Chapter 446: Face-Off Strong, Then Flow Along


Translator: Reflet
Editor: ryunakama

“Hey, you sure it’s okay for you to stay here?”

Akiha asked Taiyou.

“We’re on vacation for once, so you could go to where one of the other girls are or run along the beach with your schlong hanging out or something as part of your daily routine.”

“What kind of routine is that…”

Rudely interjecting, Taiyou swapped the towel Aoba had with another one.

“I’m fine staying here, really.”


“This is just another form of flirting anyway.”

“…Get the hell out of here.”

Akiha said after a brief moment of astonishment.


“I won’t let you be the one to flirt with Aoba.”

“Ehhh, but all three of us are here right now, let’s flirt together.”

“Aoba’s mine, boy.”

“But you’re mine too. The theory of the master behind the master.”

Taiyou quickly recalled Pochi.

Taiyou and Akiha continued to jokingly throw strong words at each other.

She was clearly affected when Taiyou mentioned “flirting”, but despite all the harsh language, neither of them were hurt or minded in the slightest.

(She’s like Ruri.)

Taiyou suddenly thought to himself.

What they did right now reminded him of how he and Ruri would fight, katana and fist.

From a third-person view it was fierce and tense.

And of course the people fighting were serious about it to an extent, nor were they holding back.

But neither of them were hurt.

Attacking with all their might, dodging with all their might.

Missing with all their might.

Taiyou just thought what he was doing right now was similar to that.

By the time it was afternoon, Aoba slowly opened her eyes.



“What happened?”

“Wait a sec.”

He took a towel and then slapped it onto her forehead.

“W-What the heck, Natsuno-kun?”

“Yeah, fever’s gone down quite a bit. You should be fine now.”

“Eh? Oh. You mean my cold.”

“Yeah. Lie down a bit more. It’s even worse when you’re in the healing process but overdo it.”


Aoba looked around as she lay down.

“Ah, Akiha too.”


“Sorry, did I make you worry?”

“Not at all. Now then, Taiyou. Move away.”


He wasn’t sure why, but Taiyou decided to just do as she said.

They switched spots. Akiha crouched down where Taiyou was, slapping the towel onto her forehead like Taiyou did earlier.


“Mhm, fever’s gone down quite a bit I see.”

“B-But Natsuno-kun said the same thing earlier.”

“Yep, sure did.”

Akiha said casually.

“Don’t tell me you…”

“I dunno what ya talkin’ bout.”

Akiha said, clearly on purpose.

Taiyou understood. Akiha was mimicking.

Making the other brides her brides…treating them like lovers.

She was trying to imitate what Taiyou did.


As he said, Taiyou found that interesting.


“Aoba, you’re hungry right?”

“Eh? Yeah, just a bit.”

“I had Nene make some porridge. I’ll bring it over.”


“I’ll go too.”

Taiyou left the room and Akiha followed him.

After leaving the room, the two of them looked at each other, breaking into grins almost simultaneously.

After a bit, Taiyou and Akiha returned with porridge-filled containers and china spoon sets.

“I’m back.”

“Kept ya waiting!”

“Welcome ba…wait, why are there two?”

“Heheh, you’ll see.”

Akiha moved first.

She put some porridge in the spoon and blew on it before bringing it to Aoba’s mouth.


“Eh, ehhh? Y-You really don’t have to do that.”

“Sick people need to just act obedient at times like this. Open up.”


Silenced by Akiha, Aoba put the porridge into her mouth.

“Is it good?”


“Alright, now it’s my turn.”


Aoba remarked in astonishment. Ignoring her reaction, Taiyou did the same thing and blew on the porridge-filled spoon before handing it to her.

“Here you go, eat up.”

“You too, Natsuno-kun?”


Same as Akiha, Taiyou urged her to bite down.

Aoba timidly ate.

And then Akiha came back in, and after her Taiyou, and once that was over it was Akiha’s turn again.

Switching spots, switching positions, they continued to feed Aoba her porridge.

And then, to top it all off.


They said in unison, outstretching both their spoons.

“Wha, I can’t just eat all that at once.”

Aoba said, and Taiyou and Akiha looked at each other.

And then they spoke to Aoba.

“Who do you choose, me or Taiyou?”

“Decide right here right now.”


It was almost like a love triangle.

Of course, Taiyou and Akiha weren’t serious.

When they left the room, and right now.

Every time they had the opportunity they would make eye contact and communicate their plan.

Playing around every chance they got.

Almost like a single scene where they fight in a love triangle over who gets Aoba.

Taiyou and Akiha were enjoying this.

Aoba was confused. Not having heard the conversation they held while she was asleep, she had no clue why this was happening.

The way she saw it, she was in the position that Taiyou should have been in.

Not quite to the point of fighting, but she had planned to do something with Taiyou alongside Akiha and dote on him.

That was what Aoba was thinking.

Which was why this confused her.

“We didn’t mean to confuse you. How about we decide with a fair method?”

“Then let’s do rock paper scissors to start out.”

“Alright, so starting out we got rock…”

Watching the two of them play rock paper scissors to decide who gets to feed her first, Aoba became more and more perplexed.

They glanced at her as they played the game.

Taiyou and Akiha then exchanged eye contact.

(Aoba sure is cute.)

(Heck fricking yeah she is.)

Their voices were almost audible enough for Aoba to hear, and the two of them had a rather hard time trying to keep smiles from appearing on their faces.



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