Chapter 403: Entrance to Night


Translator: Reflet
Editor: ryunakama

Entering the room, the first thing Taiyou did was lay Kohaku down on the bed.

When he had first laid eyes on the king-sized bed, he had let out an exclamation of “So huge!”, but now the size was actually reassuring.

Kohaku’s tiny body was now wrapped snugly in bed.

“You really did well today.”

“Aye…and what exactly are ye doing, Danna-sama?”

“Yes, so I’m thinking of taking off your clothes, starting with the socks.”

Just as he said he would do, Taiyou put his hands on her socks.

She was wearing kneesocks covering up to her thighs, and he pulled them down slowly with adept movement.

“I-I can do it meself—-fuah–”

Kohaku tried to get up, but Taiyou pushed her gently down with his finger on her forehead.

When he did so, she fell straight backward, bounding on top of the bed.

“Wha-What are ye doing, Danna-sama?”

“Just stay put and relax, Kohaku-san. I’ll take care of all this.”

“All this…all this…”

Kohaku muttered, savoring every word.

Gradually her face became more and more red. She seemed to understand what he meant by “all this”.

“Please wait, Danna-sama. We cannot, not here. Listen to the plea of a maiden—-”



“Please hold down Kohaku-san.”

Taiyou asked Akiha, who had come in with them.

“Alright, you want it to feel like a rape simulation, right?”

“That wouldn’t be bad, but…I’m thinking something better.”

“Like what?”

Taiyou questioned her rather than jump to any conclusion.

Akiha and Ruri looked at each other.

“Ah, that. I got it.”

Akiha made an elated expression. She got on the bed, approaching Kohaku.

“W-What are ye doing, ja?”

“It’s fine, it won’t hurt. It’ll all be over shortly.”

“That’s 100% guaranteed to make me anxious, ja—-”

“Heave ho!”

Akiha prodded Kohaku with her second finger joint above the solar plexus and between her breasts; a somewhat solid bone area.


Momentarily surprised, Kohaku stopped moving.

There was an astonished expression on her face, and she moved her eyes around and around.

“What the heck was that?”

“Something Master taught me. How’d ya like that one, Master?”

“80 points…fairly decent.”

“Tch, I thought I had it perfect. You’re so savage, Master.”

“Because scolding…is how you grow.”

“Nothing wrong with complimenting me though. C’mon, you know you want to.”

“Complimenting…is Darling’s job.”


“Because I’m happy when…Darling compliments me.”

“Oh, okay then. Yep yep, you’re right. So Taiyou, please gimme a compliment—-”

Akiha posed as if to say “hey c’mon!”, and Taiyou watched her.

He decided to show her not through words, but through actions.

He kissed her. It was a light smooch.

And with that, Akiha had a happy expression on her face.

“D-Don’t think you can just gloss over it by doing this. I’m not such a cheap woman, okay?”

She was clearly happy, but denied that with her mouth.

“Alright, I’ll show you a real good time later then.”

“You’ve said it now, I’ll remember that.”


Taiyou nodded. That only made Akiha even more happy.

And then he turned back to the immobile Kohaku.


“Stop it, Danna-sama. Ye cannot use such underhanded methods. Lewdness should not be taken so far, ja.”

“It’s fine, I don’t care.”

“But I do, ja. Hauah!”

“Kneesocks, dress, negligee. And under there is…oh, nothing.”

He stripped off everything Kohaku was wearing one by one.

Because he had forcibly taken off the battle-torn clothes, they had effectively become rags.

Taiyou put them all under the bed before taking Kohaku’s thin arm, touching it lovingly to his cheeks.

“Thank you so much. It’s because of you that everything went well. If it were just me I would have been defeated by Ruri fairly quickly and it would have ended there, I think.”


“Is your body doing okay? Your heart? It really seemed to be eating into your mental state and you really had me going there. I constantly wondered if you were alright, and every time you got back up I was less sure.”

“…It be fine, ja.”

Kohaku said in a soft voice.

“Is that so? I’m glad.”

He nuzzled her, lightly kissing her on the lips.

The immobile Kohaku still somehow managed to twitch. And Taiyou’s body and heart twitched in response.

Taiyou sunk his lips in deeper, bathing the loli baba’s body in a torrent of kisses.

Her body continued shaking, but she could not escape. Kohaku was like a fish on the chopping board.



Akiha and Ruri looked at each other.

They got on the bed too, sitting next to Taiyou.

Quietly, and gracefully.

Obedient and chaste, like true wives, they went straight for Taiyou’s clothing to pull it off.

Taiyou, who was busy going for Kohaku, simply let the two of them do it like it was nothing.

While kissing Kohaku, he let his clothing be stripped off.

It was like what a king or noble might do.

No one told the wives to do that, and no one told Taiyou to accept it.

No one in the room thought anything strange of it.

That was just how their household worked.

That was just the kind of relationship they had.

That was just the kind of night that they were having.



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