Chapter 4: Overflowing After School


Night time: On the way home.

Taiyou was completely exhausted. Even though he tried to explain himself, he was taken custody into the police station as he was doing something so suspicious, in the police station he was interrogated thoroughly, but when they investigated from the beginning in reality all he did was dig up some holes and then bury them, therefore no matter how much they examined the scene, all they found was a pile of dirt and couldn’t really pin anything on him.

In the end, he was treated as a weird/eccentric person and he got his innocence proven therefore he was able to be liberated from his arrest.

「Darn it…….This is the first time since I was born that I have experienced being treated this way by policeman…….」

「That was a terrible ordeal wasn’t it〜? Are you going to eat a Katsu Donbori before you go home? 」(Note: Katsu Donbori is a delicious bowl of rice topped with fried pork cutlet, egg, and condiments.)

Hera looked towards Taiyou with a sympathetic gaze, whilst floating delicately beside him.

「I’m not eating! I mean, whose fault do you think this is?…..」


Hera pondered for a bit.

「Is it by any chance〜? Taiyou’s Mother〜? 」 (how adorably kawaii this fairy is 😛 )

「Why would it be my mother, whom you have never even seen her face! No matter how we look at this it’s clearly your fault! 」

「Eh〜 is it me? 」

「The one who made me dig a whole and the one who kept talking to me whilst there was someone right in front of me, wasn’t that all you?」

「That’s not entirely true, I only taught you how to gain the experience, and giving a report when you level up is my sole purpose in life〜 Even Taiyou-chan at that time when you were playing that game and you ambushed by the metal knight from the side and got surprised, you instinctively pressed your panic “defence” button to protect yourself」

「…….When I level up, you can’t stop your function of reporting? 」

「It is impossible, it’s my instinct〜」

「……In that case, in the instance that I am not next to you and you need to report to me can’t you wait until you see me? Or more like, can you not talk to me when I am in the presence of others?」

「If it’s that much I can do it〜」 (Note: it seems although she cannot desist from reporting all together, she can still report at a later time)

「In that case, Please do so in the future. If you talk to me in front of others, sooner or later, people will seriously suspect that I have a mental illness and I’ll be thrown into hospital.」

「Please be at ease, even in a hospital you can still raise your level〜〜」

Although she was still talking to me a while ago, somehow, in the middle of her speech Hera has suddenly become silent.

「Hera……? 」

After calling out her name Taiyou was taken aback.

When looking at his surroundings, Taiyou saw the figures of three young girls appearing around the corner, and because Hera was able to sense their presence, he understood that she was immediately adhering to the rules he just set up moments ago.

Furthermore, when he looked closer at the people once more, he remembered seeing them somewhere before…..more than that he realised that he knew these three girls.


When he heard that name being said, Taiyou stopped walking and stood in place.

The three girls just around the street corner, were of course, from the Hayakawa family, the triplet sisters. They are very unusual, they were his classmate and they were girls with a celebrity status.

Although they probably know of his existence, they didn’t have a particular meaningful point of interaction to be on friendly terms, therefore Taiyou attempted to let them go past him without saying hello.

However, when the girls arrived within 5 metres of him, they stopped walking, and all three of them stared directly at Taiyou.


「Aren’t you?…..」

「Natsuno Taiyou」

「He, Hey. Hayakawa-san’s are you guys heading home? 」

Although he asks a question, the girls didn’t respond back. For some reason or other, the three of them widen their eyes and showed him a bewildered facial expression.


「Are you really…… Natsuno Taiyou? 」

「Our Classmate」

「And the person who is always playing games」

「Eh? Yeap, that’s me……」

Why are they asking such a question, moreover, why did they go out of their way to stop walking and greet him, Taiyou pondered in his head.

As if they were responding to his question, the three sisters formed a circle and began to privately murmur about something.

They conversation was suddenly put on hold and he couldn’t just suddenly leave them now, therefore Taiyou had no other choice but to stand in place, whilst observing what they would do next.

Kotone, Suzune and Kazane.

It is as the name suggests they possess the exact same face and are identical triplets.

