Chapter 42: Peerless Might Begin!


High walls at least several meters high surrounded the facility, Taiyou created a huge hole in the wall and allowed Yurikago to escape to the other side of the woods.

At the research facility —- From here on out, in order to create a big disturbance, Taiyou was standing in a daunting pose whilst blocking the path through the hole. It was all in order to buy time for Yurikago. His face revealed a determined expression and a dignified appearance. With such a determined gazed that filled his eyes with light, he met Kohaku’s eye’s glance by chance.

「You should also get behind me and please hide」

「You don’t have to worry about defending someone like me, in fact, wouldn’t it be better for you if you used me as a shield or as some kind of hostage?」

「If we are talking about using you as a hostage…. Then all the more reason for you to be safe and sound until that time」

「I understand, that also makes sense」

She nods and just like Taiyou told her… or not…. she moved towards his front, and just like that she jumped into his embrace. Because of her low height, with his hands on her waist, it looked as if a little child was clinging on to one’s parents.



「May I ask? What are you doing? 」

「What, it’s not something you need to be concerned about, when the fight starts, I will be sure to part away. Even if I look like this, I’m actually really good at the timing of separating」

「If you at the age of 87 years old, did not have a good discernment, it would be a serious matter! Wait no, what I mean to say is, why are you clinging on to me?」

「I can only answer your question like a mountain climber, will that be alright?」

「I don’t need to hear it! Thing’s like because there is a waist to climb and what not?!」

「That’s a little incorrect, it’s because there is a crotch there—」

「Too much information!」

Taiyou raises his voice and interrupts her statement. At this moment, all that chivalrous light and dignified appearance he had was blown away.

「What kind of reason is that?」

「For a woman to seek out a man, what other greater reason would one need?」

「No no no」

「Aren’t you happy being treated like this?」

Whilst still clinging on to his waist, Kohaku watched his eyes with an upturned glance. Her eyes that were filled with depth over the years, continued to stare at him. Seeing her adorable glance, Taiyou could not help but to avert his eyes.

「Th–that kind of topic, is not something we should be worried about right now, right?」

「Kukuku, for me, now is as good a time as any. By the way, I’m really happy, to be able to stay like this with you」

Kohaku was smiling as she said this. Her smile was such a gentle and beautiful smile, that it makes one forget her young external appearance.

「You are…」


「You’re body temperature is really high, isn’t it? Your body and also your hands. It feels so warm I feel like it could burn my skin. There is a theory that people with warm hands have really cold hearts, but what about you I wonder?」

「Your hands are quite cold though」

Taiyou counter attacks.

「Umu, even though it’s early summer, I am in lightly dressed clothes, that’s why」

Kohaku doesn’t hesitate and immediately gives a response. She pressed her body even closer against him, as if implicitly saying that she wanted to warm her cold body with his. Taiyou heart was beating fast. Feelings that would never be felt if the other party was a genuine little girl started to resurface. He began to remember the hot throbbing feeling he had in his chest and groin area. Although he was on the brink of feeling inclined to take action…….The situation did not give him sufficient time to act any further.

「They’ve arrived」

Kohaku mutters softly, whilst Taiyou immediately nods his head. The voices and the sound of footsteps got louder and louder as people approached from within the research facility. Before long, one person after another appeared from the sides and the front of the building, as they began to surround Taiyou from all sides.

Taiyou had his back towards the wall, and large men in black clothing surrounded him in a semicircle. In the middle of them, there was a man with a handsome face, he was wearing glasses and looked like the intellectual type.

The others seem to be looking towards him and consulting with the man in glasses as if taking orders from him. From an outsider’s point of view, it was obvious that the man in glasses was their leader. The man took one step forward and began to speak.

「My name is Juniishima Kaizen」

The man who introduces himself as Kaizen had an arrogant attitude as if he declaring that he was the best. Having heard this particular name, seemed like these days, he was hearing this name every single day.


At the man who introduced himself as such, Taiyou muttered back. Having let Yurikago escape beforehand was the right decision after all. And once again, he resolved himself to buying enough time for Yurikago to escape completely.

「I am—」

「I already know, you are Natsuno Taiyou, right?」

He was about to follow Kaizen’s example of introducing himself in the most arrogant tone, however, before he could do so, Kaizen had already cut him off.


