Chapter 43: Combat Cheat


There was a certain euphoria in wielding such overwhelming might. If you were to compare it to the games he loved, it would be akin to raising his level, finding the best party and then challenging the hardest boss in the last dungeon, not only that, without creating any tactics and just using pure force of strength and skill, they could mow down the final boss, it was akin to that kind of exhilarating sensation.

It has been said that when someone experiences such a strong feeling, they would also realize that there was an empty void in their heart. However in Taiyou’s case, there was only a pure pleasant feeling to it.

Carrying a man who is at least 100 Kilo’s and then throwing them out towards the group of enemies. The result is the entanglement of humans as they rattled down on to the floor, as if they were human bowling targets.

「Ev-everyone attack together!」

Although Kaizen’s instructions were spoken with a flustered tone, an order is an order. With that single phrase, five men immediately rushed forwards together this time. Taiyou ran up to meet them head on. Taking a small side step Taiyou turned to his side and…


A dull thud resounded, as Taiyou landed a body blow directly in the pit of the man’s stomach. The man’s body convulsed to form a “く” character as he crawled in pain along the floor, in the next instant, his legs were pulled above the ground as much as one meter in the air. Furthermore it continued to rise in speed. In that instant, a particular technique popped out in Taiyou’s mind. If it’s me right now I can do it! He gripped the man’s foot and places it firmly in his grasp, He then grabbed both the man’s ankles and placed them beneath his armpit.


Taiyou released a war cry which began to echo in the surroundings. It was like a roar of a fierce animal, the four other men who heard this froze their footsteps being overpowered by the pressure. Taiyou started to rotate his body whilst still holding on to the man’s feet.

Giant Swing.

At first glance, this kind of move seemed easy to perform, however, a person in this world who could actually perform this move satisfactorily hardly exists. The ideal type of result when using this type of technique is that the body of the other party must be swung fast enough yet still maintain a horizontal degree of elevation.

In reality when the average person tried to perform this move, at best the others party head is close to the ground, or in the case where the person is unskilled, the head of the person being thrown would be grazed across the ground as they rotated

In short many people were short in terms of the amount of strength required, However Taiyou was in an excess in that power! It was the herculean strength he already acquired when reaching level 7. It was the same as making that man into a bat, and he was swinging it in an exemplar fashion using a horizontal swing that would put the youthful baseball team to shame.

Zing! Zing! Pow! Gusha!

The sound of the man’s scream and the sound of the wind as he was swung……in addition to the sound of flesh collapsing mixed with the sound of bones getting crushed. With a huge mass of meat as his weapon, the other four people were blown away.


After blowing away all the men in black, he did one more rotation to finish it. Taiyou threw away the lump of meat…..directly at the group of people.

Zuzazazaza. Like a rippling effect of a skidding stone going across the water, the second strike created a sand cloud in the area.

「Wh-what what the hell is this?! Who the hell are you?!」

The cool and intelligent atmosphere Kaizen had moments ago was but a fleeting memory, and it was replaced with a hysterical voice. At this point in time, neither he nor his subordinates had any more nerve to challenge Taiyou. When witnessing the overwhelming power Taiyou showed, this was the result.

After throwing away the second person, Taiyou gazes at his palm, and thinks back to the feeling that remains.


A voice of wonder leaked out instinctively.

It feels good, it feels really good, this feels extremely good.

Wielding this strength was like an aphrodisiac for Taiyou and it was almost akin to a kind of sexual arousal. In a certain meaning, this is the first time that Taiyou clearly felt the results of raising his level. Being able to single-handedly attack the other party in combat, has increased his primal male urge of aggression.


Whilst floating a thin smile across his face, Taiyou walks towards the men.

Za, Za, Za……

For Taiyou he was merely casually walking towards them, however, each step he took, pushed the men backwards towards a wall as if cornering them to retreat.