But if you say they cannot be discerned from each other, that is incorrect. For some reason, although they have the exact same face, their heights were all within 10 centimetres difference of each other. (LOL……)

Kotone looks to be approximately a first year high school girl height, whereas Suzune looks like a middle school girl and Kazane looks like an elementary kid wearing a back pack, she was just that out of place and had a short stature.

Although they had the same face, their heights were totally disproportional, and that actually made them even more famous.

(Nevertheless………They are really pretty/beautiful)

Looking at these girls, he truly thought such a thing in his mind.

No matter which girl, they were cute, and without restraint he could praise all three for their beautiful face and flawless skin, they had striking black obsidian eyes and perfectly arranged lovely lips. When the three are lined up, if you exclude the fact that they had small breasts, they didn’t have a single flaw on their bodies, they were Bishoujou’s. (Illustration: Three Sisters Meeting Taiyou After School)

Whilst the girls were whispering amongst themselves, they would at times flicker their gaze towards Taiyou.

What are they talking about? Taiyou was thinking.

「Taiyou-chan〜, Taiyou-chan〜」

Hera talked to him. Without turning his gaze towards Hera, Taiyou whispered back.

「What is it? I thought you promised me you wouldn’t talk to me in the presence of other people」

「Im sorry〜, however there is something I am a little anxious/worried about〜」

「What is it? 」

「Are those people, Taiyou-chan’s girlfriend? 」

「Ha? 」

Taiyou opened his eyes wide, and he turned his gaze towards Hera.

「What kind of nonsense are you spouting now, you? Of course that isn’t the case」

「They aren’t? 〜 that’s a little weird….〜」

「……..can you sense some sort of good impression or that kind of parameter from them or something? 」

Just a moment ago Hera displayed to him the abilities he gained whilst leveling in the park, at that moment he remembered something, and he wanted to ask Hera in order to confirm something.

「Nope, It’s just female intuition〜」

「it was just your intuition? Opps, I shouted out without thinking」

Taiyou timidly turned to check on the three sisters, luckily the girls were still absorbingly whispering to each other and they didn’t realize at all of the previous slip up Taiyou just made.

However leaving Hera aside, in this situation it seems that not far in the future, he had a feeling the situation will go out of control, therefore he had an overbearing sensation that it would be a good idea to leave right now.

「In that case, Hayakawa-san, I will see you tomorrow at the school」 (he is preparing to leave)

「Ah, Wait a moment」

「We have something to talk to you about」

「3 minutes……1 minute, no all we need is just 30 seconds」

The three sisters who were in a conference discussion of their own shouted out to stop Taiyou from walking away, it would seem that they had a frantic expression.

「Haa, Alright then, if you guys can keep it brief」

In order to comply, the girls quickly closed the gap between them, they went straight to Taiyou with upturned eyes and gazed intently at him. It was the kind of gaze that seemed to be filled with infatuation, and Taiyou who has never in his life experienced such a situation, had his heart beat throbbing.

However, his thumping heart were soon changed to a different kind of feeling.

「「「Please, Go, Out with Us! 」」」

Taiyou spontaneously began to doubt/suspect his hearing.

When he returned home, Taiyou immediately collapsed unto his bed.

He had only been out for several hours, however, there was so many things that happened that he felt completely exhausted. For today, he wanted to just tuck himself in bed and go straight to sleep.

「Taiyou-chan〜, Taiyou-chan〜」

However Hera was following him around and flying around his ear like an irritating mosquito.

「…….What is it? 」

「Taiyou-chan, you reached level 3 in the park a little while ago, would you like to check the abilities values 〜? 」

「………Ahh, now that you say it, I haven’t actually seen the changes」

Hearing the fact that he leveled up, some energy/power returned into his tired eyes. He was continuously interrupted by the string of events which consisted of the policeman and the three Hayakawa sisters and he completely forgot about leveling.

He got up from bed, crossed his legs and arms and turned towards Hera’s direction.

「Alright, then please tell me about my stats」

「As you wish〜」

Requested to fulfill her ultimate role in life, Hera was extremely pleased and responded joyfully, she immediately transferred the knowledge directly to Taiyou’s brain which once again were like hurricane of characters flowing into him. Several hours ago in the park the same phenomenon occurred.

Once again he started to check his status one by one.