「And the person behind you, is Asumaya Kohaku, one of the people who is supposed to be cooperating with the research done here」

「Umu, you may call me Kohaku-tan」

Kohaku was saying this in a teasing manner.


Being flustered at Kohaku’s words Kaizen cleared his throat and looked around the vicinity.

「By the way, there was supposed to be another one, the girl where is she? Don’t tell me that she escaped using the hole behind you?」

「What are you talking about?」

「……..I see, I will change my question………Where is Sakura-san right now?」

Hearing Kaizen’s question, Taiyou blanked out momentarily.

He already anticipated various questions that he would be asked, and already prepared answers to them in his head, however, getting asked about the whereabouts of Sakura was completely outside of his assumptions. Why Kaizen would ask about Sakura’s whereabouts was something Taiyou was not completely sure of at this point in time, for now, he was going to play dumb whilst seeing the situation, in order to buy more time.

「Sakura? Who are you talking about?」

「Please don’t pretend to be stupid, I already know that you attacked the Juniishima residence this morning, and that you have kidnapped Sakura. I will ask you one more time, Where is she?」

「The mansion? Sakura? What have you been talking about since a while ago?」

「………Just how far are you going to pretend not to know?」

「Thing’s I don’t know cannot be helped, it’s quite simple」

「Then, I will ask you this. Why did you come into this research facility?」

「Oh, it’s about that?」(Kohaku speaking)

Instead of Taiyou replying, Kohaku who was still clinging to his waist even now began to talk.

「When a man and woman, tries to avoid attention in the middle of the night as their bodies are sticking together… Seeing this, are you so stupid that you don’t understand the meaning behind it?」

「You’re trying to say that, you are having a secret date?」

「Would it be better if I said we were having sex?」


Kaizen’s face turned bright red.

「Kukuku, you so naive aren’t you. Are you a virgin? No looking at that expression, not to mention kissing, I bet that you haven’t even held hands with a girl, right?」

「Ttthat kind of thing is completely irrelevant!」


Although she was laughing, she did not pursue the issue.

Kaizen was desperately trying to regain his composure, and instead of Kohaku, he asked Taiyou a question.

「This is the last time I will ask, where did you hide Sakura-san?」

「I can’t tell you thing’s I don’t know, haven’t I already said this?」

Taiyou answered.

「I understand, in that case, after capturing you two, we will slowly find it out later. In addition, we will make sure to get the other woman who escaped through that hole」

Saying this, Kaizen turned his gaze towards the hole.

「After capturing her. I wonder which of you three will, break down and confess first?」

Saying this, Kaizen raised his hand.

Was that the signal? All his subordinates immediately reacted and moved forwards together.

「Please stand away from me」


Kohaku quickly leaves Taiyou’s embrace and moves behind him. Although there was a little sense of loss, there was no room for him to deeply think about it. Taiyou glared at the men who was approaching. It was exactly like those glares that a sumo wrestler would have before clashing into each other.

With that, he charged into them at full speed alone. The men he ran towards was seemingly experienced in Judo and was attempting to catch Taiyou in those type of grappling movements. Taiyou as if reacting to the other party extended his hands and entangled finger with finger grappling each other.


Along with his war cry, he put power into his hands. His power which was at level 7 was used without restraint, and soon after the sound of cracking knuckles was heard, it was followed by the scream of the men in black.

In the moment they linked hands, Taiyou grasped his opponent with enough force to crush his fingers and bones using his super human power.

「……I can do this」

He grabbed on the legs of the man who was now crouching down in pain whilst gripping his hands, and lifted him straight into the air. Even though the man was built like a pro wrestler, Taiyou easily carried him off the ground as if he was as light as some Styrofoam.

Just like that, he flung the man towards the clumped up group. His opponents could not react to the flying man, and was caught up in the impact as they all fell down noisily.

Even when the men were being all noisy, Taiyou silently approached them.

This was the first time he felt the euphoric sense of battle. It was the primitive euphoric feeling of a man that was exercising violence.

「D–Do it!」

Kaizen was flustered and quickly ordered his men to get up, with his order, the men all flung themselves towards Taiyou.

A fiendish smile floated across his face as he gleefully turned to meet his enemies head on. (Novel Illustration: Kaizen v Taiyou)



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