Chapter 441: The Guide to Reconciliation


Translator: Reflet
Editor: ryunakama

The beach under the setting sun.

Taiyou crept up behind Ruri, who was wearing a white dress, and placed a straw hat on her head.

“I don’t…need it.”

“Nope, keep it on. It looks good on you in that outfit.

“Then…I’ll keep it on.”

The girl standing next to the shore. A white dress and a straw hat.

Taiyou truly thought that was cute, and that thought was conveyed to Ruri.

“This place is really fun.”



“Aren’t you…tired, Darling?”

“Nope, not at all. Heck, right now I’m just as energy-filled as you are.”

“Time to give you a taste of your own…uhh, wrong line.”

Ruri stared at him.

“Aren’t you tired…from interacting so much with everyone?”

The tone in her voice showed her concern.

The eyes that had been so hazy when they first met no longer existed. The color was still on the reserved side, but her gaze itself…the focus of her gaze was clearly on Taiyou.

And Taiyou softly embraced her.

Then he sat down on the beach.

Ruri let him advance, resting her head against his shoulders.

“I’m not tired. If anything, I’d say I’m healed every time I feel tired. Like this right now.”

“This…is enough?”

“Can I kiss you too?”

“If you want…to do it, Darling.”

And they kissed right away. Ruri’s lips were soft, and just touching them was enough to revitalize him.



“How have things been going with your big sis lately?”

Her body twitched.

“Darling…you meanie.”


“If you weren’t the one talking…I’d split you into two.”


“Do you still want…the sibling bowl?”

“Why do you guys always have to steer the conversation that way!”

“If you control your emotions…you’d be surprised what you could do.”

“No need to do that.”

He hugged her tightly.

“I don’t need you to do that. I just wanted to know how everything was going.”

“Ever since…I haven’t met her.”

“Ever since? You mean ever since you were last separated.”

Ruri nodded.

“Don’t tell me she’s seriously locked up right now.”

Taiyou thought it might be possible though.

Youran and Sakura both had power, enough power to use people and organizations to their benefit.

And they had a tendency of making clear distinctions between friend and foe.

Youran and Sakura reconciling in itself was largely due to their inclusion among Taiyou’s wives.

“I’m sure you’d lock me up too if I pissed you off excessively.”

“Why…do you ask such a thing?”

“Well, you changed, didn’t you?”

Ruri tilted her head when he said that.

“To quote one of those cliche things, you accepted your fate and changed as a result.”

“You mean…this?”

Ruri’s hair fluttered, and a phosphorescent light began enveloping her entire body.

An ethereal-like atmosphere made its way around her. The scene looked a bit unbalanced, however, and anyone watching from the side might find it a strange sight.

“So I was just thinking your relationship with your sister might have changed a bit.”

“Would you be…happy?”

“I mean, don’t force yourself to make amends.”

“Mhm…I know.”

“And to add further…Well, you know Aoba’s family. I do enjoy knowing the fact that even family members not directly related to each other can still get along. Youran and Sakura are both my brides, so that’s a bit different, but you get it.”

“Mhm…okay then.”

“So again, I really don’t want you to force yourself…but I guess I failed to convey that.”

“You didn’t…fail.”

Ruri shook her head.

“Actually, I’m grateful…I’ll do my best.”

“Although you might fail.”

“If it makes you happy then I’ll do my best…even if I have to lick her toes.”

“You don’t have to go that far.”

Taiyou imagined what that would look like. Ruri licking Yuri’s feet.

A different kind of feeling arose within him.

“No seriously, stop it.”

“It’ll be fine—-”

“No, I mean you shouldn’t lick other people’s feet.”

Ruri’s eyes opened wide. The light faded, and she stared at Taiyou in surprise.

“I shouldn’t…lick other people’s feet?”



“That’s right.”

He said with emphasis.

“Okay…then I won’t lick them.”

“Please don’t.”

“But…what about Akiha?”


“Akiha…I might lick her feet.”

“Why would you!?”

“Some lesbian play…in front of you.”

“Not that again!”

As per usual, she proposed a variety of different sexual play ideas.

“So I…don’t need to do that?”


“We’re…all fellow brides here, right?”

“…Ah, I’m such a horrible person.”

Taiyou covered his eyes.

That was because he secretly thought that such a thing wouldn’t be so bad to look at.

Akiha and Ruri entwining their bodies to please him, right in front of him?

There was no way he’d dislike that. In fact, he found himself getting a bit turned on.

And he felt some self-loathing as a result.

“Then…we’ll do it.”

“Just to tell you, do it with other brides only. Not with Juurokuya or anything.”

“Mhm…if you wish it, Darling.”

Ruri said, leaning against him.

A very gentle, graceful mannerism.

Almost like that of a meek wife.

“…Damn, I really am one happy guy, huh?”

Even as he cursed, Taiyou truly felt happy.

That was his current psychological state, and it spoke for the situation he was in.

They heard an explosion.

It was from the opposite side of the island, and the ground shook beneath the two of them.

“What the hell was that!”

He turned to look at the source. The night sky was lit up with a red glow.

Something was going on.



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