Chapter 431: Taiyou Island


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“Are there really…no people here?”

Wearing a short sleeve shirt, Taiyou muttered as he looked up at the sky.

This was an island adjacent to the equator. The ship carrying them here had already left, so the only people on the island were currently Taiyou and his seven brides.

The date was January 1st. Snow was falling when they had departed, but over here, even a short-sleeved shirt could not prevent the heat from making you sweat.

“No, no one’s here. You can call people over to deliver things on a daily basis, but other than that we’ll be the only ones here.”

Youran said, standing by his side. Her twintails, hotpants, and her pose with her hands on her hips was truly reminiscent of the day they met.

Her slightly smug demeanor only added to her flavor.

“Would there happen to be a name for this island?”

“No, not officially. But we can certainly give it one right now if you’d like.”

“There’s no name?”

“Right. I pulled some strings and had the name removed after I bought it. This island is basically one that isn’t on any map, so it doesn’t officially exist. By this point the only way to find it is by using a satellite image roller.”

“You can do that? Wow.”

“Who cares about that. What’s important right now…”

Youran linked her arm to his, pressing her breast against him.

Taiyou felt his heart skip a beat as he saw Youran looking up at him with a flirtatious face.

“Is. Right. Here. Because we’re the only ones.”

“The only ones?”

“Right, the only ones. Just my master…and his brides.”

“True, when you put it that way who even cares. So?”

“So what?”

Youran tilted her head playfully as she looked up at him from their linked arms.

“This is a southern island?”


“Blue sky, white seas.”


“So why don’t you have a swimsuit on?”

“Of course we have them with us. That’s the most basic of basics. Geez, you’re such a worrywart, Master.”


“Ac. tual. ly…”

This was the second time today that Youran had whispered in his ear.

She didn’t normally speak this way. She was probably very excited.

“You see, I went shopping with everyone at the end of the year.

“With everyone?”

“Yup, everyone. And so it was my first time shopping at a department store.”

“That sounds like one confused lady. Although you are nobility after all.”

“Right. ‘Cause before I became Shingetsu no Kami I simply chose from out-of-stores sales department catalogues. Whatever I wanted. And so after I became Shingetsu no Kami, I didn’t have all that much time and everything was just kind of brought to me before I realized it.”

“Wow. But y’know, you enjoy walking around in disguise, right? Couldn’t you have gone around looking at things when you were doing that?”

“Don’t say I enjoy it, you meanie. I always try new things when walking around, but it’s always a shady job so I didn’t have enough time to go shopping.”


“So you see…buying regular stuff at the store like a normal girl…was really fun.”

“You all went together, right?”


“Then of course that would be fun.”

Taiyou didn’t even have to imagine.

A large group of bosom buddies worked together to fulfill the same objective (swimsuits for the beach). Just doing that alone was guaranteed to be fun.

He was convinced it was enjoyable.


He said as he walked along the beach with Youran in tow.

“That definitely gives me the ‘pampered young lady’ sort of vibe with that whole…uhh, out-of…?”

“Out-of-stores sales department.”

“That’s the first I’ve heard of this out-of-stores sales department. Sure, I can imagine that rich people use department stores, but I picture them more in a VIP room looking around and having fun.”

“Yeah, one rank higher.”

“What else? Another episode where you act like a rich lady. Or maybe a Shingetsu no Kami episode.”

“No, it’ll be boring if I talked about that.”

“No, I want to hear about it. We came this far so I want to know more about you.”


Youran’s face flushed as she gave a small nod.

“I wasn’t even a pampered girl for all that long, and it was a while ago so I don’t remember it very well, but I can talk about when I was Shingetsu no Kami if that’s what you want.”

“Yeah, tell me.”

“Maybe…about how I’ve been in pictures with all the prime ministers these last ten years?”


“Yes. You see, I meet with every newly inaugurated prime minister and we take a commemorative picture of sorts.”


“And so I looked at all the pictures alongside each other. By order of year. And so I see myself growing up. From childhood to recently.”

“That’s what happens, yeah.”

“And so, all the prime ministers next to me are different. They’re all titled ‘Shingetsu no Kami and Prime Minister’ but every picture has a different one.”

“That sounds interesting. Show me sometime.”

“Yeah! And then I actually have peerage.”


Taiyou wasn’t used to hearing such a term, so he pronounced it in an awkward manner.

“Yeah, a title for an English knight. They officially call me ’Dame Youran’.”

“Youran? Not Juunishima?”

“They put Sir or Dame next to your first name over there.”


“Would you like to have such a title too?”

“Almost sounds like you’re asking me if I want a midnight snack. You don’t need to phrase it like that.”

Taiyou grimaced.

He was slightly curious as to what would happen if he expressed interest, but decided to not linger on it too much.

The two of them took their time as they walked around the perfectly-sized resort island.



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