Chapter 412: Game Prize


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They were seated on the second floor of a fast food place, choosing the back area where they clustered tables together.

Even without Akiha and Ruri, they were still a large family.

“I always wanted to do this, ja.”

“By this, do you mean dumping the fries onto the tray?”

“Aye, it feels much like something students would do, ja. Fantastic.”

“I see.”

“I also want to have a snack party opener, ja.”

“Party opener?”

Youran cocked her head. She had quite a bit of knowledge, but didn’t seem to know that.

“Rather than opening the bag from the top, you open it from the center.”

“Like this.”

Sakura casually brought out her phone in front of Youran to show her the image she had searched up.

“Wow, you want to try this, huh?”

“The way she has the fries laid out here has a similar nuance to what you are looking at, Shingetsu-sama. Perhaps it would be easier to think of it as similar to the continental style.”

“…Ah, so it’s the fun of being able to reach out and grab whatever you want.”

Youran said after thinking a bit.

Taiyou, the three sisters, and Aoba often brought new things to light that Youran wasn’t familiar with.

“Yeah, this might be fun.”

“Kukuku, this be only the beginning, ja.”

“What do you mean?”

“If Kohaku-san is laughing like that, then it can only mean one thing…”

“””Yup, only one thing.”””

Aoba and the three sisters nodded at each other.

Youran and Sakura both cocked their heads at them.

“What’s that ‘thing’?”

“Is it something you’ve done before?”

“Not quite. Also, Kohaku-san.”

Taiyou stared at Kohaku with exasperation.

“Please don’t tell me you’re going to do that here of all places.”

“Ye have good intuition, Danna-sama.”

“Are you serious…”

“So what is the thing you’re talking about?”

“Pocky game.”

She told Youran the answer.


“Pocky game. Two people eat one long, thin thing from either side, and the first one to move their mouth away loses.”

“Hm? That qualifies as a game?”

“…It’s very understandable why you don’t get it, Shingetsu-sama.”

Sakura said with a serious face. She had understood what the game entailed.

“Why’s that?”

“”It’s probably because…This is a game in which men and women participate in. That is why such rules can exist.”

“…Oh, it’s like a chicken race between people who wouldn’t normally kiss.”


Sakura said, and they looked at Taiyou.

“Well yeah, that’s what it is.”

“I understand the rules, but, this still cannot be a game. After all…”

Sakura picked up a fry and fed it to Taiyou.

She then began eating it from her end and was suddenly finished with it, smooching Taiyou.

“Just like this, you can tell that kissing is perfectly natural among us. As you can see from Kohaku’s reaction, she wants to do this, otherwise she would not have brought it up. So it is impossible for it to be established as a game among us—-”

“So hardheaded, ja.”

Kohaku cut through Sakura mid-speech.

“If anything, getting closer may allow us to understand the reason why people move away at the last moment.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“In other words—-”

Kohaku fed Taiyou a fry, kissing him from the opposite end.

“It be an excuse to kiss, ja.”

“Oho, so it’s one of those things that’s too embarrassing to say out loud!”

Hera exclaimed.

“…How rude of me. I was too absorbed in understanding the rules.”

“No, there’s no need to apologize.”

Youran said. She was gazing earnestly at the fry.

“And what does that mean, Shingetsu-sama?”

“It means this.”

Youran gripped a fry, feeding it to Sakura and putting her own mouth on the other end.

Youran and Sakura were now participating in their own pocky game.

Sakura was surprised at how sudden this was, but Youran still continued eating at the fry.

Right before their lips stuck together, Sakura wrenched her face away.

In terms of the rules, this was Youran’s win.

“W-W-What are you doing, Shingetsu-sama!?”

“This counts as my win, right?”

Ignoring Sakura’s objection, Youran confirmed with the other girls.

“Aye, this be ye victory, matey.”

“Hey, how about we do this all together. It could be a tournament or whatever, but the point is that we have winners and losers. And then only the one who’s won can kiss Master.”

“…I see, that sounds interesting.”


Kotone interjected.

“The two of you were avoiding the kiss, but the three of us don’t have that need.”

“Yeah, me, Koto-chan, and Kaza-chan.”

“Even if we kissed, it would just feel as if our lower lips were touching our upper lips.”

The three sisters said.

Different body, same mind. They shared one soul, so a kiss would feel no different then closing their mouths.

There really was no need for them to back away from that.

“Then let’s try this.”

Hera proposed.

“Simply create a forward step-out rule. If you make the mistake of kissing someone then you lose. That will motivate everyone to pull back.”

“Wasn’t it that the ones who don’t pull back win?”

“That part bugs me a little, ja…We can try both options and test if they function as rules, ja.”

And thus, the rules were decided upon.

Taiyou, the prize of this contest, had said almost nothing.

He picked up one fry and tossed it in his mouth.

Without further ado, the pocky game had begun among the wives. Taiyou couldn’t complain, since it was quite erotic.

The prize man simply watched in silence.


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