Chapter 400: For The Fairy


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Editor: ryunakama

The sound of swords clashing echoed through the room.

Sparks flew, and the loli baba closed in on Shirokiyami.

“Kukukukuku, looks like yer losing in raw power, Strongest.”

“I’m not really…”

Ruri disappeared without warning, appearing behind Kohaku.

“…bragging about my power.”

“Here I come!”

She tried to swipe at them from behind, but Akiha broke through them in high spirits.

Akiha had stepped in with unique movements, diving toward Ruri’s bosom, pressing down her wrist that was about to swing the katana.

“It’s a little difficult to get to you from here, isn’t it Master?”

“Then…you can just, back off.”

“As if!”

Ruri kicked off the ground, flying backwards, only to be intercepted by Taiyou as he suddenly appeared behind her, swinging both his hands down like a hammer.

Ruri’s small body was smacked and nailed to the wall.

Taiyou, Kohaku, Akiha.

The three of them were overpowering Ruri.

“How about now, Master? Maybe it’s a bit difficult for even one such as yourself to deal with all three of us, eh?”

“Not even…close.”

“She’s going on the offensive! Get ba—-”

Before Taiyou could get it all out, Ruri had split into multiple versions of herself, closing in on the three of them.

Taiyou narrowed his eyebrows, while Akiha expressed astonishment. Meanwhile…

“Kukuku…hahaha, ahahahahaha.”

Azumaya Kohaku roared with laughter.

Blood Soul…She unsheathed the dagger to combat Ruri.

At this moment, Ruri and the three of them combined were equals.

“Isn’t that dangerous?”

Youran asked as she observed the fight from the monitor.

Dangerous, in this case, was referring to Kohaku. It was as if the loli baba had become the embodiment of madness.

“Sort of feels like she’s been swallowed up by the sword and is now rampaging.”


“Doesn’t look too good, does it…”

“A little worrisome.”

The three sisters spoke with slightly worried expressions.

“No, everything is fine, indeed.”

But Hera cut through their worries as she returned.

“Fine? Why would you think that?”

“Because Taiyou-chan and Ruri-chan haven’t tried to stop her yet. They’d do it if things got bad, just like what happened with me.”

“Because you’ve experienced it, huh.”


Hera added.

“I think Kohaku-tan’s just getting in character. It’s the perfect chance, like a werewolf on the night of a full moon.”

“…Yeah, I could actually see her acting that way.”

“I think she’s like one of those self-aware drunks.”

This time Aoba spoke.

“What do you mean by that?”

“That’s what Mama does. She can drink a truckload and keep going like nothing’s happened, yet sees the need to put on an act at the beginning saying ‘Hurhurhur I’m drunk’.”

“But doesn’t that just mean…”

“That she’s drunk?”

“And that’s just the kind of thing she says?”

“Nope, definitely not. Cause right after that she’ll say ‘What a drag’ or ‘I’m fed up’ or ‘No one’s gonna tell me to stop?’ and then she just starts drinking like normal.”

“So it’s a crime of conscience.”

“Yeah, sounds like her, indeed.”

“True, she wouldn’t just leave Master alone with how important the objective and method are to him.”

“””That’s right!”””

Youran felt better now, and the three sisters nodded.


Kohaku’s shriek mixed with the clash of swords.

“Ah, feels like that one was on purpose.”

“Hey, isn’t she kind of enjoying this?”

“I feel like Ruri-chan’s the one who’s dangerous here. Her tone is the same as before she became Taiyou-chan’s bride.”

“I get the shivers just looking at this from the other side. Scary.”

“””Ah, Kohaku-san and Akiha-san got hit.”””

“Ah, it figures Natsuno-kun would be the last one standing.”

Beyond the monitor in the other room, Taiyou and Ruri were in a one-on-one duel, continuing their flurry of moves next to the downed teammates.

As they exchanged blows, they also exchanged words.

“Yeah, you’re strong alright.”

“Even if it’s insincere…I’m, happy.”

“I am being sincere, but you know that. Still…”

“Still…wha, t?”

“It’s not the right kind of strength. Honestly, you were way weaker back then.”


Ruri was at a loss for words.

Her lips moved only slightly, but no words came out.

She clearly wanted to react in some way, but wasn’t sure what to say.

Her hesitation spread to her sword.

The moment the power began to fade in her movement, Taiyou slammed his fist into her flank.

How did he do—-he hit her!


He let out a shout of exultation.

It was the first clean hit he ever got on her, as far as he could tell.

Ruri flew off, her body launched like a cannonball through the wall.

“How’s that? Now everything should be—-”


He heard Kohaku’s voice.

As soon as he realized what she was trying to tell him, Taiyou’s body went flying into the wall.

It wasn’t so much the damage, just that his head was spinning.

His vision dimmed, and it was difficult to stand up correctly.

But with his dimmed vision, he could still make out Ruri advancing toward him.

Was this it for now? Taiyou began to give up.

But then, he caught sight of something.

The white wall behind Ruri had begun pulsating with a red color.

This wall was made for Hera, for the fabric of her clothing, from the essence of Blood Soul.

Now it was starting to show its true nature.

Power flowed through Taiyou as the battle spirit rose within him.


He countered Ruri’s attack with his fists.

“You could…still, move?”

“Of course, now that I see what’s going down. Gotta keep it going.”

Taiyou’s mouth twisted into a grin.

The next moment.

“Ye got that right, ja!”

“This is where the action gets crazy, yo!”

The two who had been down were back at it again, lunging at Ruri.

The fight for Taiyou’s objective was far from over.



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