Chapter 430: Decided From The Beginning


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Hera was riding on Taiyou’s shoulders, nuzzling her cheeks against him.

Maybe because of the difference in size, it felt less like a girl was doing it to him and more like an animal was doing it.

That wasn’t all too bad either, plus it warmed his heart, but it wasn’t what Taiyou wanted the most.

“I’ll always be by your side, Taiyou-chan.”

“Whispering in my ear like that is so not fair…and why does it always sound like you’re proposing?”

“What’s wrong with that? I still can’t be your bride anyway.”

Hera whispered in Taiyou’s ear.

“Because I’m even more special to you.”

“…Right you are.”

Changing your perspective, that might very well be the case, thought Taiyou.

Their relationship was indeed special, one that couldn’t be defined.

He looked up at the star-filled sky, stretching out as far as the eye could see.

Things might be fine this way, he thought.

“Seems like yer done talking, jana.”


Surprised to hear Kohaku’s voice, Taiyou turned around and was met with an even bigger shock. Standing there were all seven brides.


“We just couldn’t find the right timing to squeeze ourselves in.”


“I think that’s going a bit too far.”

Everyone said various things to each other.

“So you’re done talking, yeah? Next up is my turn. Hey, Master.”

“Wrong…I will be the one to speak with Darling.”

“No, I’m first. Now look at this.”

“””Taiyou-san! Please hear what we have to say regarding our names.”””

And so they all began fighting for the position.

Apparently everyone wanted Taiyou to hear something.

The seven brides and their unfiltered love.

Looking at Hera, their eyes met.

She cracked a smile.

He flicked her in retaliation.

“Okay girls, settle down. I’m not Prince Shotoku, so I’d prefer you line up in single file. First up is you three. What is it you wanted to discuss?”

“””We want to change our names.”””

“Right, you wanted one name. Did your souls link together a bit more closely?”

“””Yes, we kind of feel that way!”””

“You’re awesome, you know that?”

“Taiyou, take a look at this.”

“What is it—-wait, is that Ruri’s!?”

“Natsuno-kun, I’d like you to come with us somewhere tonight if that’s all right.”

“Yes, please.”

“Aoba? And Sakura, you too? Both of you?”



“That’s fine, but what exactly is the plan?”

“It involves…”

“…the bed.”

Taiyou’s wives were all fawning over him.

Hera was watching all of this from Taiyou’s shoulders, occasionally exclaiming in wonder and occasionally cackling.

Away from the circle of people, Kohaku spoke to Hera.

“Are ye really fine with this?”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine!”

“But when Danna-sama raised his experience points, ye—-”

“Oh dear, you saw through me?”

“Everyone other than Danna-sama saw through ye, noja.”


Hera reacted in a surprised manner. It was a bit exaggerated, but that was typical with Hera.

When Taiyou racked up experience points, whenever he raised his level, experience points would flow into Hera.

As a byproduct of this flow, pleasure would run throughout Hera’s entire body.

In human terms, this would be the equivalent of sexual pleasure.


“No no no, as long as you know that information you should realize that this is fine.”

Hera smiled broadly.

“Breaking/building jenga woodblock towers, digging/filling holes, flipping a one yen coin. That’s how I feel it. Taiyou-chan makes me get like that. It’s craaazy good, something that no one else in this world can imitate.”

She spun around in the air.

“Leaving something like that behind just to get into a typical relationship is more of a waste.”

“So ye think this is typical, eh.”

This time Kohaku was the one to smile.

The kind of relationship you could find anywhere, a lover…a bride.

Kohaku looked at Hera with a jovial expression.

“Jaga, it be just as ye say, jana. Maybe the same cannot be said for Danna-sama, who does not have a full grasp on the situation, but it’s a bit weird to suggest something like that to me, ja.”

“Yes indeed!”

“Just in case…aye, this be the last time I ever check, ja.”

Kohaku’s face became serious as she asked.

“Ye truly do desire this, jana?”

“That’s indeed all that I want.”

Hera answered immediately.

Without the slightest hesitation.

These were the feelings she had harbored ever since she was born.

That was precisely why there was no delay in her response.

Something special to her. Something no one else could imitate.

Taiyou and Hera’s relationship had not changed.

It had been the same when they first met and it would not be changing anytime soon.

It was already complete from the beginning. But Taiyou would not come to this conclusion until later.

A relationship that never changed, always fulfilled. This was the same for all of Taiyou’s brides.

And thus, in the new year, Hera and the seven brides had come with Taiyou onto a deserted island.



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