Chapter 406: Uniform and Dress


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Taiyou was so surprised that he found himself addressing her more respectfully than usual.

That was how surprising Sakura’s outfit was.

There was nothing odd about the clothing. It was the same uniform as everyone else.

The size was normal, and as long as you ignored how it looked like the breast area was about to burst at the seams, it was probably more normal than Hera.

But Taiyou still gaped.

“R-Right, I shouldn’t, huh? Someone of my age wearing a uniform,, just makes it look like I’m cosplaying.”

Sakura said, moving to flee from the room.

But as if anticipating this, Kohaku swerved around her.

“Kukuku, talking about yer age in front of one such as I? What an impudent lass.”


Sakura lost her words. It was true that discussing her age around an eighty-something year old like Kohaku was bound to lose its weight.

“T-That’s because you look young.”

“So unbalanced in two ways. After all, this be clothing for high schoolers, ja.”


Sakura’s eyes filled with tears as she realized she couldn’t win.

Then she looked at Taiyou. Her eyes were begging for help.

Then Taiyou gasped. He realized that they had forced her to wear those clothes.

Hence his next statement.

“You look beautiful, Sakura-san.”


“It looks good on you. How should I say it…you look dignified, like a student council president or something.”

“We agree.”

“We already told her that, though…”

“She wouldn’t believe us.”

The chorus of souls, the mismatched sisters all spoke.

“But just think about my actual age—-”

“I mean, some people would see it as cosplay, but you’re fine the way you are, Sakura-san. Actually, why do I feel that way?”

Taiyou pinched his chin, gazing at Sakura as if evaluating her.

“Umm…But I still…”

Sakura fidgeted—-for the first time since meeting each other as she asked him a question.

“Is my makeup…too excessive?”

“Excessive? No, not in the slightest.”

“Are you…sure?”

“Yeah, you feel like a senpai I’d aspire toward.”


Sakura’s face reddened. She stared at Taiyou, slightly out of it.

Taiyou stared right back, and for a bit, neither of them said anything.

“Alright Danna-sama, time to knock ‘er down, ja.”

“The two of you are sakura-colored right now!”

Sakura just became more embarrassed as a result of the comments from the peanut gallery, averting her eyes.

“C’mon, you guys…”

While a bit exasperated, Taiyou was inwardly thankful. If left to it, he might have actually knocked her down.

That was just how well Sakura’s clothing fit her, and she looked cute.

A round in the morning—that might not be so bad.

But this was a rare opportunity.

“Sakura-san, today…uhh, do you have time this morning?”

“Eh? Yes, I don’t really have much to do.”

“Then let’s go to school together.”


“And everyone else too.”

As he said that, everyone else besides Sakura said “Okay”.

“T-To school?”

“Yes, we’re all in uniform for once, so let’s all go.”

“B-But…being seen by anyone else—-it’s embarrassing.”

She said in a fading voice.

That made her look so cute. He began getting aroused again but resisted the temptation.

“It’s embarrassing, is it? But I want to show you off.”

“Show me off?”


Taiyou nodded.

“I want to show you off to them and brag that my Sakura-san is this pretty and cute. I’ll prove it to all the fellows.”

Sakura’s eyes widened in surprise.

She stared fixedly at Taiyou, as if trying to detect the truth.

Taiyou stared right back.

There wasn’t a single lie in what he had said. Everything was true.

He wanted to show her off. Sure, it was partially that childish desire to show off a toy, but in the end he wanted to brag about her.

Taiyou stuck his chest out, staring at Sakura.

After a while, Sakura nodded timidly.

“I understand. I will accompany you.”

“Thank you.”

He said, kissing her to thank her.

Then he lifted his face up, looking around.

All the beautiful women around him were in their uniforms. Taiyou looked at them before asking a question.

“Where’s Ruri?”

“I am…right here.”


Suddenly there was a voice behind him, astonishing him enough to make his heart stop.

It was Ruri’s voice, and she was definitely not there just a moment ago, hence the deathly surprise.

Quickly turning behind him, he saw her.

It was Ruri as her usual self, the sunlight beaming down on her back. This was his femme fatale, who had ethereal beauty.

“What…are you doing?”

“Pretending to be Ma Dai…Hera-chan taught me how.”

“Don’t teach her useless things like that! And that’s not even what I’m trying to ask!”

After quipping magnificently, Taiyou gestured as if moving something to the side.

“Why aren’t you in a uniform?”

Taiyou asked.

Indeed, Ruri was in a white dress, the only one without a uniform for some reason.

Sakura had a little resentment in her eyes as she looked at Ruri.



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