It smelled like someone pissed their pants…In that instant, the smell became a trigger for fear, and that fear infected the others in an explosive fashion. For now, the men managed to remain still, however if he took one more imposing step, without a doubt they would run and scatter away like little spiders in all directions. The thing that stopped them from breaking down, was after all, the words from their leader Kaizen.

「Wh-what are you all doing?! Isn’t it just one person? That’s right…Everyone get your weapons out and attack him at once!」

Kaizen’s words were without a doubt filled with fear…..However his orders were orders.

「U, Uwaaaaaaaah!」


As if squeezing out, two men raised their voices.

The two people scatter left and right, as they sprang forth to attack Taiyou from both sides.

They both had some sort of baton with them in their hands as they took a big swing towards Taiyou.

Doka! Baki!

Taiyou avoided their swings, and counterattacked them both with his fist. The first person got hit directly in the head, as he spun three times like a pin wheel, after which his face hit the ground, the other person guarded the punch with a cross guard and both his arms were crushed like a ping pong ball as he flew away.


It was to that extent. Their efforts for battle only amounted to that much. From then on out, what remained was a one-sided show of violence where Taiyou remained the unrivalled victor. They were ruled by fear as they stood up straight. Taiyou rushes in and without giving them any time to breathe, the other party was made to surrender with his overwhelming power.

one person, another person, and another. The men were noisily beaten down.

All of them were knocked out with a single strike. All of the men who were hit was blown off by the power, and even those that attempted to guard his strike got their arms pulverized. On the other hand, Taiyou was completely uninjured. The person who moves first is the victor. Because he knocked them all out in one blow before they had the chance to retaliate, he doesn’t receive any damage.

It was like a scene of an evil fairy that trampled down a town and its inhabitants without giving them a chance to retaliate.  Even so, no matter what, Taiyou did not stop.

Hit, and knock them down.

Hit, and knock them down.

Hit, and knock them down.

And soon after, defeating all those men, he noticed that the only one left standing was Kaizen.

「Now then, there’s only you left」


Kaizen twitched as fear ruled over his body. His foot was trembling and his teeth was also clattering. He was barely able to keep standing. Whilst still having a thin smile over his face, Taiyou approaches him.

「D-don’t come any closer, don’t come nearby!」


Even so, Taiyou approaches silently. Kaizen steps backwards shrinking away, he stumbles and lands on his bottom. Even so he crawls away along the ground in an ungraceful manner as he tries to run away. Taiyou chases after him silently. Each step causing pressure to Kaizen.

「U, Uwaaaaa」

Releasing a shriek, Kaizen took out his gun and aimed it at Taiyou. Although the muzzle of the gun was aimed towards Taiyou, it is likely that he never shot a gun before, he was holding it in a haphazard fashion.

「St-stop! If you don’t stop I will shoot!」


「Don’t move!!!」


A gunshot resounds. The bullet was fired at close range and aimed straight towards Taiyou’s chest. As expected with such a close distance, the bullet was shot accurately to the heart. A blow that would prove fatal.

That is, if Taiyou was a normal person. Taiyou was different, he who received a bullet to the heart had no reaction whatsoever. Long Distance Invalidation, with this skill, he completely nullified the lethal weapon known as a bullet.

The bullet that hits falls harmlessly to the floor as it bounces of Taiyou’s chest and into the ground. Seeing this, the level of panic increased even further for Kaizen.

「Uw, Uwahhhhhhh!」

Bang! Bang! Bang bang bang bang bang!

Multiple shots were fired out continuously. Even if all of those hit, as expected Taiyou was still unharmed.

「Wh-what are you?! What are you?!」

Kaizen became half crazed as he continued to scream. Taiyou mowed down all of his subordinates, and on top of that bullets don’t even work on him. In front of Kaizen, the only thing he could see was a monster in the shape of a human.

Being too overconfident that he had the advantage, he was way too careless.

「D-don’t move!」

A voice was heard from the other direction. When he turned around, there was one of the men, who took Kohaku as a hostage. (Novel Illustration: Taiyou Combat Cheat)



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