Chapter 418: Evaluation


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“Nothing would happen if we did that.”


“Yes indeed. Ah, do you think other people would see us if we kissed?”

“…Pretty much.”

He lied.

He wasn’t thinking that at all.

Not until she had asked that.

“Unfortunately, that won’t happen.”

“Hm. Shall we try anyway?”

“Sure, why not?”

Hera closed her eyes, puckering up for a kiss.

Taiyou shook his head.

“Never mind.”


Hera opened her eyes.

Taiyou was shocked by how ready Hera had been for the kiss.

To him, kisses were special, hence why he had asked her.

But to Hera, it didn’t seem like she felt the same way.

If Taiyou had known the truth, things might have been different.

Hera in fact had something equivalent to a kiss, and she had experienced it several times up until now.

If Taiyou had known this, things might have been different.

Which was exactly why it was a good thing.

Hera leaned against the side of Taiyou’s head.

She was riding in an air chair, but her back was against his head.

They were touching, transmitting warmth at close range.

“Shall we go back to the classroom?”

“Yes indeed.”

“You seem to be enjoying yourself.”

“Is there a birdhouse you could put around here? That way I could stay in it whenever.”

“Where would you even put it?”

“Uhh…the top of your head?”

“There was a manga with a similar scenario.”

The two of them chatted as they returned to the classroom.

Hera continued to ride on his shoulders.

Break time, afternoon class, after school.

Even after Youran’s escort arrived to take them back to the hotel.

She was still riding on his shoulders.

“Master, change into this.”

“Yeah. Hera, get off for a moment.”

“Yes indeed.”

Hera flew away from Taiyou as he changed into the black security police clothing, but came right back when it was over.

“What’s up with you?”

“It is all the rage, indeed!”

“Riding on his shoulders is all the rage?”

“Yes indeed.”

Hera grinned.

“Together forever. Morning, night, Hera-chan will be right here, indeed.”

“That makes me a little…annoyed. I’d give anything to be by Master’s side without being disturbed.”



“Yeah what’s up?”

Taiyou said coolly.

“Let me do that next time!”

“You mean always be around me?”

“Yeah! Right, just like with the sisters.”

“Ohhh, like when I snuggled with them the whole day? Sure, when you wanna do it?”

Taiyou accepted. He would never reject a wish from his brides.


“But we have school.”

“Then the weekend! At Juuni Island.”

“Juuni Island? Why so far?”

“I want to do it there!”

“Alright, let’s go.”

After promising, Youran got changed as well.

She untied her twintails, changing into a kimono.

The atmosphere had changed in a heartbeat.

Juunishima Shingetsu Youran.

Her whole body was now radiating an amazon-like aura.

“It’s crazy as usual seeing you change like that.”

“To one such as I, it is but a normal thing. Long before I met ye.”

“Hm, yeah, you’re beautiful.”

“Do not lead me astray. I must maintain this form for today.”

“Okay. So what’s the occasion?”

Taiyou asked. He had changed just like she asked and came over here, but in actuality, he didn’t have a clue as to what they were doing.


Youran said with a serious face.

“Just going to see someone.”

All the honored guests at the venue were women.

Some were in a kimono, some in a dress, and some in school uniform.

Various women were there, but they all had one thing in common: all of them were beautiful women of high upbringing.

“A good day to you, Shingetsu-sama.”

“It has been quite a while. Is your grandfather Okyoku healthy as usual?”

“Yes, very much so. He mentioned he would very much like to talk with you if you were able to.”

“Then I shall go and see him, as is expected. I did not think it would surprise you so much. I have always highly esteemed the respect of our forebearers.”

“How rude of me. Then I shall convey that to my grandfather.”

“A good day to you, Shingetsu-sama. I am deeply grateful for the other day.”

“Miss Fujimi, it has been a while. How fares your mother?”

“Thank you very much. Her condition is stable. She is receiving medical treatment at the house.”

“That is wonderful to hear. If anything happens, you may contact me.”

“Shingetsu-sama, please hear this! My company that you contributed to is now ready to go public! This is all thanks to you, Shingetsu-sama! Thank you so much!”

“It happened because of your dedication. I did nothing special.”

The women came in droves to greet Youran.

Taiyou simply stood next to her, acting like a bodyguard.

He could feel himself getting slightly dizzy surrounded by all these well-to-do girls.

“This is great.”

Hera opened her mouth.

“You can select any of them you want from this bunch, right? Good for you, Taiyou-chan.”

That one comment made him even more dizzy.


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