Chapter 440: Chain of Happiness


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Taiyou looked at Kohaku, who beamed at him in return.

He finally understood why Kohaku had urged him to do this.

“Hey, say something, will you? Really, who are you? Master, right? Or Ruri? Or is it Akiha?”

Youran asked, trembling. Ruri and Akiha were both women who could lift someone.

“Or is it Kohaku-san? Yeah, it must be Kohaku-san. She probably made Master do this.”

(Sharp as ever.)

Half on the verge of crying, Youran had actually managed to guess the truth, which surprised Taiyou.

He looked at Kohaku, who shrugged her shoulders in a befuddled manner.

Her face was weird too. She looked like she wanted to punch someone in the face.

“C’mon…who is it…”

Taiyou felt the sadist in him stimulated.

He touched her with his hands only so that she wouldn’t know.

He groped around her whole body, caressing her cheeks, tickling her jaw, and scratching at her collarbone.

Each time he did that, Youran tried to wrench her way out and escape.

But he wouldn’t let her go. He continued touching her.


Finally, she continued calling Taiyou’s name in delirium.

He decided to comfort her just a little bit.

Taiyou put his index finger over her mouth, sticking it in.


At that moment, Youran’s face began to smile broadly. She sucked on Taiyou’s finger like a child on its mother’s breasts, accompanied by the sound of sticky liquid.

“Mazzderrr, mazzderrr…”

He looked at Kohaku, a bit put-off at what they were doing.

She put a finger to her mouth. 

And so they continued messing with Youran some more.

Youran felt both comforted yet somehow uneasy at the same time.

That was because Taiyou continued to not say anything.

He touched her and caressed her with skinship.

Sometimes he did things only she would understand.

But this was all without talking and without letting her see what was going on.

He kept her in suspense like that for two hours.

Once Kohaku became too tired to stand and sat down close to watch, Taiyou took off Youran’s blindfold.

The moment she saw Taiyou, Youran began smiling widely.

It was a fantastic smile he had never seen before in his life.


“Hold on a sec. I’ll untie you right now.”

“Master! Master!”

Youran tried crawling up Taiyou like a caterpillar.

Once he completely unraveled the rope, she leapt up onto Taiyou with a tackle.

“Master, yes, it’s Master, I thought so, I knew you were.”

Youran was still acting a bit differently from usual.

“Aye, but the one before that was not Danna-sama, ja.”

“I don’t believe that!”

Youran immediately countered.

“It was all Master, I just know it okay!”

“Kukuku, if that be what ye want to believe then why not.”

“Okay okay, that’s enough Kohaku-san, please don’t tease her anymore.”

“Whaddya mean? Ye gotta take ‘er down another peg to make it even more sweet ‘n pleasurable, ja. It looks like bullying but it’s definitely for her benefit, jazo.”

“Well, there’s no guarantee that it’s all for the best.”

“But I always give ye my best, Danna-sama.”

“Yes yes, you sure like to give it your all.”

He said it jokingly, but Taiyou figured that Kohaku was serious in how devoted she was.

In fact, she may have said that in order to pin it all on herself.

Kohaku was just that kind of gal, willing to do anything to “enjoy the remainder of her life”.

As they discussed these things, Youran continued to behave like a spoiled child.


“What iiis iiit?”

“I’m sorry, okay.”

“Nah, I know Master was the one who did it, so I’m totally fine.”

“Really? Then you wanna give it another go?”


Youran made a conflicted face.

It was the same expression she made at the end of the prank.

90% expectation, 10% uncertainty.

She trusted Taiyou, but couldn’t help but feel a bit uneasy with her eyes blindfolded.

“Well, don’t force yourself.”

“Umm! Master!”


“Can you do it to Sakura too!?”

“Sakura-san? You mean what I just did to you?”

“Mhm. I want to see what would happen.”


Taiyou nodded after he gave it some thought.

That might not be too bad either.

But actually.

“You sure we should pick Sakura-san? Don’t you think there’s someone else…like, Aoba, for instance? She might be fun.”

“The one that sounds the most fun is Ruri, jaro.”

“No, right now she’s beyond my reach.”

Taiyou figured even if he bound her up, she would just escape.

“Or Juurokuya. Although it wouldn’t be right now, it’d be later.”

“Nuh-uh, I want Sakura.”

Youran said with conviction.

She insisted that no one but Sakura could do the trick.

He tried to think of a possible meaning in that…and then stopped.

He figured it was best not to think too deeply about it.

Youran wanted the same thing to happen to Sakura.

He figured that was fine in itself.

“Alright, let’s do it.”

“What should I do?”

“I’ll stay here. You two can go ahead, ja.”

Kohaku waved a hand and sent the two of them off.

Taiyou and Youran assaulted Sakura, kidnapping her and blindfolding her as a prank.

And the way Sakura acted in response would become a long-lasting meme of Youran’s mischief.



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