Chapter 425: Merging Souls


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Editor: ryunakama

Kohaku looked at each of the sisters’ notebooks in turn.

And then she spoke.

“I see, so ye write it as the symbol for “miracle”, but ye pronounce it as “taiyou-san”…like this. Jana.”

Kohaku took a pen and added a small notation above the symbol to make it easier to understand.

奇跡 (Taiyou-san)

“Like this, jana.”


“I see, well that is not a bad name at all.”


“I agree.”

“If there aren’t any better ones we will probably go with this.”

“The name itself be good, but this still not be enough, ja.”

“”“What, why not!?”””

The sisters let out a bit of a shriek.

“I see no issue with us referring to ye by that name. But who do ye young’uns most want to refer to ye by that name?”


“Who do ye want to say yer names the most, ja?”

The three sisters looked at each other, and then it dawned on them.

It was Taiyou.

“Aye. Imagine Danna-sama whispering yer name into ye ears lovingly.”

Kohaku said, closing her own eyes.

The sisters followed suit, closing their eyes.

Everyone present imagined this at the same time.

Pressing their skin together atop the bed.

Taiyou whispering into their ears—- “taiyousan”.


Everyone present could feel goosebumps.

“Sorry, please forget this happened.”

“We never considered what that would sound like.”

“Cringy…heck no.”

Taking the notebooks back, they crossed out the suggestion with their pens.

“Kukuku. Failure be the privilege of the young. Keep testing things out, lassies.”

Kohaku sucked up some sake.

“Koto-chan, throw this away.”

The biggest girl ripped the page out, handing it to the smallest girl.

She was closest to the wastebasket, throwing it in.


Kohaku cocked her head, staring at the sisters, cup tilted toward her mouth.

“What ye say just now, ja?”

“Eh? We were just throwing this…”

“Nay, before that, ja. What did ye call her just now?”
“Isn’t Kotone supposed to be you, lassie?”




The same reaction, three times. Repeated…but not overlapping.

There was no unison in the usual chorus of souls.

Instead, it was a haphazard set of surprised exclamations.

The sisters looked at the tallest one…Kotone.

Kotone also looked at herself.

“Yeah, I’m Kotone.”

“I’m Kazane…?”

The shortest girl asked in an unsure tone.

It was as if she wasn’t sure who she was.

“What happened.”

Kohaku asked plainly.

Bizarrely enough, the youthful elder was slightly frowning.


Kotone said, her gaze wavering.

Just by looking at them, one could tell they were confused.

The sisters looked at one another again. This time it was as if they were communicating with one another via eye contact.

At length, Kotone stammered out a sentence.

“This has been occurring on an occasional basis as of late.”

“This weird thing?”

“Us not being able to tell which one we are.”

Kotone said with a slightly anxious expression, which mirrored the other two sisters.

“And it’s not memory loss or anything like that. I know who I am, but it’s just less clear.”

“Mm, perhaps ye can explain it so that it be easier to comprehend?”

“Uhh, ah, just talking to myself. We know who we are, but we don’t know who we are…I guess?”

The sisters looked at each other, nodding simultaneously.

Kohaku pondered these words briefly.

At length, she spoke again, this time with a serious expression.

“It be quite complex to put into words. So yer saying that ye consciousness as triplets is clear but yer individual consciousnesses have merged…maybe? No, that’s still not quite it…yer consciousness should have been one before all this. Hmmm…”

“Uhh, I think that’s the correct way to put it. We agree.”

“…In other words, this be like a telephone extension’s label ripping off, jana.”


Kotone cocked her head.

“…Ah, guess ye lassies aren’t from the generation with telephone handsets.”

Kohaku went back into thought, but Kotone interrupted that.

“Uhh, I think that’s the right idea. Yes, that’s it.”


Kohaku nodded, then seemed to remember something.

“Did ye discuss this with Danna-sama?”

“Eh, nope, not yet. We’re still a bit too confused to explain.”

“Nay, do not use that as an excuse.”


“How will not talking to Danna-sama help?”

“But…we do not wish to worry him…”

“Nay, not that.”

Kohaku firmly cut through what Kotone was saying.

“Just imagine Danna-sama’s reaction if ye tell him ‘We’re fusing more and more into one person!’. How do ye think he would regard it?”


The three sisters were perplexed.

“Ye don’t get it? Then let us go back a wee bit, shall we? I shall tell it to ye straight: Danna-sama highly regards the three of ye, sharing the same soul.”


The sisters’ voices overlapped in astonishment.

“Looks like ye remembered. Then let me ask ye again. If ye convey yer current situation to Danna-sama, how will he react?”

“””He’ll be happy.”””

They said. Kohaku nodded, satisfied with their answer.


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