Chapter 423: The Next Realm


Translator: Reflet
Editor: ryunakama

“Alright…you’re excommunicated.”

“Ehhhh? Wha wha, wait a minute, Master. What’s up with that? I feel some sort of dark aura coming from you.”

“I…will kill you.”

“Wait, Master!?”

Akiha backed away.

Ruri’s aura quickly abated, but you could still tell by looking at her face that she was not happy.

It was at this moment that Akiha knew she had stepped on a land mine.

“Small” meant “small chest”, aka “flat”.

That was a forbidden word to Ruri, who was very disappointed in her chest.

Especially when someone as well-endowed as Akiha said it.

“Sorry, I know it’s weird to say sorry but I’m sorry. Hey, at least let me explain myself.”

Akiha put her hands together, begging.

Then Ruri calmed down a bit.

Her hands slid back down from her katana’s handle.

Akiha was this close to getting herself into a bloodbath.

“I’m actually jealous to be honest—-hey, at least hear what I have to say before you touch that katana!”

“What is there…to be jealous of?”

“The fact you can have whatever breast size you want.”

Akiha said. Ruri’s expression mellowed out slightly.

“Seriously, big or small. We don’t call the shots, right? Taiyou does, right?”


“If Taiyou says he likes ‘em big, then big ones are more valuable. If he says they’re good small, then small ones are more valuable.”


“So what’s important here is that Taiyou doesn’t seem to have a set preference, yeah?”


Ruri gave no reply.

She probably understood that the most out of all the seven brides.

Taiyou’s preferences changed to suit the occasion.

He always loved the woman in front of him the most.

And Ruri was the only one out of the seven that could freely change her bust size.

“From a narrow perspective, big ones might be good sometimes and small ones might be good sometimes, but in the grand scheme of things, aren’t all sizes great?”

“Mhm…all sizes.”

“Right, all sizes.”

Ruri and Akiha repeated the phrase “all sizes”, which had a different nuance with Taiyou’s brides.

“So wouldn’t it be best to be able to have both sizes? And so you can do that, Master. And I’ve learned a lot from you and even mastered what you taught me.”

In other words? Akiha prompted Ruri.

“You want to…learn that as well.”


“Because of…Darling.”

“Yep yep!”

“Only…for Darling.”

“When you put it that way it’s a little embarrassing, but yeah.”

Akiha said, but she didn’t deny it.

In other words, yes it was embarrassing but it wasn’t wrong.

“Alright…I understand.”



“Whaaa, why?”

“Because I cannot…teach you that.”

“No c’mon c’mon, Master, don’t be a cheapskate.”

“No…that’s not it.”

Ruri quietly shook her head.

“I cannot teach you…I do not know how to.”


“I do it…without thinking.”

“Oh, so it’s more instinctive.”

Akiha clapped her hands together in comprehension.

“Japanese really is difficult, eh Master?”

“Mhm…it is.”

“Alright, so I get you don’t know how to teach me it, but is it totally out of the question? Is it impossible for me to learn it?”


Ruri remained silent.

She thought earnestly about it.

“I don’t…know that either.”

“So the possibility isn’t zero.”

“Right…not zero.”

“Then teach me! Even like…sensory information would be totally cool. You can send the idea to me with a “pew” and I’ll be all like “baaam” right back at you. That’s fine, right?”

“Is it fine…with you?”


Akiha nodded firmly.

In contrast, Ruri nodded silently.

And just like that, the fellow brides, or instructor and pupil, began another session of training.

Ruri taught, and Akiha learned.

Before now, Ruri had taught her in a composed manner while Akiha eagerly listened in.

This time around was a bit different.

Ruri attempted to verbalize the nature she had within herself to the best of her ability, and Akiha earnestly did her best to take it in.

Both of them were more heated than usual.

But they still struggled.

This was originally something that Ruri naturally did, which was quite hard to teach anyone. You can teach anyone how to take a deep breath, but there isn’t any way to teach people how to breath. This was the same sort of idea.

But their passion gradually made the process possible.

“Also Master, I see you like to wear kneesocks a lot. Your feet are like suuuper delicate so it does look good on you, but sometimes it’s more erotic to have the kneesocks dig into the skin a bit, yeah?”


Akiha’s statement only accelerated the process.

Akiha worked together with Ruri in order to decode the sensation within her.

Until the time finally came.

“Ooo! They shrank a bit!”

“And mine became…a bit more plump.”

The two of them had simultaneously come across the next realm, stepping in.

Deeper and deeper.

Into the realm of fetishes.



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