Chapter 414: Sakura The Victor


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Editor: ryunakama

“Is something the matter?”


Taiyou let out a moan.

Looking at the source of the voice, he found Sakura looking over at him with a mystified expression.

“W-What’s the matter?”

“Oh, I just wanted to say that I won the game—-but what’s the matter?”

“N-Nothing’s the matter.”

“What were you two talking about?”

Sakura asked Hera.

“I said that I belong to Taiyou-chan.”

Hera said calmly. Sakura made a pensive expression.

“It hasn’t been very long that I’ve been able to see you, so my knowledge is lacking in this regard, but you’ve said that phrase before, right?”

“Yes indeed! I’ve been saying it ever since I met Taiyou-chan.”

“And what exactly is the issue here?”

This time she asked Taiyou.

He couldn’t answer. There was no way for him to.

He himself didn’t even know why that was the case, so there was no way he could answer.

So he had no choice but to gloss over it.

“W-Wow, so you actually won, huh?”


He pulled Sakura’s hand in order to get her standing up, then took her straight to the unoccupied bathroom.

“What are—-”

Sakura began puzzledly, but he cut her off with a kiss.

A fierce kiss.

A kiss rich enough to cause the water in the room to reverberate.

They confronted each other in an embrace as they kissed countless times, absorbed only in that one activity.

Even Taiyou was finding it difficult to breathe.

Sakura leaned on Taiyou, who was sitting on the toilet seat, sinking into him.

Their rough breathing continued briefly.


Sakura suddenly opened her mouth quietly.

“Now I feel happy that I competed. Competing on equal terms with everyone, I won and got to come here. Somehow I feel even happier.”

Sakura softly spoke in his chest.

She spoke straight from the heart, with nothing disguising her true feelings.

Taiyou could sense her feelings of gratitude.

He felt a pain in his chest.

He began to feel ashamed for bringing her into the small room just to evade questioning.


“Thank you so much.”

Sakura had cut Taiyou off. Was it on purpose, or purely coincidental?

He could feel Sakura’s breath on his chest, which only made him feel more and more apologetic.



“Please don’t think of me as…a vulgar woman.”

Sakura began, lifting her head up and staring right at Taiyou.

“Can we do it…one more time?”

“Eh, one more time?”

“K-Kiss…umm, this isn’t exactly part of the deal with the contest anymore, so I do feel a bit sorry for everyone, but, but…”

Sakura pleaded.

As Taiyou saw her bashful appearance, her feelings began to invade Taiyou’s chest, oozing into him.

“…Let’s move somewhere else.”


“You really want to do it, so we’d better do it in the proper location.”


“It’s fine.”

Both hands on Sakura’s shoulders, Taiyou left the bathroom. They startled a salaryman who had been waiting his turn, but they did not care.

Returning to where everyone was, Taiyou decided to make an announcement.

“Everyone, feel free to go home. I’ll spend the day with Sakura-san.”

“Aye, I understand, ja.”

“Welp, I expected this more or less.”

“Aoba, you can go back ahead of me too. I asked Master to help train me before returning.”

No one present objected or made a sour face at Taiyou’s announcement.

They all began moving out at their own pace, leaving Taiyou and Sakura behind, and the next moment they were all out of the fast food place.

Watching them leave, Taiyou was nonchalant, but Sakura was slightly surprised.

“Now then, where shall we go?”

He asked Sakura.

“We can go anywhere you’d like.”

He whispered to her. Those passionate words made her even more red-faced.

“I-In that case…”

Like a girl in love, Sakura timidly lays out her request.

On the bed, cuddling Sakura, Taiyou stared at the pitch-black ceiling.

It was quiet enough to cause ringing in one’s ears, but there was a storm raging within him.

He had made love with Sakura after that event.

Smashing every ounce of his love into her, he had extracted whatever reservation was still hiding inside her.

As a result, Sakura was thoroughly exhausted, falling asleep.

There was no hesitation in the exchange of their feelings.

This was what Taiyou was like now.

“What was that all about?”

He remembered what had happened with Hera.

Why had he been so flustered?

He had heard Hera say that phrase numerous times up until now.

Taiyou worried himself over it, desperately thinking of an answer.

But he didn’t know. No matter how much he thought about it, his thought process had entered a blind alley with no answer in sight.


Sakura called out to him. She had apparently woken up.


“Is it really all right for you to be up like this?”

“Sorry if I woke you up.”

“No, I’m just wondering if your body is holding up alright.”

“Oh, no worries about that. Now that we’re both up, wanna talk a bit?”

Taiyou proposed.

If thinking about it would not bring forth an answer, there was always the option of distracting himself with pillow talk.

Sakura slightly nodded.

“She really likes you, doesn’t she.”

“Hm? Who do you mean? Doesn’t everyone—-”

“I’m talking about Hera.”

Sakura’s words silenced Taiyou.


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