Chapter 437: In Your Dreams


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“Hey Nene, I’ve been wondering about this for a while…”

“””What’s that?”””

“When one of you—-I’m just saying that for the sake of convenience, but when only one of you is asleep, how do the other two feel?”

Taiyou had always pondered this.

It wasn’t too important or crucial. But they were already having small talk.

“Before we met you…”

“Whenever we were separated it was the same…”

“It was like one eye was closed and sitting there idly.”

“Yeah, I sort of get it, I sort of don’t. No, I mean I get the closing one eye part, it’s like having your eye covered by someone’s hand to where you can’t use it.”


“Plus I do recall you saying it felt like there were ‘eyes on the back of your shoulders’. I get that, but what do you mean by sitting there idly?”

“We mean we’re fully awake…”

“And doing something…”

“But suddenly wonder what we were doing.”


With his sight blocked by the eye mask, Taiyou pondered all this as he felt the nearby presence and warmth of the three sisters.

He did feel that sensation quite often. Sometimes he’d be doing something and the memories from earlier would suddenly slip out.

They said it was close to that.

“So you experience that pretty often, I take it? Cuz I see one of you doze off first quite a bit.”


“And that isn’t inconvenient or anything?”

When he asked that, they replied that they were accustomed to it.

Taiyou questioned whether that was all.

As expected, Taiyou found this to be interesting (in a good way) and something to aspire toward.

The only brides he felt aspiration toward were the sisters.

As they were doing this and that, Kotone began breathing sleepily in his arms.

The two who were massaging him continued moving their hands, probably because of everything they had just discussed.


“We have somewhere we’d like to go with you sometime.”

“Hm? Where?”

“We’ve actually entered into a competition.”

“In fact, we already have a product lined up. Would you like to come see it with us?”

“Competition? Like for patchwork or something?”


“Wow, I had no idea.”

He remembered what they were doing in their club.

“So is this part of your extracurricular activities?”

“Yes, if we don’t get some results the club budget might decrease.”

“I sent the finished work to the competition venue.”

“And have the results come in?”

“No, not quite yet.”

“At least not until after the new year.”

“But either way, I think you’ll blow ‘em out of the water, Nene.”

“No, I don’t think so.”

“It’s a section that’s open to the public with lots of people entering.”

“Public? So you might get working adults too.”

“Yes, and artists among them.”

“Usually there are a lot of people among them who set up their own exhibitions.”

The two sisters sounded just a bit weak in the knees.

Even the massage felt a bit weaker.

“Huh. But either way, I think you’ll blow ‘em out of the water, Nene.”

Taiyou repeated the exact same thing he said earlier.

It wasn’t mere flattery. He truly thought that way.

The air in the room became brighter.

“No, there’s no way.”

“It really is difficult, you know.”

Although they continued to act modest, the girls seemed to be happy. Their voices were strangely bright, and he couldn’t see their faces but he could tell they were grinning.

They must really be happy, happy to be complimented and trusted by Taiyou.


As proof of that, the sleeping Kotone let out a giggle.

He could tell she was definitely sleeping. She wasn’t feigning it.

Hence why Taiyou could tell they were being honest with their feelings.

He continued in order to make them even happier.

“You made several articles of clothing for me, plus I looked at Hera’s clothing and wow, that is a fine piece of work, Nene.”

“Oh, not at all…”

“Sheesh, Taiyou-san.”

“Are you going to work in that field?”

“We haven’t thought about that yet.”

“We’re just making them for fun.”

“I think it’d be fun if you tried making a living out of it. I’d root for you. Heck, you could even take the whole world by surprise. That would be even better.”

“”The world?””

The sisters asked, confused.

“Yeah. I don’t know a whole lot about that side of the world, but you know how there are influential figures that everyone knows and you’re like ‘Oh it’s that person!’.”


“There are some people out there whose productions would make you exclaim in disbelief.”

“I think it’d be great for you to become like that. You can do it, Nene.”

When he said that, for some reason the sisters became subdued.

Taiyou wondered what was up.

“What is it?”


“We thought you might not like that.”

“Why’s that?”

“I’ve heard that…”

“Husbands don’t like it when their wives do that sort of thing.”

“Yeah, you’re talking about the husband-wife gap.”

He knew what the sisters were talking about.

From a financial or societal standpoint, couples would sometimes deal with issues as a result of qualitative differences.

This would occur especially in cases where the wife was at the top.

Humanity—-or at least in Japan, for a long time men were at the head of society, and so men being at the top was never an issue.

But on the flipside…

When women got to the top, men would often feel injury to their pride and problems would emerge.

The sisters were concerned about that.

“No problem. Two reasons why.”


“First off, you won’t surpass me. This has to do with my resolve to make all seven of you happy. Usually a man has to be at least seven times, or according to Atsuko-san’s hypothesis, twenty-one times stronger. So if I became such a man, would you really have surpassed me?”

The sisters shook their heads from side to side.

“And one more. Remember Ruri. I like strong women, women who can get the job done.”

He could feel them catching their breath.

“And if possible, I’d like those women to surpass me. In other words, your worries are completely needless, Nene.”


“You good now?”


The sisters nodded, proclaiming their understanding.

“”We’ll do our best to aim for the top.””

The sleeping Kotone let out an “eheheh” and smiled even brighter.



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