Chapter 439: Kidnap Bride


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Editor: ryunakama

“Are you really doing this?”

Taiyou asked Kohaku. As he said, Taiyou’s face showed he was a bit reluctant.

“Of course, ja. We be on a deserted island. Why not use it for that purpose, noja?”

“Yeah, but still…”

“Shh. I see it now, noja.”

Kohaku put a finger up to Taiyou’s lips.

Both of them were looking at a seaside log house. Inside it were Youran and Ruri. The two of them were relaxing in swimsuits, but both of them were silent. There was no conversation.

Taiyou kept his eyes posted on Ruri, quieting down as he spoke to Kohaku.

“I can’t do it anymore. Ruri’s over there. Youran is one thing, but it’s impossible to outdo Ruri.”

“Nahhh, you can do it, Danna-sama. Trust yeself a bit more, and trust in me, noja.”

“That last part is impossible. Especially right now.”

Taiyou casually said something that could be taken very seriously depending on the circumstance.

“Then you are to trust in Ruri, ja.”

“Why would I trust her!”

Taiyou found himself almost raising his voice as he interjected. He panicked as he covered his mouth.

He looked at the girls. They didn’t seem to have noticed.

(No way. Ruri definitely knows I’m here.)

The strongest girl in the world could detect anyone nearby and had devilish ears.

If Taiyou and Kohaku had already been conversing close enough to where they could be seen, she most definitely knew he was there.

So why did she not say or do anything…?

(I guess that’s what she means by trust in her.)

Taiyou somewhat understood what Kohaku meant.

Meanwhile, Kohaku handed the hemp bag she had brought to Taiyou.

“Here, Danna-sama. Use this, ja.”

“Are we really doing this?”

“Aye. Also, ye must not speak any further. We must stay silent the whole time, ja.”


Taiyou made up his mind.

Not doing it was easy enough, but if he wanted to go through with it, it had to be all or nothing.

He took the hemp bag and took a deep breath.

He scrutinized the area—-then dashed off immediately.

He crept closer, masking the sound of his footsteps, and threw the bag over Youran’s head from behind.

“Kya! W-What? Who is it?”


As he was told to, Taiyou silently lifted up the bagged Youran.

Now all he had to do was withdraw—-but first he took a look at Ruri.

Ruri sent him a small wave.

As per usual, she had a meager facial expression, but Taiyou could kind of tell she was trying to say “See you later”.

(I guess Kohaku-san was right.)

Taiyou carried Youran over back to Kohaku and the two of them moved out to their destination.

On the other side of the island, in the shade of a rock wall.

Taiyou and Kohaku looked down at Youran, face obscured, hand and feet bound.

The two of them silently listened to the sound of crashing waves.

“What are you trying, Master? This is ridiculous.”

Youran guessed the name of her abductor correctly.

(Well, I’m the only one after all.)

The only one on this island who could carry a person and move elsewhere without breaking a sweat was Taiyou. Youran wasn’t the only one who would guess him.

Isn’t it over now that she knows…? Taiyou looked at Kohaku, but…

She was nodding, grinning as she jerked her head at Youran.

(She’s saying just do it)

The plan was as follows.

First he would suddenly attack Youran and take her to a place where no one was.

And then without revealing his identity, he would play sexual pranks on her.

That was it.

Taiyou had questioned the one who proposed it, Kohaku, but…

“Something interesting will happen, ja.”

Kohaku said confidently.

(Well, if I just think of it as some exotic play…)

Taiyou came up with a clear explanation.

When he actually went through with it, Youran quickly found him to be the culprit.

Plus, this sexual prank that Kohaku suggested felt to Taiyou like an abnormal way of flirting, a unique type of play.

So at first he didn’t want to really do it, but now that he was in motion, Taiyou felt just a bit like jumping on board with it.

He groped around Youran’s side.

She was in her swimsuit, so he directly touched her exposed hips.


A slightly more overt reaction than usual.

“M-Master, where are you trying to touch me?”

(Umm, your hips?)

He thought, but didn’t say it.

Taiyou was just touching her hips like normal. This wasn’t even enough skinship for foreplay.

But Youran’s reaction was rather extreme.

To test it out, he ran his hand along her, tracing her navel.


She fidgeted. Even this was more than she usually did.

Taiyou looked at Kohaku. Still grinning, she waved a hand.

It felt like she was saying this wasn’t anywhere close to what she wanted.

This was becoming more and more interesting. He began caressing Youran’s body.

He kept the lewd bar down, sticking mainly to things like caressing her shoulders or head.

The skinship this time around was a bit too vanilla even for his taste.

But Youran with her eyes blindfolded, reacted quite a bit to this.

“Master, stop it…this is weird…stop it.”

(Weird? All I did was caress your cheek.)

“Seriously, sto—-hey, Master…you are Master, right?”

Youran’s reaction changed.

Her voice showed how uncomfortable she was.

Not Shingetsu no Kami, not the twin tailed beauty.

“Are you…someone else? Hey, who, who are you?”

Fear and tears settled in.

This was the third face of Youran that Taiyou did not know about. That was how he felt as he looked at her.


Taiyou became even more eager to go through with this.



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