Chapter 415: Things You Just Don’t Know


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“I can tell just by looking, she really likes you.”


Taiyou asked, barely concealing the shaking in his voice, much to his relief.

“Yes, I think so. Or to change the nuance a bit, perhaps you are very important to her.”


“Yes, important.”

Taiyou was relieved to hear that.

“What do you think of her?”

“…Who knows?”

“Didn’t expect that.”

She snuggled on top of Taiyou, staring at him.

“What did you expect?”

“I didn’t know how you would respond, but I expected something more concrete, not this iridescent answer.”

“Huh, so that’s the kind of guy I am.”

“More like that’s what you became like. You weren’t like that at all when we first met.”

“When we first met…”

His memory resurged the events of that day when he had faced off against Sakura, fighting for the three sisters.

He had barely gotten his power at the time, which was in a weak state. Taiyou also didn’t have anyone to protect at the time.

“The same as that?”


“Honestly, I might have liked you from the very beginning.”

“…Are you trying to lead the conversation somewhere else?”


“You’ve said that before.”

“What, so I can’t say it anymore? But I really want to keep saying that I love you.”

“But there is a time and place for that. Plus I just realized something.”


Sakura had a meek expression on her face, to which Taiyou opened his eyes wide and questioned her.

“Whenever you’re confused, you tend to develop a sexual urge.”


Taiyou narrowed his eyebrows for multiple reasons.

He knew what Sakura was hinting at, their bodies still touching.

Taiyou had not been able to hide his confusion.



He answered softly. Sakura interjected to show she was paying attention.

“I always feel weird to see her.”

“You feel weird?”

“I feel my heart thump, I can’t look directly at her. I overreact to anything she says, etc.”


“Weird, isn’t it? I wonder why.”

“You don’t understand why?”

“…Is it so easy to understand?”


“Then I guess you’re perceptive as always…”

“No, I think all of the women at your side would understand the moment they heard you. That sort of thing.”


Taiyou frowned some more.

All the girls, all 7 brides.

Everyone being able to quickly understand this meant that Taiyou was the only one out of the loop.

Taiyou felt both surprised and a bit hurt.

But he swallowed those emotions, wanting to instead know what she was talking about.

“So what is it?”

“You’re fine with me telling you?”


Taiyou answered promptly. He could meekly bow his head to beg when he wanted answers, unconcerned with the vanity that most humans had.

“Love (koi).”

“Koi? You mean the fish?”

“You don’t have to play dumb, you know.”

She saw through him in an instant.

“Wait, but…love, you’re talking about love?”


“I…love Hera?”

“Based on the situation, I’d say so, yes.”

“No no…that’s just…”

Taiyou found it difficult to accept.

But he was no fool.

There hadn’t been a circuit within him to convey the information, but now that the answer was spelled out for him, Taiyou wasn’t the kind of person to still be oblivious.

He could feel his heart pound at her appearance.

He couldn’t look directly at her.

He overreacted to every little thing she said.

All of these things could be easily explained.

“I love Hera?”

“Have you never loved in your life?”

This would have sounded really weird to anyone who happened to listen in on their conversation.

After all, Sakura was Taiyou’s bride, someone who was in an intimate relationship with him and who would walk with him for life.

It was a bit comical to hear Sakura ask “Have you never loved in your life?”.

But she had a firm grasp on the situation.

It didn’t begin with love for Taiyou.

And it had been that way for nearly all of the women around Taiyou.

Even the first members of the harem, the Hayakawa sisters, were no different.

They confessed to him out of the blue, showing up at the condominium he was in, and then they joined him after he saved them.

The process of falling in love? They had completely skipped that.

It was the same with Kohaku, Aoba, Youran, and Akiha.

Strictly speaking, there was no romantic love between them.

Now, there was plenty of “universal” love to go around. But that was completely different.

The only instance where Taiyou might have experienced such love was…

“Ruri, I guess?”

“I see.”

“But you could probably still argue that it’s not romantic love. I still feel like I was drawn in by some fierce emotion that surpassed how I felt about everyone else. Isn’t that romance? Bittersweet, right? There was nothing like that with Ruri. Yeah, it scorched me a bit, but I was determined to get her.”

Taiyou discussed his feelings. The more he talked about it, the more he realized how many steps he had skipped with all his brides.


Sakura said suddenly.


Taiyou looked at Sakura like she was crazy.

Sakura smiled sweetly, then continued.

“Well that means this is your first love, doesn’t it?”


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