Chapter 405: Cosplay?


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In the midst of his slumber, someone shook his shoulders to wake him up.

They were soft, warm hands accompanied by a gentle voice.

“…Suzune, huh.”

“Yes, good morning, Taiyou-san.”

He slowly got up. He could see the three sisters in uniform, sitting in a seiza posture on the bed.

They all had a calm atmosphere. But Taiyou already knew that it wasn’t because of the morning.


She gave a small shriek. He pulled his hand back, the small body falling securely into his arms.

“You’re warm.”

“Because it’s morning.”

“You’re soft.”

“Because I’m a girl.”

“…You smell good.”

“T-That’s because I took a shower.”

That was all it took to make Suzune stammer. Taiyou stifled a laugh, thinking of how she might have been secretly expecting this.

Well, he could start something else right now, but he decided not to.

There wasn’t a particular reason. He just decided not to.

He nuzzled her cheeks, then let go of her. That was all it took to fill Suzune’s face with a smile, which actually made him feel turned on.

“We’re done with the uniform.”

“Okay, and where’s everyone else?”

“They’ve changed too and they’re waiting outside. It’s a different location than usual, so I was thinking we should all go to school together.”


Taiyou nodded. It was true that this place was neither the condo they had lived in nor the apartment Kohaku had given them, or even the temporary condo that Youran had prepared for them.

It was a hotel-like place where they had stayed the night only once before.

It was probably best that they all stay there in order to go to school.

“Ah, he’s awake he’s awake!”

“Morning, Natsuno-kun.”

Aoba and Akiha opened the door, entering the room together.

The usual half-upswept hairstyle and the usual ponytail.

Even in uniform, you could probably tell the two of them apart by just looking at their silhouettes.

“C’mon c’mon, get up quickly. Breakfast has been ready, y’know? Aoba and I made it this time, so you better try it.”

“Wow, that’s rare. I’m amazed they let you do it.”

“They were at it all night, so I stepped in and proposed we do it.”


Getting off the bed, he took Aoba’s hand and gripped it a bit tightly. It was as if he were massaging it.

Aoba also used her strength to grip his hand back.

Just a bit of skinship, but Aoba already had a smile on her face.

Suzune, Aoba, Akiha. They supported him as he changed into his uniform.

Akiha also firmly set his hair. When he was by himself, he had just used his hands to brush his hair, but now someone did it for him.

It tickled at first, but when Akiha insisted on touching his hair, he just let it be.

If Taiyou had the time he’d want to touch their hair too. He was the same way.

So he no longer said anything, simply letting them do as they pleased.

Aoba wiped his face with a towel that she brought, and lastly, Suzune being the model wife that she was, organized his collar and necktie, and his morning apparel was finished.

“Master…oh, everything’s done.”

“Aye, he be rocking the style of a true man today, as always. Good sense, Danna-sama.”

This time Kohaku and Youran entered.

The loli baba, and the ruler of the city of a million. They were also wearing the same uniform.

“Morning. You’re going to school today too, eh Youran?”

“Yes, I have a small errand. Ah, don’t worry, I’m not going to inconvenience you or anything.”

“How disappointing.”

“Playing around with your words again, I see.”

“Ye don’t see the fun in that? I truly pity yer personality, ja.”

“Well, to each their own.”


He heard a voice come through the door that Kohaku and Youran had left wide open.

When he looked back, Taiyou gaped at what he saw.

A butterfly-winged fairy. She had been wearing a grass-colored dress until yesterday, but now it was a uniform!

Suzune, Kohaku, Aoba, Youran, Akiha.

The same as them, Hera was wearing the academy uniform. Other than how it was a miniature version, the fabric was completely the same.

“What’s…up with that?”

“Heeheeheee, does it look good on me? Well does it?”

“No, this has nothing to do with whether it looks good…”

Taiyou said with his eyes wide open. He then looked at Suzune.

Suzune made an expression that was both calm yet elated at the same time.

“We made it.”

“But why a uniform?”

“I ordered it, indeed. I said I wanted the same clothing as everyone else, so they came up with many ideas, and a uniform was one of them so I chose it and BAM! It was made for me.”


“How is it, how is it? Does it look good on me, Taiyou-chan?”


Taiyou no longer knew what to say.

He hesitated, instead just staring fixedly at Hera.

There was the fact that she had wings, and that she was a miniature size of 30 centimeters. Ignoring how she could be obnoxious at times, Hera was a perfect beauty.

Blond, long hair, fantastical facial features.

That kind of girl would already be perfect in anything she wore.

So of course a school uniform would work.

“How is it?”

“W-Well…I’d say it’s cute, yeah.”

Unlike his brides, Taiyou answered with a slightly red face as he looked away.

“Yaaay, Taiyou-chan complimented me!”

“Good for you, Hera-chan.”

“Yeah! Now Sakura-chan should be fine too. Since I was fine.”


Taiyou asked, puzzled. Why would Sakura’s name come up right now? But he soon understood why.

The door through which everyone had entered. Kotone and Kazane pushed Sakura through it.

And lo and behold, she also had a uniform on.



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