Chapter 438: Kohaku the Destroyer


Translator: Reflet
Editor: ryunakama

“Lately, Kohaku, you’ve felt unbelievably cute.”

Afternoon on the beach.

Under a beach parasol, Kohaku was sitting on Taiyou’s lap as he made that remark.

“Well that was out of the blue, ja.”

“For instance…when we slept together last week, I heard you talk in your sleep.”


“And that’s when you said ‘Danna-sama…please continue to love on me’. You called me the same way you always do, but the way you talked was in a super normal fashion, like a regular person.”

“I’m sure ye heard it wrong, ja.”

“Okay, how about I get my phone out?”

“Yer a scoundrel, Danna-sama!”

Kohaku said in a loud voice.

“So savage of you to eavesdrop on me to use as blackmail.”

“So you mean that men don’t have special permits to destroy themselves with pillow talk, yes? Well, leaving that aside…When I heard that, I thought of a certain hypothesis.”


“In other words, I think your true self actually has a normal way of speaking. Not using the word ‘ja’, but just normal speech.”


“Heck, I don’t even think many elderly people talk like that. Plus I know you tried creating all these personas in the past.”

“Oh, did I really now, kano?”

“‘Wuff wuff, punish me for being such a bad girl.’”


“Oh? What is this mmm you speak of?”

He rested his chin on Kohaku’s head, rubbing it.

“And to conjecture a bit, there is a possibility that you are merely faking the ‘ja’ sound.”

“Oho, that is indeed a reasonable conclusion, ja. Jaga, this be me true self, ja.”

“And if so, that’s totally fine.”


“I thought of that possibility as well. So I tried imagining what other manners of speech would sound like with your voice. From what I picture, you could pull off a youthful boy voice or a tsundere.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Mister.”

Kohaku tried an impression.

“That’s not so much a boy as it is a mascot. And seriously? You’re still bringing up memes at a time like this? Please don’t.”

“Ye say that, but yer fantasies be super gross and I have to bring up memes or I’ll die of cringe, ja.”

“Virgin power for the win, am I right?”

“Virgin? What ye talking about, ja?”

Kohaku giggled, skillfully reaching back and flicking Taiyou’s forehead.

“Ye put ten women into a coma. How’re you a virgin, ja?”

“Ten women…did I really do that?”

Taiyou counted on his fingers.

When he counted the three sisters as three people, that would make the number above ten.

As for the ones he kissed, Leticia and Pochi would be included, and that would definitely make it more than ten people.

“Well, let’s just say prestige virgin.”

“I can already hear the vengeful cries of virgins all over the world, ja.”

“Anyhow. Please do something.”


“In your cute voice.”

He said, breathing into her ear.

Kohaku fidgeted, moving her body up.

“Do something please.”

“But even if ye say that…”

“Then can I make it a request?”

“If it’s you asking me, then I guess I have no choice, ja.”

“Okay, then how about the tsundere suggestion I said at the beginning?”

“I-It’s not like I’m doing it for you or anything, OKAY!”

The atmosphere shifted.

“Ooo, you’re skilled like I thought. I can totally see you with twintails now. Alright, make the next one a captured female knight.”

“Even if you defile this body, my heart shall never yield.”

“Ooo, I can feel the murder in your voice. Next…how about a rich lady?”

“Ohhhohohohoho. Sebastian, slap him with a roll of banknotes, will you?”

“Super annoying, super cute. Okay, next is—-”

Taiyou requested more and more, and Kohaku responded to each.

Even though she said she had no choice, Kohaku got right to each impression with refined skill.

Not only was she well-rehearsed, the quality was high as well.

She perfectly responded to each of Taiyou’s requests with easy-to-understand phrases.

“You’re craaazy good at this, Kohaku-san. Did you take some sort of training in this area?”

“Just the fruits of age, jana.”

“I see.”

“And as I thought, you really are cute, Kohaku-san.”

“…If that’s what yer complimenting me on, I don’t know how to feel, nanoja.”

“Oh yeah. How about we go to karaoke sometime?”

“Yet another crazy topic…I mean, it isn’t a bad segway, but…”

“Anything in your repertoire?”

“War songs.”

“Old! And gloomy!”

“I sang them in real time, ja.”

“That’s the first I’ve heard.”

“Cause I be the same age as that Sekijo.”

“Let me ask you just in case. You’re not some admiral in your spare time, are you?”

“At every alumni meeting. Why?”

“So you were doing all that. Wait, alumni meeting?”

Taiyou smiled awkwardly.

He had kind of tried picturing it.

Many ships now transformed into young girls, and among them was Kohaku in the same age range.

“…It sounds too weird and now I’m freaked out.”

“Next time I’ll put on a ship’s outfit, noja.”

“Please stop reading my mind.”

“But I have already done the marriage parentheses for reals thing, gano.”

Kohaku lifted up the ring on her ring finger.

“By the way, which ship do ye think I would look like, Danna-sama?”

“A destroyer, to be sure. It already looks like a loli.”

“That’s the spring edition, jana. Alright, then let’s try along those lines, noja.”

“Well, try to have some restraint.”

Taiyou didn’t stop her.

That was because he figured that Kohaku in that outfit wouldn’t be too bad either.



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