Chapter 429: Mind and Body


Translator: Reflet
Editor: ryunakama

“Where is the camera?”

“No, I’m not joking here.”

“Should I call over a colorful ambulance?”

“My head is perfectly fine.”

“Have you met with a boy with an incurable disease?”

“Just look at me already.”

“Yes, but…”

For once, Hera had a clearly troubled look on her face. She was always unbelievably cheerful, so much so that it  bothered Taiyou, but this time around she was acting the opposite way.

This time Taiyou was bothering Hera.

“I purposely phrased it so that you wouldn’t misunderstand.”

I want you as the eighth.

After the other seven.

Seven was an incredibly important number for Taiyou, or rather, the entire Natsuno household.

No one would dare make a joke with the number seven.

There was a silent understanding regarding it.

Hence why Taiyou said what he did.

It was so that he could convey just how serious he was.

So it was understandable why Hera was so confused.

“Do you realize, Taiyou-chan? Do you realize what happens once you go past seven?”

“I have a vague idea.”

“And you still want to go through with this?”

“I still do.”

“So you don’t want someone like Juurokuya?”

“Not exactly.”

“I figured you and I were similar to the triplets.”


Taiyou had no way to reply to that.

He hadn’t expected such a switchback.

The triplets.

The mismatched sisters, Kotone, Suzune, and Kazane.

To Taiyou, they were one person who shared the same soul, physically three but mentally one.

Hera was comparing her and Taiyou to their relationship.

“Of course not.”

“But you see, I die when you die. Ruri-chan can’t even kill me, and I only disappear when you die.”


“If so, that makes us one in body and soul.”


Taiyou was at a loss. At very much of a loss.

He had never thought she would throw such a curveball at him.

Both of them could use these ingredients. Whoever took advantage of this would win.

If Taiyou had recognized it before her, he would have been able to bring up the whole “soulmate” topic.

But Hera was one step ahead.

Denying anything thus far would end up denying the sisters without extra caution.

After all, the way they discussed the sisters had its own train of faulty logic.

Scientifically speaking, the three sisters were people who shared the same genes whose hormones simply went awry to the max.

Telepathy between twins (triplets in this case) had yet to be proven, much less the existence of souls.

So Taiyou was only acting based on what he felt.

That was just how frail the basis was.

And of course Taiyou had firm conviction that it was because the sisters shared the same soul that he felt so entranced by them.

He never wanted to deny their existence.

But neither did he want to put an end to things.

He wouldn’t have a problem with doing this to an unrelated third person. Who cares what the people on the outside would say. That was the policy he had adopted since acquiring his brides.

But he didn’t think such a mindset would be healthy in the family.

“Even so, I want you.”

Indecision. Taiyou was done with that.

He would not use logic this time. He would push through with his emotions.

“Even so?”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

Taiyou nodded confidently.

He was bothered, but his decision was firm.

This was Taiyou’s inner state right now.

He had wavered countless times, and now was the time to get past that.

“Hmmm, okay then.”


“But you know, you’re not the one who decides who your brides are. What really matters is how they feel, right?”

“I know. To put it a bit further, the decision is left to ‘idol’.”

“Yes indeed. So I’m rather sorry, but I cannot think that way. Because if I do that, then your harem will collapse, Taiyou-chan.”


“So kissing or intercourse…it’s like masturbation. Interesting.”

Hera cackled before adding some more.

“It’s fine if you want to do all that, but I cannot become your bride. Absolutely not.”


He had a complicated look on his face.

This was yet another unforeseen predicament.

He had no idea she would say something like that.

And it hurt him.

To put Hera’s words in even easier terms…

He could have her body, but not her heart.

That was precisely what she meant.

It came like a shock to him.

To Taiyou, who had only now realized how much he liked her, there could be nothing sadder than this.

He could feel himself going into a daze.

“You don’t have to feel so down, Taiyou-chan. I will always be by your side, till death do us part!”

Hera’s comfort…the comfort of truth set in.



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