Chapter 419: If There Is An Eighth


Translator: Reflet
Editor: ryunakama

He glared at Hera through his sunglasses, but she wasn’t even looking his way.

She was gazing at all of the ladies at the venue from Taiyou’s shoulder, a hand over her forehead.

“But wow, Yuri-chan has done it again! Cute girls as far as the eye can see.”

Taiyou couldn’t disagree with that.

But that was exactly why he felt uncomfortable.

“Taiyou-chan Taiyou-chan, who do you like the most out of them?”


“Ah, you can’t answer because you’re in the middle of being a bodyguard. Okay, then how about this…”

Hera leaped off his shoulders, stopping in front of a lady wearing a beautiful, feminine pinkish outfit and pointing at her.

She appeared gentle, with a refined, adultlike beauty.

“How about this one?”


“Then maybe that one?”

She pointed at a slightly strong-willed lady next to her.


“Hm hm, could it be this one?”


Taking advantage of her invisibility, Hera flitted around and about, noisily asking him questions.

Even after one lap, Taiyou did not answer.

He wasn’t able to tell her that he liked nor disliked any of them.

He couldn’t answer.

He couldn’t answer which one was the best.


“Don’t tell me…everyone?”


He caught his breath, attempting to play it off, but it was too late.

“Everyone? Oho, I see.”

Hera grinned. Taiyou had truly blundered.

An additional blow came to him when Youran glanced over at him.

“Nothing to worry about. I believe that it is the duty of the powerful to accept everything.”

She said as she walked over to the ladies.

On the surface, she was telling him not to worry about it, but there was clearly a message hidden in her words.

It all started with Akiha’s proposal.

Taiyou’s seven brides make their various groups, becoming the leaders, and indirectly giving ownership to Taiyou.

Youran was currently setting that plan in motion, thinking also of the conversation she had with Kohaku.

Before they had even entered the venue, Youran had told Taiyou this: “You may inform whomever you choose.”

That sounded like she was serious.

After all, she had already offered him Juurokuya.

As a possession, as someone to serve under him.

Youran had already done that once.

So this must be her serious side. Taiyou took it as such.

(Everything, huh…”

Taiyou pondered. Was it really okay to just take everything?

He would accept everything.

Everything he took a liking to, everything he wanted.

Youran was fine with that. In fact, she was encouraging it.

The other brides would probably say the same thing.

The three sisters had strongly desired a harem from the very beginning.

Kohaku had said she would give him her everything.

Aoba, who had three mothers.

Akiha, who had opened her body together with her friend to the same man.

Youran and Sakura, daughters of two different mothers.

Everyone had the qualities of people who allowed and encouraged such behavior.

It made sense for her to say something like that.

But, still…

Taiyou examined his own status, peering at the area between his molars and eyeballs.

The harem value.

65535 (57343)

The numbers had overflown like a bugged interface.

With even more bugging, the numbers that were left represented the negative revision of the seven brides’ ‘idol’.

After subtraction, the harem value was still above 8000.

Compared to the highest value number in Taiyou’s status, this one was 20 times above that one.

In other words, he currently had enough power to easily maintain the current harem.

But if he were to add another bride, the value would plummet.

Probably to zero.

Thinking of all the patterns and rules up till now, it wasn’t difficult to expect that.

But he hesitated.

He had slept together with Juurokuya.

But afterward, the negative points had not increased.

Because Taiyou had made her his, but had not made her his bride.

So there probably wouldn’t be any issue with doing the same to every lady here.



He looked at the fairy.

It was all clear to him now.

What he felt toward her…

It was the same exact thing as all the other brides.

Romantic, or maybe filial, love.

He had wanted to make Hera his, hence his hesitation.

Taiyou desired everything. Even Youran told him to accept everything.

However, the only thing to make Taiyou what he was right now was the ability to level up given to him by Hera, and the status as well.

The moment he did that to hera, the harem value would plummet to zero.

65535 (65535).

He anticipated this occurring.

And so did his brides.

Hence the ‘seven brides’.

In other words, the moment he made her one of his brides, the harem value would likely collapse.

If only he had not realized this. If only he had not been so pressured to make a decision.

Taiyou had come to terms with his feelings.

His relationship with his brides up until now was being put at stake, and Taiyou was the most worried he had been in ages.



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  2. But he hesitated.

    He had slept together with Juurokuya.

    But afterward, the negative points had not increased.

    Because Taiyou had made her his, but had not made her his bride.
    I dont remember this happening, what chapter wa it again?

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