Chapter 428: Three Wives


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“Because I also want to make Natsuno-kun happy…just as much as you do.”

“Hm. Right.”



Sakura inquired. Aoba looked at her mothers before speaking again.

“If I let my mothers do as they please, who knows what kind of a pervert they’ll coerce you into becoming. It’s best that I join in so that I can put a bit of a brake on things.”

“Umm, Aoba-chan, you do realize that I’ll still go full sparta on her even if you are there, right?”

Atsuko said.


“Heck, even Mio-san will.”


“C’mon Mio-san, tell us your motto.”

Atsuko pestered Mio, who had a mixed expression.

“Motto? Mother’s motto? This is the first I’ve heard of it.”

“Yeah, she had one. We can relate too, but Mio regards it more importantly than we do.”

“Cuz it’s a motto.”

Nazuna and Atsuko said.

“Mother, what would that be?”

Aoba asked, only causing Mio’s face to grow even more troubled.

She wasn’t even looking at Aoba.

But with Aoba staring directly at her, she soon realized it was no use evading the issue.

“It concerns how women sometimes must change faces at certain times.”


“Yes. Three of them exist. The first is that of a housewife. Protect your husband’s house and maintain that position.”

“Hm hm, and the second one?”

“Outside, you must be a lady, noble and refined, someone you can be proud of.”


“And what might be the third one?”

“Be a slut on the ground.”



Did the conversation just jump to a whole new dimension? That was what it felt like.

Aoba and Sakura looked at each other in astonishment.

“In order to please your husband on the bed, you are to become as lascivious as they come. In this case it is just between you and your husband, so go all out.”

“Hah…right, at first I was shocked to hear where you were going, but if that’s what you mean then I might just have to agree.”

“Indeed. However, from what I’ve heard thus…It is the equivalent of one individual personifying everything, yes?”

“That is correct.”

“Wow, that sounds intense. The last one works just fine, but the previous two will be difficult.”

“In that case, the ones in our house who would be a good example of this are the Hayakawa sisters.”

“Mhm, and then I’m not so sure about anyone else. I mean, look at Akiha. She’s the antithesis of a housewife.”

“But all right, I understand. I share the sentiment for what we should aim for.”


“By the way, girls…”

Atsuko broke in. She had a mischievous expression on her face.

“Things get really crazy when you slack on any of the three roles. Like when you go outside, you might find yourself acting like a slut without even caring or realizing it.”

“Wow…that’s horrible.”

“And if you act like a lady in the house…you become someone who literally does no chores.”

“That’s also horrible, very much so. So the remaining two are the housewife roles and the…bed role, correct?”

“That sounds rather troublesome. Just a bit.”

“Yeah, I get what you mean, just a bit. I’m not saying to become a slut per say, but on the bed…if you were in the housewife role till nighttime, you might be quite reluctant.”

“Plus I’d feel bad for him.”

Aoba and Sakura nodded at each other.

Mio’s motto, and the bad habit you fell into without protecting it.

Both girls seemed to sympathize with all the roles.

And then.

“Okay, so you’re doing all that by yourself, Mother? Of course I don’t care about the bed part, but you’re definitely doing the other two regularly.”

“I’d estimate she’s in the housewife role 90% of the time.”

“Plus she can act like a lady whenever she has to.”

“Haah…you’re incredible, Mother.”

Aoba sent a gaze of respect at Mio.

“Not at all.”

“She sure is! Especially on the bed!”

Atsuko said, half teasing.

“Although we don’t lose in that regard either.”

“More like that’s the only field we can win in. Welp, it is the part where we fight the most.”

“…So you’re going to teach us all that? Mama.”

“Exactly. Looks like you finally got it.”

“Yeah, if that’s how it’s going to be.”

Aoba said, looking at Sakura.

Sakura spoke without changing her expression.

“I was fine with this from the beginning.”

“Right, you were.”

Aoba grimaced.

And then, they looked at the three mothers with resolution.

“Please teach us.”

“Please do.”

Sakura spoke likewise, and the two of them lowered their heads.

And so the two of them learned many, many things from the mothers through demonstration.

The two of them absorbed the material at an astounding rate.

This was because they empathized on many things as fellow harem members.

Besides, they weren’t just cramming stuff into their brains.

They should do this or that, and with Taiyou as their partner maybe this would work better.

The two of them consulted each other about things like this.

And after they had learned a good amount, they exited the Miyagi household to go test it out back home.

Once they got back to where Taiyou was…

“Huh? What’s up, everyone?”

Standing there were the three sisters and Kohaku, Akiha and Ruri, and Youran.

Everyone was there, peeking through the gap in the door.


Youran gestured, pointing through the door.

Though quite perplexed, Aoba and Sakura joined the group in peeking into the room.

There they saw Taiyou and Hera with the most serious expressions they had ever had on their faces.



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