Chapter 401: The Second Battlefield


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She couldn’t comprehend why they would go so far for her.

But that soon became a trifling matter.

Confusion gave way to gratitude, and gratitude birthed glee.


The small fairy charged at Ruri like a bullet from a rifle, drilling at her.

“Silly…that would never, work.”

Ruri cleared her away as per usual, and Hera bumped into the pulsating wall, bounding off.

“Gyah! I’m not done yeeet.”

“You’re quite…tena, cious.”



Their eyes met.

It happened immediately, not even for 1/75 of a second.

It transmitted directly to him whether he liked it or not.

Hera sped up, but she didn’t run into him.

She charged at Ruri, changing her trajectory. She charged again, changing her trajectory immediately before doing so.

Ruri’s specialized weapon was the katana, hence why her aim was precise.

She had what you would call air supremacy; complete control of the space around her. But that also meant you were fine as long as you did not enter that space.

Every time Hera charged at Ruri, she would always change her direction at the last minute before entering her range.

Buzz buzz buzzz.

She flew around Ruri like a hornet.

She did not directly attack her, so there was no damage done.

But Ruri slightly narrowed her eyebrows, making a displeased face.

This seemed to vex her a lot more than an attack would.

But of course.

Hera’s attacks did not hit. But that didn’t mean they weren’t doing something.

From Ruri’s viewpoint, she had to constantly ward off Hera as she flitted around.

Anyone would hate having to be in a situation where their opponent appeared to be approaching but never actually came.

“What a nasty…thing to, do.”

“Hmhmhm and hmmm!”

“It’s rare to see you making a face like that.”

“You are a…terrible, person.”

“Not gonna call me Darling anymore?”

Taiyou jested as fist clashed with her sword.

Ruri’s expression faltered for an instant.


Hera charged in, this time to actually hit.

Taken aback at that voice, Ruri cut her down with her katana.

Still, this was the closest Hera had come.

“C’mon, you really think she wouldn’t get what you were up to if you yell ‘gotcha’?”

“Whaaat, but there’s so much romance in saying ‘gotcha’. Almost as epic as a super robot screaming out their move.”

“Kukuku, well then it can’t be helped if it’s romantic, ja.”

“Taiyou seems to have a distorted definition of what romance is, doesn’t he…”

Kohaku and Akiha were up and ready to challenge Ruri again.

Taiyou, Hera, Kohaku, and Akiha.

The four of them repeatedly challenged Ruri in a fight of survival.

“Hey, was it always like this?”

“Was what?”

Aoba questioned Youran’s question.

“Hera hitting walls whenever Ruri crashes into her.”

“Uhh…actually, I’m not sure.”

“From what I recall…”

Having returned to the room, Sakura rejoined the conversation.

“In the last fight, there was a phenomenon that occurred…called ‘Lone Rally’.”

“Yeah, I know that. Hera has in fact crashed into the ground before. Like when Master strikes her into the ground. But I was wondering if walls ever had the same effect.”

“You know what? I don’t think I have seen that yet.”

“She’s always easily slipped through the walls and the ceiling.”

“Plus I feel like Hera-chan said she couldn’t touch the wall.”

The three sisters answered in a soul chorus relay.

“Then that must mean…?”

“Yes, that has to be it.”

Sakura was the one who answered. Aoba and the three sisters didn’t seem to yet understand.

“Well, as we look at the red pulsating in the wall, it seems to mean that everything’s going as planned.”

“As planned…ah, I get it. The wall is made of the same material that was used for the clothing.”

“Yup. Hera, do you read me?”

“Yes indeed. What is it, Yuri-chan? We’re having such fun right now.”

The observation monitor delivered Hera’s response.

“There’s something I want to talk to you about—-a plan, rather. Come back here real quick.”


Hera glanced at Taiyou.

“Go ahead.”

“Yes indeed.”

Taiyou gave an immediate answer, to which Hera responded by charging in the direction of the wall. She wanted to go through it to return.


“Geh! Owowowow…”

Hera slammed spectacularly into the wall, massaging her nose.

“Seems you can’t get through it.”

“If she can’t get through, then does that mean…”

“I think so, yes.”

“Also, hopefully this is only temporarily…”

“No, you need not worry about that.”

Sakura said to Youran.

“Just think of it as adding dye to fabric. After you dye it, it will take more than just one wash to get rid of the color.”

“Okay then.”


“For the processing…”

“Is there anything we need to worry about?”

The three sisters asked Sakura.

“No, nothing to worry about in that regard either. After we remove it from the wall, we have prepared the normal fabric to replace it. Although that made the cost go up considerably…”

“It’s pricey?”

Aoba made an anxious face.

“It sure is. Welp, Master can pay it off later like he promised, so no worries.”

“Well yeah, there’s nothing Natsuno-kun can’t pay off when he puts his mind to it.”

“…Wow, I didn’t expect you to say that.”

Youran made a slightly surprised face.

“Shingetsu-sama, I believe that might be a tad rude to him if you are that surprised.”


“Well well, more importantly.”

“How about we discuss what clothing we’ll be making for Hera-chan?”

“Yes, something different than her current dress.”

The four of them began a discussion after the triplets suggested this.

In the middle of their discussion, Sakura brought in paper, and the accustomed triplets got straight to drawing the images of what the clothing would look like.

The project was steadily approaching completion.



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