Chapter 404: Dark, Bright Night


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The four of them snuggled together naked on the king size bed.

The scene was reminiscent of moonlight seeping down into the bottom of water, and they all snuggled, feeling each other’s warmth.

“I wonder if they’ll do a good enough job on the clothing.”

“Oh? Ye seem quite worried today, Danna-sama.”

“Yeah, but making clothing for a fairy that can’t even normally be touched is bound to make you worry.”

“But I haven’t been worried at all, matey. I only be having fun right now, ja.”

“I feel…the same.”

Ruri opened her mouth. Taiyou thought it secretly amusing that Ruri spoke with her usual way of speaking, but seemed to be fitting in quite well as she spoke.

“The triplets will be making it, after all…so it’s fine.”

“Really now.”

Taiyou’s eyes opened wide, his head tilting to the side.

It was one thing to chime in with Kohaku, but her reasoning was quite fascinating.

“Were you always that close with her?”

“We’ve known each other…for a while, you know?”

“I know that.”

“They’re the best people…out of all of us.”

“Is that supposed to be a compliment?”

“And their…food is tasty.”

“Is that all you care about!?”

Taiyou raised his voice.

The mismatched sisters were good enough to be called housewives with how they were taking on all the household chores by themselves. This of course included cooking, which was what Ruri was referring to.

“Their fried rice…was tasty.”

“True, it appears plain at first glance but it actually shows how advanced they are.”

“Their foie gras saute was…so good.”

“Yeah, they’ve been using good ingredients as of late.”

“Somen…was the most delicious.”

“Somen!? The best?”

Taiyou asked, surprised.

He had known since meeting her that Ruri was an eccentric young person, but her remark just now was still astonishing.

“Ohhh, I know that one. Right, you weren’t there that day. They made somen.”

Akiha had now joined the conversation.

“They made it?”


“Wait, when you said they made it, you don’t mean…”

“I think they made it because you weren’t here.”

“Are you serious…”

Taiyou was at a loss for words. Akiha added further.

“At first I felt like roaring with laughter, but you wouldn’t believe how smooth the noodles were.”

“It’s because they’re so smooth that they be so uniform in how thin they are.”

“I had always thought that they only became that way when people started using machines to make them.”

“I get that.”

“Their dipping sauce…was good.”

“Ahh, and they make their own bonito flakes too, I think.”

“You serious!?”

Taiyou exclaimed. It had been surprise after surprise so far.

“For how cute their faces be, they really like to make people eat, ja. They probably be the most talented out of all of us, ja.”

“I think it’s a little unfair. Cause they can just split studying between the three of them and share what they learned. So they can always grow three times that of a normal person in anything.”

“It be their innate ability…truly worthy of being called geniuses, ja.”

“But…I think it’s difficult for them.”

Ruri said softly.

“Difficult? How so?”

“Their feelings are also three times stronger…so the amount of time spent away from Darling is three times more difficult to endure.”

“Ahh, okay I get it.”

“Aye, that would certainly be difficult, ja. Those flames that consume the body are three times the intensity. One wrong move and it be enough to madden anyone, ja.”

“When you think about it that way, they really have it together, huh. They were the very first to become Taiyou’s, but is it just me, or do they have the least amount of time spent together with him?

“They be experiencing what wives do when their husband go off to sea.”
Fiery and outspoken.

Kohaku, Akiha, and Ruri were saying various things about the three sisters who were not there, recounting many episodes.

But the one thing they shared in common was that all of them had respect for the three sisters.

The freewheeling Akiha, the aloof Ruri, and Kohaku, the eldest of them all by far.

The three sisters were all different in their personalities and their growth, but they all received the same amount of respect.

Taiyou thought that was interesting. He felt a slow surge of emotion in his chest.

“Wow, she really is amazing.”

“Yeah, so I think it’ll be fine to just leave it to them. I think the result will be great.”

“I’m very excited…to see what it is.”

“You wanna try guessing? I think they’ll come up with a goth lolita outfit.”

“Like how I was…back then?”

“Yeah yeah yeah yeah, just like that, but more over the top, I think? You know, like how that girl is miniature size, but has quite the rack to make up for it.”

“Aye, she might even have more than I do.”

“Yeah, your size is size zero after all.”

“How rude! I’ll have you know I just be nice ‘n chiseled out, ja.”

“That’s the first time…that I heard someone being arrogant about that.”

“Ahahaha. And so since she has boobs, I think they’ll make it so that it emphasizes her chest.”

“How so?”

“Mmm, like opening the chest area and putting a corsage of roses in the center.”

“Well then.”

Taiyou replied halfheartedly.

“Huh? Maybe I’m not explaining it right? Look, you’d enjoy seeing pretty roses if they were near you, right? And so you’d also see her cleavage.”

Akiha explained.

“No, I think I got that, but…this is Hera we’re talking about.”

Taiyou said, not really feeling what she was saying.

She wasn’t like that for him. He didn’t enjoy looking at her chest.

“Hm, this be a serious injury, ja. Alright Danna-sama, ye must go on a date tomorrow, ja.”

“What? Where’d you get that idea?”

“Ye must go too Akiba. Until ye get horny by looking at figures, we shall go around and about and train ye up, ja.”

“Do you really want me to be that kind of man? Eh!?”

Taiyou quipped in a shrill voice.

Pillow talk just became so fun this time around.



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