「As I suspected, it seems my build is like the archetype of a power soldier/combatant/warrior. I also need to examine the rate of increase…… Hey Hera, is my stats high against average standards? Or is it actually low? 」

「I’m Sorry〜, I am not too sure about that〜」

She spoke in an apologetic manner.

「Is that so, well it’s not a big deal, I am happy as long as I am able to level up」

Even if this was just all a big joke and it was all just a game…… As he was thinking these thoughts, suddenly…….

Popularity: 0

Charm: 65535 (This could may well be Harem and or Attractiveness, Not yet disclosed what this stats actually does)

Even though before, he remembered Popularity being at 1 it now turned to 0, it was something that made him feel pathetic and depressed, however both numbers had changed. Not only that, the other number changed so ridiculously that he doubted his own eyes!



  1. I read ahead a bit and this stat was being used to determine maximum harem members in extremely silly way.
    It was even mentioned in original synopsis on syosetu.

    • I believe the literal Syosetsu Synopsis uses the words「魅力」が下がってしまった! ――が、もともと0だった魅力値は、そのおかげでなんと「65535」になってしまった!
      What he actually increased was 魅力 which stands for Miryouku みりょく which means charm; fascination; glamour; glamor; attraction; appeal. Anyways hope that clarifies things a little.

      • Sorry, you are right, thats my mistake here. Somehow i mixed it up with my lousy attempts to understand this.

        So synopsis says charmattraction while actual chapters list 65k stat as ‘haremu’ and ‘attractivenesspopularity’ got 0

        At least harem stat is more honest lol.

  2. If you guys want an explanation, it is reading an unsigned value. Since his charm was 0 and it dropped to -1, the game records the values as unsigned values (no negatives). So it would store it as a 16-bit value, which is 2^16 – 1 = 65535.

    This hypothesis is further supported by his Popularity also dropping by 1, so we are aware that stats may drop due to the player’s interactions. There is no game-like explanation such as an event or the like, just a programming oversight?

    Though I dislike the path this novel is going. You would think a system like this that was both created to fit the world (i.e the world was designed first, then the levelling) and the integrity of the world itself (should not be easy to break or abuse) wouldn’t have this problem.

    Therefore, if he somehow could reduce other statistics to below 0, the system would read it and correct actions to cater to the overflow. On the other side, if he somehow gained +1 Charm with the current numbers, he would return to 0. I personally hope the author won’t troll us with the switching between 0 and 65535 due to stat increases/decreases.

    Just my thoughts before the new year starts.

    • Great explanation, I also hope the author doesn’t do something as silly as giving him 65535 points and or just regressing between 0 points and 65535. Hopefully he will be able to gain more character progression than that and I’m expecting the story to really pick its pace when he begins his path to conquering one of the Seven Heroines!

    • [spoiler]Oh it goes the weird route with each new harem girl is deducing two ‘1’ bits from the number or something like that. The author or the system programmer should be fired. Or both.[/spoiler] Actually no, the math here made me go ‘what is this i don’t even’ so i haven’t tried to understand it…

    • That’s basically what happened to Ghandi in the old Civ game. Since it reduced his aggressive stat it eventually hit a stack underflow and went to the highest amount.

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    So those girls are triplet! Moreover that Loli is the same age as MC O.O!
    Isn’t it mean he got a Jackpot!!

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  7. The katsudon question was a joke that police give you katsudon to eat while they interrogate you.

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  9. This may be out of place, but it’s a pet peeve of mine.

    Each punctuation mark has its meaning, and the meaning of apostrophes (that pesky ‘ sign) is ellision (which means “omission”, that is, that something that should be there is not). If you have “I wil”, you can take out the “wi” and it becomes “I’ll”, if you have “do not”, you take out the last “o” and it becomes “don’t”. The only time it seems as if the rule is broken is with the genitive (when instead of weiting “X of Y” you write “Y’s X), but for the ‘s form most likely there was an original version where there was something else before the “s” (and in the s’ version you are deleting the “s”). Plural forming “s” never EVER goes with apostrophe, and the mistake done when writing it oncorrectly is called “greengrocer’s apostrophe” and seen as a sign of lack of culture/being really dumb (squared).

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