Chapter 445: The One I Love The Most


Translator: Reflet
Editor: ryunakama

“Taiyou-chan Taiyou-chan, Aoba-chan is in heat!”

“The hell you just say?”

Taiyou swatted at Hera in a swimsuit.

In the morning on the beach, Taiyou was enjoying himself when Hera suddenly came around to say that.

“It’s true, indeed. She’s suuuuper in heat!”

“Yeah yeah.”

Taiyou ignored her. He figured it was another one of her delusions.

“Sheesh, just trust me a bit more, Taiyou-chan.”

“Alright, then what exactly do you mean by saying she’s in heat?”

“After she drank water that Aki-han poured for her, her face went red and she started panting.”

“That’s a rather serious matter!”

Taiyou sprang up to his feet.

“Where is she?”

“Over there.”

Hera led the way, and the two of them dashed through the beach.

Entering the building, they made it to the room Aoba was in.



Akiha put her index finger to her lips.


“Never mind that, let’s go outside.”

Akiha pushed him outside the room.

Looking back, he caught sight of Aoba.

Her face was red as she slept on the bed, and she looked extremely pained.

Once they got outside, Akiha closed the door before speaking.

“She has a little fever again. I think she’s fine, but just in case, you know.”


“Aoba was acting weird starting from the morning. She must have a cold.”


“I did make sure she drank some medicine and drank a large amount of water, so I think she’ll be fine.”


Taiyou repeated, turning to look at Hera.

Hera was averting her eyes, trying to get out of it with a small “eheh!”.

“Everyone makes mistakes–whaaaa!?”

Taiyou grabbed Hera and flung her away hard.

She had the wrong conclusion.

“What’s up with you?”

“No, nothing. Anyhow, about Aoba, is it really a cold?”

“Yeah, I think so. But I’ll look over her a bit and if things don’t improve then I’ll have Youran send an emergency escort over here.”

“Shouldn’t you do that right now?”

“Yeah, but if I do that, I feel like Aoba isn’t going to take kindly to being separated from us. She’s always talking about how happy she is just to be in a harem.”

“…I see.”

Taiyou somewhat understood. Aoba would probably say that.

Of course the three sisters were the ones who wanted a harem, but Aoba was the one who wanted everyone to get along.

That was her mindset after being around her three mothers.

“Alright, then let’s wait and see.”


“Are you okay, by the way?”

“Me? Yeah, psssh, I’m totally fine. I’ve never caught a cold, y’know.”

“…And you do like hanging around high places.” (*Note: There is a saying in Japanese that stupid people and smoke like high places*)

“Ahahaha, exactamundo!”

Akiha slapped Taiyou on the back.

“No, that’s where you point out that I’m insulting you.”

“Hey, but it’s true!”

She grinned.

“Plus, well, Master’s taught me a lot. Like how to heal myself if I somehow actually get one.”

“There’s a move like that!?”

“Yeah. Master’s super talented, y’know? She even said she could kill off a parasite inside her body.”

“That’s totally a lie.”

Taiyou interjected, but

“…It is a lie, right?”

Taiyou timidly asked.

He still didn’t believe it, but this was Ruri they were talking about.

“Yeah, I’m kidding. But she can actually kill off a virus.”

“That’s even more difficult to accomplish!”

He interjected again.

“Alright, how about I get a towel to cool her off?”

“I’ll do it.”

“Whaaa, no it’s fine, you should just go off and spend time with someone. Leave Aoba to me.”

“I can’t enjoy anything knowing what’s going on with her.”

“Mm, yeah I guess you have a point.”

Akiha quickly gave in.

Taiyou and Akiha tended to Aoba.

“Aoba’s been like this since a while back, actually.”

“Like what?”

“Getting over-excited and collapsing with a fever.”

“Ahh, that kind of pattern.”

“And every time Mio-san stays by her side and tends to her, if I recall.”

“That sounds like Mio-san alright.”

The two of them engaged in small talk as they helped Aoba.

Suddenly, Taiyou realized something.

“You and Aoba have been best friends since way back, right?”

“Well, it was a bit different at first. I really liked her after all.”

Akiha’s love.

Now it was a different kind of love.

“So you know a lot about Aoba, things that even I don’t.”

“What what, you jealous?” (/*note: jealous is “shitto” in Japanese)

“Not jealous, I just would like to know more too.”

“Aw c’mon, be jealous!”

“You want me to?”

“Well yeah, of course. Why wouldn’t I?”

“Okay then.”

“If you get jealous then I’m willing to tell you all sorts of things.”

Akiha winked.

“How do you tell if I’m jealous? Do I have to yell out ‘JEALOUS’ or something?”

“Nope, sounds like the English cuss word now. Japanese only please.”

“Sounding it out is that much of an issue?”

“Mmm, Aoba, huh? She was always normal, I can say that much.”

“Is it really okay to call someone you liked ‘normal’?”

“But she is though. I mean not anymore, but she used to be. Loved her father and mother. Mm, yup, she was really normal.”

Akiha folded her arms in a thinking posture, but she wasn’t really saying much other than how Aoba was normal.

“So she was normal, and that’s why you started liking her. I guess? Meanwhile, you’re not normal in the slightest sense.”

“Non non, that’s wrong, Taiyou-kun.”

Akiha shook a finger, speaking in a dramatic voice.

“Not because she was normal, but because she’s Aoba.”

“Okay. So how about now?”

“Of course I still like her. I love her the second most in the world.”

“You’re an incredible woman.”

Taiyou smiled awkwardly.

And no, he did not ask her who number one was.



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