Chapter 410: Afterschool Dream Club


Translator: Reflet
Editor: ryunakama

After tying the ribbon, Taiyou explained the gist of what was happening.

“Is that what it was! I totally thought you were trying to Fuddle me.” (*TL: Fuddle is a confusion move in Dragon Quest)

“First time I ever heard someone use that as a verb. Anyhow, you know what that means, right?”

“There’s no way I could get that.”

Hera said proudly.

“No getting proud about that, don’t you dare.”

“But I never expected that I would get such a marvelous thing made for me. Not like I could ever think about changing my clothes before.”


“I’ll get you up to speed on this.”

Sakura said.

“As long as she has that fabric on her, she can go through walls and is still invisible to everyone else. But if it comes off of her it will be visible and can no longer do such things.”

“Truly convenient.”

“Am I a convenient woman?”

“The meaning is a bit different when you put it that way. That was on purpose anyway, wasn’t it?”

“Whaaat, no way.”

“Liar. Your eyes are sparkling way more than usual.”

When he pointed it out, Hera whistled on purpose, as if it weren’t obvious enough.

“Plus it’s great that it’s convenient and all, but it’s a bit creepy like this.”

“Perhaps there’s a better way to go about this.”


He thought quietly about Sakura’s suggestion.

“Can I count on you?”


“Then please do find a better way.”

“I will take over this mission, then.”

Sakura nodded, and he kissed her to thank her.

“Oh deary, iforgottoturnthegasstopcockoff.”

Hera said an unnecessary line before going back through the wall out of the room.

“The heck was that third-rate quote from?”

“I’m sure she was thinking of you when she said that.”

“I’m sure she was, but—-”

Taiyou slightly grimaced. The next moment, the bell rang.

It was the bell notifying them that break time was ending.

“—-Well that was basically pointless.”

“Are you going to return to class?”


Taiyou stood up, contemplating.

“What will you be doing?”

“I’ll be getting to work.”

Sakura stood up too.

That moment, the atmosphere shifted.
The somewhat comical attitude she had since this morning was completely gone now, replaced once again with the stiff air of a talented woman.

“There’s something I was about to work on. Plus there are now more things to do.”

“Okay. What about nighttime?”

“I can’t return at night—-however, I will briefly come back in the evening.”

“Evening? Why?”

“With you.”

Sakura smiled bewitchingly. It felt like it could steal his soul.

“Walk home with me. I’ll still be wearing this.”

Taiyou was taken aback.

He nodded, looking at Sakura.

“Yeah, with everyone.”

“Yes, everyone.”

They both promised, and then went their separate ways.

In the evening, Sakura came back to the school as promised.

The same members as in the morning. Taiyou and his seven brides as well as the uniformed fairy. They all left for home together.

They gathered even more attention than in the morning. On one hand, there were boys and girls sending jealous or grudging looks their way, while on the other hand, there were also those taking pictures and feasting their eyes on the sight for some reason.

“So how was club today, lassies?”

Kohaku asked the three sisters.

“It was fine.”

“When we discussed it with the leader…”

“…He understood what was going on.”

“What about you, Kohaku-san? You made a new club, didn’t cha?”

“New club?”

This was the first time Taiyou had heard this.

“It be the club that has me elite guards, ja.”

“Ah, the Kohaku-tan Elite Guards.”

“What? I never heard about this.”

Akiha got super interested. Taiyou explained to her what it was.

“But that’s super fantastic!”

“Is it, now.”

Taiyou grimaced. He couldn’t quite agree with her.

“It’s just fantastic. Wait, ohhh…”

Akiha put her hands behind her back, thinking.


“Just thinking maybe I should make something.”


“Well don’t Youran and Sakura have a bunch of lackeys?”

“Used to have retainers and right-hand men, too.”

“I even have a secretary.”

“Even more fantastic!”

Akiha’s eyes glittered.

“But wow, elite guards. I think I should make a group similar to that, where I’m the top and all.”

“For what purpose?”

Her best friend Aoba questioned her.

“Never thought I’d see the day when Akiha talked about making a group. Didn’t you say similar stupid things back in the day?”

“Never did, no. I did say something about it being boring, though.”

“That be the same thing, ja. Why did ye change yer mind, then?”

“Mmm, well, how should I say this…ah, a subsidiary.”

“Subsidiary? What do you mean, Akiha?”

Aoba asked her. To the side, Youran and Kohaku exchanged glances.

“I think I know what she means.”

“Aye, that be the path I went quite a while ago, ja.”

“Ah, so I was right about that.”

“The term changed a bit, though. The way I phrased it was ‘I offer everything to ye’.”

“Yeah yeah, a bit different but that’s essentially what I meant.”

Kohaku, Youran, and Akiha all nodded at each other.

A moment later, Sakura nodded, understanding what they were discussing.

On the other hand, the three sisters and Aoba couldn’t comprehend it one bit.

Ruri was staring absentmindedly.

Akiha took one step ahead of everyone, turning back to face them.

She spread her arms out in front of them, as if presenting something.

“In other words, we’re all going to be the heads of our own groups, all us girls.”

She pointed at all the girls in order.

“Subsidiary, subsidiary, subsidiary, subsidiary, subsidiary, subsidiary, subsidiary.”

Then after the seven, she pointed at Taiyou.

“The head of the parent company.”

And with that, the three sisters and Aoba both finally understood what was going on.

Ruri took the katana out from under her skirt.



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