Chapter 432: Private Beach


Translator: Reflet
Editor: ryunakama


Aoba lost balance when a wave hit her, falling on her bottom. Taiyou offered a hand nearby.

“You good? Butt doesn’t hurt?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. The sand is soft.”

Just as Aoba said, the sand on this beach was soft and smooth.

She had fallen backwards onto her bottom but felt no pain.


“Natsuno-kun? What’s the—-whaaat!?”

Aoba let out a hysteric scream.

As she grabbed his hand, Aoba realized that her swimsuit top was suddenly gone.

It was snatched by the waves, moving farther and farther away from her.


Taiyou exclaimed. He stared with intense concentration at Aoba’s naked upper half.

“Wha, Natsuno-kun!?”

“Thank ye thank ye.”

“Don’t ogle them!”

“Why wouldn’t I? They’re beautiful!”

“You’re lashing out at me!?”

Aoba hurriedly stood up, hiding her bouncy breasts.

Despite all this, Taiyou still gazed at them intensely, making Aoba seriously uncomfortable.

Or more precisely, embarrassed.

“Jeez…don’t look at them for so long.”

“No, I want to.”

“But why? There isn’t a single place on my body that you aren’t familiar with.”

Aoba was Taiyou’s third bride, a veteran of the Natsuno household of half a year.

Of course she had richer experience than the other brides, and as she said, there wasn’t a single place on her body Taiyou wasn’t familiar with.

“That’s one thing, but this is another thing.”

But Taiyou spoke confidently.

“Seeing it at those times is one thing, but having your swimsuit come off on accident is a whole other story.”

“Is it really that different?”

“It’s as different as iekei ramen and ramen jiro.”

“Aren’t they the same?”

“No, quite different.”

Taiyou asserted further.

He scrutinized Aoba for a bit longer. Once her embarrassment had reached a peak, he took off his shirt and handed it to her.

Now that she was wearing a shirt a size bigger than her, Aoba breathed a sigh of relief.

“That should do the trick! Hey, Aoba?”


“Are your lower parts ragging too?”

“No! And ragging? What is this new verb!?”

Aoba of course snapped. But Taiyou was unfazed.

“Please! Strip for me!”

Taiyou quickly put his hands together to the point of groveling on the ground.

“W-Why are you so eager for something like that?”

“You’re wearing a man’s baggy clothing so I cannot allow you to have anything on the bottom!”


Aoba looked uncomfortable, extremely so.

She understood what he was saying. They had in fact done similar things many times lasting until the morning.

It wasn’t just a man’s dream to have his significant other wear his shirt naked; women also aspired toward this among other things.

She understood that Taiyou wanted that.

But it was still embarrassing.

It was nothing to get worked up over in the bedroom, but this was a beach–outdoors.

Much too embarrassing to just be wearing someone else’s shirt.

“Sorry, Natsuno-kun…that’s too embarrassing—-”

Aoba replied honestly, but the next instant, her expectations were thoroughly crushed.

Because would you look at that—-Taiyou had taken off his own bottom.

“Hey! Natsuno-kun, what are you doing?”

He had taken off all undergarments and soccer-kicked his beach sandals away.

Taiyou was now fully nude.

“That’s seriously embarrassing! Hurry up and put something, anything on!”

“It’s fine. There’s no one here but us, so this private beach can also be a nude beach. So it’s fine.”


“In fact, this is the right way to go about things!”

Taiyou tried to persuade her. Aoba just looked uncomfortable.

What to do, what to do…Her thoughts emerged on her face.

“Taiyou, would you rub some ointment on me?”

Akiha, Aoba’s best friend spoke up from behind her.

Thank goodness. Now that someone else was here, she could escape.

Or so she thought—-but Aoba had underestimated her friend.

“Why’re you stark naked too!?”

Akiha only had a bottle of lotion in her hand, completely naked.

Every part of her model-like, perfectly balanced body was exposed for all to see.

“Eh? But there’s no one else here. Taiyou’s the only guy here, so why not strip?”


Aoba was speechless.

Akiha wasn’t just saying it was ok to strip–she was saying it was wrong not to strip.

Her thought process was so far off that it was pointless to say anything.

“You came at a good time, Akiha. Try and see if you can persuade Aoba for me. She won’t take off her bottom.”

“Take off…naked shirt!”

Akiha’s eyes glittered like that of a beast finding its prey.

Aoba took a step back.

Taiyou and Akiha, from time to time, were quite possibly…the worst possible, most fearsome combination.

“Please strip, I’m begging you!”

“Begging you!”

Taiyou and Akiha both groveled before Aoba.

They groveled naked on the beach. The sight was unbelievable.

Aoba knew she couldn’t get away from this. But she still hesitated to take the plunge.


“Sheesh, never mind. Taiyou, hold Aoba down. I’ll strip it off for her.”

“No I’ll do it. You pin her arms down.”


Getting tired of waiting, the two carnivorous beasts lunged for Aoba at the same time.

A scream rang throughout the beach—-but all it looked like was a couple lovebirds flirting.



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