Chapter 40: A Means to and End


「You, what are you up to?」

「I’m creating an exit path」

After answering Kohaku’s question, he went straight towards the wall and began pummeling it again to create a hole. He continues to puncture holes into the wall one after another so Kohaku, Yurikago and Hera started to follow after him.

「We don’t have to do something like this, I can guide us to a secret passageway jya」

「This is just from my speculation, but…」

Taiyou makes an introductory statement.

「From the people that are chasing us now, I have a feeling that they already know that you have betrayed them. And if my hunch is correct, they will already be waiting at the secret passageway and the information you provide will prove fatal if we follow it blindly」

「Have you also considered the fact that Kohaku might be a double agent?」

Yurikago questions Taiyou. She is firmly gripping unto the memory drive with both of her hands.

「Ahh, in the case that she is, something will happen around this tim–」

「I have never thought such a thing」


Though Yurikago was about to say something, Taiyou continued to break the walls down and spoke over her.

「That kind of possibility, doesn’t even cross my mind」

「Wh, why?」


Taiyou could not answer her. He did not think he needed to answer her.

「Fufufuf〜, as expected desu, as one would expect from my Taiyou-chan desu」

Hera flies next to Taiyou who was keeping silent, and she danced around and fluttered around him.

Taiyou swatted her away like she was some sort of fly, and Hera was unperturbed as she smiled radiantly dusting herself off and flying around him again.

The radiant Hera, the frowning Yurikago and lastly Kohaku who stood in silence as she gazed at his back.

Three people followed him and Taiyou smashed one last wall…….which was connected to the outside.

And when they got out of the building, they saw the 20 meter wall……..which was there previously. He runs up to the wall with a dash, and just like he has been doing, he used his powerful fist to create a breach in the fence.

Taiyou faces towards Yurikago.

「Go ahead of us!」


「I will hold them off here, you go on ahead」

「What are you saying? I am—」

「A means to an end」

Taiyou interrupts her rebuttal. Taiyou had a stern expression on his face.

「You’ve told me that there are two conditions to victory, the first being getting that memory drive and the second is that your true colors must not be revealed to the enemy. In that case, what do you think is the most effective means right now?」

「……Attract their attention and then holding them off here, meaning that someone must remain」

「That’s right, and right now, who do you think is the best person for such a job?」

「…….it’s you」

「The correct answer. That’s why, you should go on ahead」

When the facts were pointed out to her, Yurikago had a tortured expression on her face. It was obvious that her heart was wavering.

However, there was only one answer. Under such a limited situation, no matter how someone hesitates there is no other option than to accept the facts.

In the end, she could only concede to his plan.

「……….I understand」

「Hera, follow her as well」


「Even if you are here right now, there is nothing much you can do, on the other hand, if you were to follow her, you can become her eyes and cover her blind spots」

「I understand desu」

「Alright, go!」

Yurikago looks at Taiyou one last time with the last remaining vestiges of reluctance before steeling herself and disappearing to the other side of the darkness beyond the hole.

「Well then, you should also……」

「Kukuku, I’m staying behind. No, I must stay behind」


「If both you and I remain here, it will buy more time for the rest to get away safely. In other words—」

「It will attract more of their men to stay behind?」

「Correct. Although with a hole like this in the wall, it is uncertain as to how many can pass through」

「Alright, but the person doing the fighting will be me, moreover if they take out guns, please do not hesitate to hide behind me as they will not work against me at all」


With that being said, the conversation between the two people came to a standstill.

Whilst waiting for the enemy to reach here, Taiyou and Kohaku was standing side by side in front of the hole with an imposing stance.

Before long, a huge amount of people surrounded them.

In front of the research facility, one man was taking along his subordinate.

He was wearing elegant glasses, and he was a young person wearing intellectual style of clothing where the tailoring was good.

He was one of the promising figures of the Junishima clan, Junishima Kaizen.

He was glaring at the facility, whilst listening to the report from his subordinate.

