Chapter 416: Flattened By Asa-Chan


Translator: Reflet
Editor: ryunakama

Sakura left the room at daybreak.

She approached Hera, who had been amusing herself by fluttering around in the air.

“Huh? Are you leaving already?”


Sakura nodded. She was dressed in the same uniform as yesterday, but she had a calm air about her that the other girls didn’t have; not even Kohaku.

Hera was pretty sure that Taiyou would like this sort of thing.

“You don’t want to do an Asa-chan with Taiyou? Everyone always does it with him.”

“That does sound tempting.”

Sakura calmly remarked, but did not slow her walking pace.

Hera flew next to her at the same speed.

“But that will have to wait for another time. I have work to attend to, and there’s also something else that takes high priority.”

“What would that be?”

“The building we’ve been discussing.”


Hera clapped her hands.

This plan was being administered by the girls, but Sakura was the one entrusted with the execution.

“You’re so diligent, Sakura-chan.”

“I just wish to see his face light up. It seems that he enjoys seeing the girls…getting along, in the truest sense of the word. So I need to replicate that environment.”

“In the truest sense of the word?”

“I mean that I can’t cut corners.”

Hera stared at her in puzzlement. Her face showed her confusion.

“Which reminds me, there’s something I want to ask you.”

“What is it?”

“Do you like him?”

Sakura asked her directly without any room for confusion.

This sort of approach was rare for her to take.

Likewise, Hera answered directly.

“I indeed do!”

“And is that in a loving way?”

“What do you mean by love?”

“In a sexual way?”

“You mean do I want to have sex with him? No, I don’t.”

Hera answered without much thought.

It sounded like the pure, unfiltered truth.


“Yes indeed.”

“…Is it because your body’s like that?”


Hera looked at her body, goggling it all around to find anything that was strange.

“What about my body?”

“…No, I guess I’m overanalyzing it.”

Sakura shook her head.

Hera’s height was roughly 30 centimeters, about the size of a figure.

Any attempt at sex would be hindered by how small her body was.

At first Sakura assumed that was the reason, but Hera hadn’t even thought about that from her reaction.

“But you say you like him.”

“Yes indeed. I exist only for him.”

She had repeated that numerous times since her birth.

Every time something happened, Hera would mention it.

Her existence was for Taiyou.

Sakura didn’t know that. She had only recently been able to see her.

But that was exactly why she was able to ask Hera her true feelings.

“I see, thank you for your input.”

“Hm? Mhm, indeed, you are very welcome.”

Hera didn’t see what was going on here, but she nodded, sending Sakura off.

She arrived back where Taiyou was sleeping.

The master of the harem of seven beautiful women was sleeping with a childish expression on his face.

Awake, he had a sort of dignity or aura about him, but asleep, there was an innocent, naive feeling he exuded.

“Ahaha, same as always I see, Taiyou-chan.”

Hera looked at him and laughed pleasantly.

Then she hopped on his shoulder.

Lying face down on Taiyou’s shoulders, she propped her chin up with both hands, looking at his sleeping posture.

She did nothing, just looked at him.

Juuust stared fixedly at him.

She dangled her feet around.

She kicked him with the tips of her toes, tapping him.

Taiyou showed no sign of reaction. He was in a deep sleep.


This was fun for her, especially since Taiyou wasn’t reacting.

She flapped her butterfly wings in light strokes, sending a breeze his way.

Taiyou moved around fretfully, snorting and twitching with his eyebrows.


That was fun too. It was fun watching Taiyou’s reaction.

Her fluttering wings entered her field of vision.

One wing was still damaged from the fight with Taiyou when she had been under the control of the sword of blood and soul.

She rubbed it against Taiyou’s skin.

He fidgeted some more.


She called his name with an exaggerated voice.

Taiyou did not wake up. But that was good.

Anything was fine, actually. Anything Taiyou did was fine.

It was fun being with him, observing him.

Hera was currently very satisfied.

She desired nothing, nor was there a need to do so.

She already felt as if everything had been given to her.

“I will sleep with you too.”

She released her elbows and sprawled herself on top of Taiyou’s shoulders.

The next morning she was pinned under Taiyou as he rolled over, making uncomfortable noises.



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