Chapter 444: Hip Bath


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Open-air bath that overlooked half of the island and the vast ocean.

Initially Taiyou had cocked his head, thinking “A bath on an island?”, but now he was thoroughly entranced by it.

To sum it up in one word…shallow.

The surface of the water wasn’t even 10 centimeters, not even enough to submerge one’s feet.

But once he lay down face up in the shallow water, Taiyou was able to fully soak the lower half of his body in the water.

In addition, the bottom of the bath was rugged in a good way, made to just fit his body type.

The water was tepid, and the wind refreshing.

And in that dreamlike bath, Taiyou and Youran were together.

“Never knew something like this was here.”

“I had them make this. Totally turns you into a bum, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah, I can see why. Feels like a lot is being pulled out of me.”

“Master, you should try sleeping in here once.”

“I shall.”

Taiyou slowly closed his eyelids.

He slept as he normally did, and woke up the same way.

He had slept in the bath several times before this, and each time he woke up it was with a bang.

Almost sinking under the water until your eyes spring wide open. That was what it had always felt like.

But this bath was different.

He slept as per usual, and woke up as per usual.

Almost as if he were sleeping on an actual bed.

“This…is amazing.”

Taiyou blurted out.

Turning left, he saw Youran sleeping.

Long, billowing hair, and beautiful, art-like breasts facing upward.

She also seemed to be sucked in by this bath water.

Although he was seeing her naked, he didn’t feel like doing anything.

He wanted to look at her forever.

And as he continued to watch her, he fell back to sleep.

The next time his eyes opened, Taiyou realized that someone different was next to him.

Turning to the side, it was no longer Youran, but Sakura who was next to him.


“You’re awake?”

“Yes. Where’s Youran?”

“She swapped places with me and went out. She was rather discontent because you never tried pouncing on her.”

“That’s totally a lie.”

Taiyou pointed out with a smile.

“There’s no way anyone would feel that way in a place like this.”

“But women, on the other hand…”

“No, I think women would feel very much the same.”

That was just how destructive this bath was in Taiyou’s eyes.

“Wait, can I pounce on you right now, then?”

“If you so wish to.”

“Well what do you want?”

“Please, pounce on me.”

“I’ll look into it then.”

Taiyou ended the conversation by declining her offer.

He knew full well that Sakura did not actually want him to do that, and he didn’t want to either.

He simply wanted to bask in the warm water right now.



“How’s everything going with work? Sounds to me like Youran just threw Juurokuya under the bus.”

“Everything’s coming along one way or another. I believe it is all working out.”

“…Hasn’t it been difficult?”



Taiyou said, closing his eyes again.

The next time he woke up, it was evening.

Lightly calculating it, he had been asleep in the bath for more than 6 hours, but he still felt no inclination to get up.


He heard Youran’s voice, right before he felt her kiss him.

Something came from her lips.

It was water. Cool, refreshing water soaked him from corner to corner of his body.

He moved his mouth to get some water replenishment.

Youran was on the opposite side of where Sakura was.

Youran to the left, Sakura to the right.

Taiyou gazed upon both Juunishima sisters in the flesh.

“How odd. No matter how much I sleep I feel like I can keep going.”

“That’s just how it is.”

“This is my first time experiencing it, so I’m quite a bit surprised.”

“Yeah Sakura, you’re probably even busier than I am with work.”

“That is because I, too, had a time when I had to plan things out.”

“But you do that right now too. It’s just that your opponent—-enemy changed.”

“Things have already been easier now that you are not my foe, Shingetsu-sama.”

“Is that what it is?”

“To relate this to shogi, up until now I’ve had to read your every move and predict the end game, but now I only have to read about three steps ahead.”

“I’m not even that intelligent, though.”

“Oh, stop being so humble.”

It was pleasant to listen to the stereo sound conversation going on between the sisters to the right and left of him.

The ice had finally thawed in their relationship. Taiyou was truly glad that they were so friendly now.

And as he thought that, Taiyou fell back to sleep.

Amidst the starlight, Taiyou woke up again for whatever time that was.

Then he realized there was no starlight.

Taiyou squinted, trying to see what the issue was when he realized that the reason he couldn’t see the stars was because his vision was blocked by the flesh of the sisters.

They were sitting on either side of him, peeking inward.

Their breasts were blocking out the stars.

“Is it okay to be awake right now?”

“The water and outside air aren’t all that different temperature-wise.”

“And the wind stopped at some point.”


Taiyou nodded, moving his hands for the first time since entering the bath.



Touching both of their chests made both girls raise their voices.

Not ticklish voices, but very feminine voices.

Their skin felt like silk, and Taiyou slid his hands along it.

“Gosh I’m happy.”

“Weren’t you already happy?”

“I always tell you I love you two, right?”

“True, come to think of it, you do.”

“And because Master always makes a point of saying that—-I love that part of him.”

Youran came closer to him, Sakura followed suit.

Taiyou felt the warmth of their bodies as his own body became warmer.

And so the tepid water was replaced by hot water.



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