Chapter 436: Alone Together


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Editor: ryunakama

Taiyou was relaxing in his room.

His languid demeanor of reclining against the armchair was as per usual, but now he was blindfolded.

He had an eye mask which blocked out any light.

Suzune and Kazane massaged his feet.

“How does it feel, Taiyou-san?”

“Is it the right amount?”

“Yeah, it’s great.”

“If it ever hurts…”

“Please let us know, okay?”

“That’s what they say at beauty parlors…”

He quipped as they continued to massage him.

Lately, this style has increased.

Whenever he spent time with the sisters he would put on this eye mask and block out his eyesight. This would enable him to sense the sisters—sense them as one. It was quite addicting.

The same soul, the same presence.

And yet, right now he was physically being massaged by two pairs of hands.

It was the gap in logic that had him so hooked.



Suzune and Kazane said at the same time.

“Fetch me some regular water while you’re at it.”


They said together again.

Three minutes later, the door opened.

Kotone brought in a tray with colorful tropical juice and iced water.

She carried it before Taiyou.

“Thank you for waiting, Taiyou-san. Here is your juice and water.”


Taiyou took a swig of juice. The taste of fresh southern island fruit spread through his mouth.

He took another sip and then kissed Kotone.

The liquid moved from his mouth into hers as he lifted his tongue up.

“It’s very good.”

“I’m glad you like it.”

Kotone smiled cheerfully, placing the juice on the tray, which she placed on a nearby table. Then she squeezed herself next to Taiyou.

She had already been in this position before getting the juice. She had simply returned.

It appeared as if she weren’t doing anything, but Suzune and Kazane said nothing. In fact, after Kotone kissed Taiyou, the two of them had even happier smiles on their faces, becoming even more determined to massage Taiyou’s feet.

The collective advanced, the individual vanished.

That was how the three sisters felt right now.

Whatever he did to Kotone would transmit to Suzune and Kazane. Whatever Suzune and Kazane did was the same as if Kotone were actually doing it.

They shared one soul. With Taiyou’s stamp of approval, the girls continued their evolution into a single entity without being hampered by anyone.

And their new name was Nene.

The sound was simply taken from the last part of their names, “ne”.

They didn’t add a third “ne”. There was no need for that.

After all, they were not three people. 

They were one girl.

So the name combined theirs together to make a feminine-sounding one.

Thus, Nene.

“Oh yeah, Nene.”


“Who do you like and dislike the most among the other six?”

“””What’s up with that?”””

“Just chatting. Even if you don’t dislike anyone, maybe there’s someone who’s inconveniencing you in some way. By the way, I like you the most, Nene. Akiha is the one who worries me sometimes because she’s been trying to practice anything Ruri teaches her on me. Well, I mostly ignore her attacks, though.”

Taiyou said in a nonchalant, carefree tone.

He was simply having a relaxing chat with them.

“Well if that’s the case…”

“It would be Ruri-chan…”

“Who is a bit troublesome.”

“Ruri? Why’s that?”

“When Ruri-chan is with us…”

“She always splits herself into three…”

“To match us.”

“Ohhh, that’s what you mean.”

Taiyou imagined the sight of Ruri splitting herself into three and doing all kinds of activities to match the three sisters.

It sounded funny, but he could also understand why it bothered them.

“And who do you like?”


“Sakura-san? Yet another interesting answer.”

Taiyou was quite surprised at this.

The three sisters and Sakura had had quite the history with each other.

Without Taiyou there, the father would have sold them off to Sakura to become potential lab rats.

And yet they said they liked her the most. It was truly normal to be surprised here.

“We’ve gotten the chance to talk to her more what with the building and all…”

“And the more we spoke with her, the more we realized how good of a person she is…”

“So we’re going to go shopping with her when we get the chance.”

“Just the two of you?”


“That’s great.”

Taiyou truly felt that way. There was nothing wrong with his brides getting along. In fact, it was great.

Sometimes they got along a bit too well with each other and bothered him a bit, but that was all part of the fun.

“Okay then. I’m more than glad that Sakura-san is blending in with everyone.”

“Are you concerned?”

One voice. Someone had asked a question.

“Just a bit. Sakura was the only one out of all of you to be a clear enemy at one point in time. Ruri was too, but more of a mercenary on the job. Plus she soon began to help me, so I don’t think of her that way. Meanwhile, Sakura-san was alienated from me before I began making moves on her, plus she scuffled a lot with Youran…so I’m just happy she’s fitting in.”

As he said, Taiyou was truly relieved.

“So what will you go shopping for?”

“We want to make clothing for Ruri-chan, so…”

“We’re going to go and see…”

“What kinds of fabric we can find.”

“Didn’t you say she bothered you the most?”


They said in unison. There was a hint of mischief in their voices.

“We’re going to make three sets for her.”

“Three of the same articles of clothing with different colors.”

“And we’ll hand them to all three of her clones and ask them to wear it.”

“Wow, that’s savage. Those clones are just her moving really fast.”

Taiyou chuckled. The three sisters also had gentle smiles on their faces.



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