Chapter 427: No Quips


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Aoba wasn’t sure what to do.

By this point there was no longer a rift between her and Sakura.

The issue was the mothers.

If she didn’t know what they were plotting, she couldn’t just act recklessly.


“C’mon c’mon, hurry up and pick up, Aoba.”

Atsuko pressed her as the phone continued to ring.

(She wouldn’t call me…for no reason, right?)

Aoba had more of the impression that Sakura was a no-nonsense individual when it came to anything other than Taiyou.

Without a real agenda, Aoba didn’t think Sakura would have a reason to call her.

But she picked up either way.

“Yes, this is Aoba—-”

The moment she responded, Atsuko snatched the phone from her.

“We have your friend.”

She said while pinching her nose to speak in a different voice.

This kind of thing was right up Atsuko’s alley. Aoba decided to give up.

“It’s nice to meet you. My name is Juunishima Sakura.”

One hour later, Sakura arrived, exchanging greetings with the three mothers.

She did a full bow, then when Atsuko motioned for her to sit down, she sat down on the couch.

“We’ve heard, or rather, we were talking about you with Aoba just now.”

“About me?”

“Mhm. You know how Mio-san went to Juuni Island during summer break?”

“I am so very sorry about—-”

“No, it’s cool.”

Sakura attempted to bow her head, but Nazuna stopped her before she could.

“Mio-san is more grateful than anything. She was able to protect Aoba after all.”

“Nazuna-sama, that’s not…”

“So you don’t have to worry yourself over it needlessly.”

She ignored Mio and continued speaking.

“I’m grateful to hear you say that.”

Sakura said before changing gears.

“So what did you wish to discuss with me?”

“I hear you got with our stupid son lately.”


Sakura cocked her head.

“She means Natsuno-kun. Because he’s, uhh, technically their son-in-law.”

Aoba explained.

“Is that right? But yes, it is as you say.”

“So ya did the deed?”

“…Must I answer that?”

Sakura became expressionless. Aoba became slightly frantic when she saw this.

This definitely wasn’t something to be discussed in public…

“Yup, you sure do.”

Atsuko said. Aoba felt like holding her head.

Come on, come on, are you serious?

She glanced at Sakura, wondering if she was becoming irate.



“I am fully his. There is no place on my body that has not been used by him.”

“Your butt too?”


Aoba could take this no longer, lashing out at Atsuko.

“My ears as well.”


This rage quickly abated due to Sakura’s unexpected comment.

“E-Ears, you say. Ah. You must mean the earlobes.”

“No, it was the actual ear—-”


Aoba let out a loud voice before finally quieting down. She really did not need to hear the rest of this.

“Your jokes are pretty savage, Sakura-san. Of course there’s no way such a thing would–”

“But it isn’t a joke.”

“Eh, seriously? Uhh…Ah, earpick—–you know what, never mind.”

Aoba was about to say something else but hurriedly took it back. Who knew what other fearful things Sakura would say if she kept trying to interject.

“I see, I see. You’re quite the accomplished woman.”

“Am I, now?”

“You resemble us to a T.”


“…Atsuko-sama, Nazuna-sama, perhaps this isn’t the time to be saying such bold things in front of Aoba-sama…”

“But our daughter’s an adult whether she likes it or not. Don’t worry about it.”


“Anyhow. Sakura-chan.”


Sakura had a slightly troubled look on her face.

She probably wasn’t called “Sakura-chan” very often.

“As to why we asked you that…You know we’re a harem, right?”

“I am familiar with this, yes.”

“And so there’s a lot going on. And of course I mean at night. We’ve experienced a lot and researched a lot.”

“I see.”

“And so we were thinking of educating Aoba on that. To be more blunt, I mean the trick to doing it with multiple people.”

“And you want me to…?”

“Yep. I mean, anyone would be perfectly fine, and there’s not even anything wrong with having everyone go at it at once, but you happened to call Aoba as we were discussing it, so yeah.”

“Alright, I understand the details.”

Sakura answered a moment later.

“I have no objections.”


“If she says something like that, it must stem from a considerable amount of skill and experience.”

“I guarantee results.”

“Although if anyone outside finds out about this, they might not look at you the same way anymore.”

So it was that severe of a decision.

“Honestly, I do not recommend it. I am sure that you will find your own ways of—-”

Mio began, but Sakura cut through her.

“Please, teach us.”

Mio and Aoba both gave her a look.

“Sakura-san, are you sure about this?”

“I am behind the times. I joined quite a bit later than everyone else, so I am lacking in experience and everything else. If it is able to please him, I am willing to learn anything.”


This was the most surprising thing that Aoba had heard so far. She had no idea that Sakura felt so strongly about this.

“That’s no fair, Sakura-san.”

Aoba pursed her lips.

“If you put it that way, then I’ll look bad for objecting to it!”



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