「Reporting, we have encircled each of the exit ways within the facility」

「Good, how about the concealed passage which we discovered from the information?」

「We have also completed the arrangements for that area」

「Well done」

Kaizen nodded at his subordinate.

「Have we been able to confirm who the perpetrator is?」

「Yes, using the monitor. We have managed to confirm that there is one man and two women」

「Is Sakura amongst them?」

「No, one of the females is the eternally little, and the other female seems like a normal……high school student she doesn’t seem to have much restraint in her actions. Both their statures were different」

「I understand, So they didn’t bring Sakura along, and hid her instead」

「What should we do?」

「What about the male?」

「It would seem, that he is the high school student who raided our residence earlier this morning」

「I see, It would seem that he is connected to all of this」

「Your orders?」

「Because I want more information, capture them alive」

「Yes, I will convey the message」

The subordinate moves slightly away from Kaizen, and begins to contact the group with a wireless radio.

Kaizen rolls up his glasses.


He mutters whilst intently watching the facility.

During the day, the Juunishima Residence was attacked by the enemy.

There were two intruders, the first was an unidentified high school boy, however the other intruder was “Shirokiyami”.

She was a swordswoman who wielded the national treasure “Reverse Heaven”, although she was still in her teens, her strength was world renowned as one of the strongest.

Because of such an attack, his relative Sakura was kidnapped.

When Sakura was kidnapped, Kaizen immediately kept watch of all the projects Sakura was overseeing, moreover, it could be that the information about the facilities had been leaked by her and so it was infiltrated.

And when it came down to it, the facility did encounter infiltrators.

「However……What was their motives for capturing Sakura-san, were they trying to set up a trap or were they trying to gather information? Perhaps this was a planned attack? Well considering the situation right now, it would seem they are using her for information……yeah」

Whilst muttering such things, he was also considering in his mind if the two people who kidnapped her was her business rivals. Looking at it from a common sense stand point, it could not be helped to think that these two were her enemies.

「Regardless of the case, without capturing the intruders, we can’t find out any information and the questioning cannot begin」

Once again Kaizen looks towards the research facility. He already ordered his subordinates to seal all the exits. Next all he had to do was wait and slowly squeeze them out.


Whilst still in the middle of thinking out his plans, suddenly a huge roaring sound could be heard from the facility.

It was a sound that could shake the foundations of the building, however it was a different sound from an explosion, and it sounded more like something huge had smashed into each other.

「Situation Report!」

「Yes, I will confirm it right now」

「This sound is……is it the sound of a truck smashing into something? No if they were using something as conspicuous as a car, we would have found out beforehand. In that case, what could it be…..」


「What is it?」

「Th, the walls….」

「The wall?」

「Yes, the walls…..are being crushed down… by one」

「The walls are being hit?」

「Yes, the target is hitting the walls…..and creating a hole in order to escape」


Kaizen loses his voice, it was a development he could not anticipate.

「That hole….No, the target, what is their position?」

「Yes, all of the men are being sent towards the hole and trying to encircle them, the target has all escaped through the wall」

「Kuu, we must capture them at once, chase after them!」

「Yes sir」

The subordinates once again gave their orders through the radio.

「What the heck is going on?」

Kaizen groans out in distress. Inside where various unexpected things were happening in the facility he could not sit idly, as Kaizen rushed into the facility towards the direction of the huge sound with his subordinates.

Memo at the 40th Chapter.

Level】 7

Main Abilities

Strength: 51

Charm: 65535

Popularity: 0

Skills: Long distance immunity

Fighting power: 5 (Approximated by Shirokiyami)

Main Property

Debt of about 11 million yen.

An annoying Fairy (Virgin?)

Broken Smart Phone

One Room Apartment.


Hayakawa: Kotone, Suzune, Kazane


Shirokiyami (An Evil Godl, Fighting power 139)

Miyagi Aoba

Juunishima Sakura

People who can see Hera

Azumaya Kohaku AKA Loli Baba

Juunishima Yurikago

Hayakawa: Kotone, Suzune, Kazane



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