know I hardly talk about this, ja. Or, nay, I think never, ja.”

“What, you serious?”

“For reals, yo.”

“You don’t have to try and talk like a youngster.”

“Kukuku, you sure remind me of Husband when he makes a quip.”

“So why did you hesitate before saying that?”

“What are ye saying?”

Kohaku furrowed her eyebrows.

“I be Husband’s now. Remembering any other man will be a betrayal.”

“Is it, now?”

Hera was astonished. She just couldn’t comprehend the logic.

“Aye, betrayal, betrayal, it may as well be adultery, ja.”

“Is that how it is…”

Hera felt despondent.

“I am indeed sorry. I should have never asked.”

“It’s fine, lass, I trust ye so I’m talkin’.”

“I’ll do whatever it takes to make amends.”

“Then might I have a refill on the booze?”

“Yes indeed! Coming right up!”

Hera answered energetically, moving to the glass on the table. She then outstretched her hands to take hold of it, but…

Swoosh! Her hands went right through the glass.

“Oh, I can’t actually hold it…”

Hera couldn’t touch anything physical, so of course she could not hold the glass, let alone pour liquor.

Hera looked at Kohaku with a sad face.

“I am indeed sorry.”


“I really am, indeed, is there anything else I can do?”


Klink, klink. Kohaku took the glass in her hands, swirling around the ice cubes in the cup.

After she thought for a bit, Kohaku spoke again.

“Then you can tell me something.”

“What is it? Please ask anything. Three sizes, the shape of my underwear, the color of my nipples, I’ll tell you anything.”

“No, ye can tell Danna-sama that—-Now then, who was yer first love?”


Hera stiffened up.

She hadn’t thought she’d hear that.

But it was only for a moment.

At least for her, there was no reason to be faltering.

Hera answered plainly.

“I haven’t had one.”


“Indeed I have not. I have never loved in the first place. I met Taiyou-chan soon after I was born, so it’s not like there was time for that anyway.”

“I see, then Danna-sama would be yer first in this case.”

“Mmm, no, I don’t think that’s the case either.”

“Ye have no feelings? But ye talked so much of him being “My Taiyou-chan” or “I’m here for Taiyou-chan”. Is that not the case?”

“Yes indeed, because Taiyou-chan is Taiyou-chan. There isn’t love in a romantic sense.”


Kohaku tilted her glass. After putting it to her mouth, she remembered that there was in fact nothing left in there.

As she looked at Kohaku, Hera questioned herself.

She wasn’t sure what the answer was.

“Mhm, Taiyou-chan is definitely Taiyou-chan, indeed.”



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