Chapter 45:  According to Cross-chan: Lolita complex is a Sickness


「Takayama, are you being serious right now?」

One of the men questioned Takayama, he clearly had eyes filled with contempt.

「Going after loli’s is a crime you know?」

「Besides, isn’t it disgusting to even think of such a thing?」

「Isn’t it fine? I’m not causing any trouble for you guys, why do you guys care so much about my preferences?」

「The fact that a colleague of mine, is a loli con that in itself is causing trouble for me」

「Just endure it for gods sake」

Several of the men were admonishing the loli con. However, the loli con continued to stare at Kohaku with bloodshot eyes.

「I mean come on, look at what she’s wearing. I can’t hold myself back. Guy’s tell me the truth, if a woman of your type were to wear this kind of see-through clothing, whilst she’s loitering around, you guy’s wouldn’t be able to hold yourselves back, am I right?」

「That is…..」

「That’s true I suppose」

The three other people looked at each other and came to the same conclusion. What the loli con guy said had some truth in it. It was certain that Kohaku’s current getup was outrageously seductive and bewitching. Her black see-through clothes made her completely visible and it was not something suitable unless you were about to go to sleep.

「I understand」

After a short period of time, one of the men nodded.

「O, oi, is it really okay to let him?」

「It can’t be helped right? If we don’t let this fellow do his thing it looks like he’s about to explode any minute now」

「Ahh…..It seem’s that way」

「Oi, we don’t know when Kaizen-sama will return. If you are going to do it, you better get it done with in less than 3 minutes」

「I got it」

The loli con man was overjoyed as he nodded ecstatically and made his way towards Kohaku. A lewd smile floated across his face, he began to lick his lips, as his hands wandered around in a indecent manner.


Kohaku twisted and writhed around, as her eyebrows creased severely.

That was when I met her gaze. Her pupils seemed to appeal for something as it wavers and it feels like she’s about to burst into tears at any moment. I began to imagine, her being taken away by the Loli con man, and something……….happens to her. No! I don’t want to see that happen, I can’t see that kind of scene………I don’t even want to imagine it.


As he thought such things, something inside Taiyou snapped.

He who was being docile until moments ago put power into both his arms, as he opened both his left and right hands. When he did, a Pachin! sound could be heard and soon consecutive buchi! buchi! sounds started to echo. It was the sound of his metal handcuffs cracking under the pressure and the ropes around his body ripping free.


Taiyou did not give the loli con man an opportunity to say any more words than that. Taiyou postpones taking off his gag, as he pulled his right hand back and let it shoot like an arrow towards the man.


Although his fist connected with the belly of the man, what resounded was an explosive sound. The man he hit flew away about 30 meters.

The man who got hit by Taiyou’s fist reacted just like he got hit by a speeding truck. His body which tumbled unto the ground started to twitch and convulse and after a few moments there was absolutely no sign of movements any longer.


「Here is—-」


Taiyou easily pulls and tears up his mouth gag after which he knocked down the three men in quick succession. Then he slowly turned around and went towards Kohaku as he gently tore up the ropes which bound her body.


「Are you, alright nojya?」


「You got hit by them so much, does your body hurt?」

「Eh? ahh, you don’t have to worry about me. No more importantly, Kohaku-san what about you?」

「You don’t have to worry about me, as you can see I’m completely fine. I am not such a weak minded person to be damaged just from the attempt to harm me, neither will I lose any sleep over it」


「Leaving that aside, how about you….? Muu, they were so excessive, your face is considerably swollen」

「I’m alright」

「Wait a little bit」

Kohaku said this as she pulled on her skirt and ripped a part of it. Even before doing this, she already looked really erotic, after ripping the hem of her skirt, she looked even more amorous. Taiyou instinctively becomes embarrassed as he could no longer look straight at her.

「Come and face towards me nojya」

Kohaku holds onto his face and made it turn towards her by force. And with the fabric she tore off, she began to gently wipe his face.

「You’ve lost quite a bit of blood, haven’t you?」

「Truly, I’m alright, so…」

Taiyou utters as he grasped her hand. Looking at her any longer and gazing at each other’s face was making him feel embarrassed. That’s why he grabbed her arm, but it had the opposite effect.

Before, they were just gazing into each other’s eyes, now on top of that they were holding each other’s hands. It was as if he was about to go in for the kiss, that kind of posture.



The two were at a loss for words. They were just watching each other meeting eye to eye. Kohaku gently shuts her eyes. Naturally, Taiyou brought his face closer. Like a magnet being attracted to each other, their lips approached each other. And just like it was the most natural thing in the world, as their lips were about to touch, in that moment—



A voice was heard from a long distance away, it seemed infinitely cheerful. When he turned around, he could see Hera flying from the other side of the hole.

「Hera, and even…..You guy’s as well」

Taiyou was surprised, behind Hera was Juniishima Yurikago and if he wasn’t mistaken Shirokiyami was also standing there. The girls looked at Taiyou with a face full of surprise.

「Taiyou-chan, Taiyou-chan, what were you doing just then〜?」

「Eh? No I wasn’t doing anything」

Taiyou was being evasive. In more ways than one….he thought that he needed to evade the question.

「More importantly, why are you guys here…..? Why did you come here?」

As he said this, he looked towards Shirokiyami’s direction. Besides the fact that Yurikago had returned, he was even more surprised that Shirokiyami was here.

「I thought that….Something like this, might happen」

「You aren’t going to tell me that, your surname is actually Sanada, right?!」(Reference to Sanada Yukimura some even called him the “Number one warrior in Japan”)

「It’s a shame, Mn, it is….n,ot」

Shirokiyami’s eyes which were boundlessly deep stared at Yurikago.

「I was…Em. Ployed—」

「Let’s move on!」

Yurikago suddenly shouted in a loud voice, cutting off whatever Shirokiyami was about to say. Perhaps it was because she ran back here? Her face was faintly red as it flushes.

「Let’s get out of here」

「Ah, Ahh, then I will remain here」

「That’s enough from you! Shirokiyami will act as the rear guard」

「Additional fee’s, will..apply」

「I’ll pay you 100,000, that will suffice right?」(TL: doesn’t say if it’s in yen or USD, guessing it’s in Yen though so that’s around 1,000 USD)

「….It’s enough, it’s more than, enough, nn」

Shirokiyami seemed like she wanted to say something else. Taiyou wondered whether this 100,000 figure represented something else for the girls. He recalls the conversation of her wage being at 40,000 yen per hour and thought that there may be some relation to it as he tilted his head in confusion.

Because he didn’t know the main point, his imaginations were completely off the mark. Though she reacts in this manner, Shirokiyami turns around silently as she stared at the facility, just like Taiyou was doing previously.

「Alright, in the meantime, we should escape」

「Is it really okay?」

「That girl right now….she is at least 100 times more useful than the current you. Alright, so come on let’s go already」

「Taiyou-chan, we need to go〜」

「It’s the legendary Shirokiyami, it will be fine to leave it to her jyaro」

The three girls talked as they tried to persuade Taiyou.

Taioyu thought for a moment before deciding that it was the best course of action.

「In that case, I will rely on you」

「It’s for….my salary」


At Yurikago’s urging, Taiyou went through the hole he made himself. Yurikago took the lead as she guided them through the woods that had no visible pathways. Taiyou quietly watches Yurikago’s back.

「Thank you」he said.

「Wha, what for–」

「You came back to rescue me right? Thank you, you saved me」

「It-it’s not really for your sake… Kohaku-san is an important cooperator, so I only returned to help her, g-got it?」

「Kukuku, I am indebted to you nojya」

「She’s so shy〜」

Both Hera and Kohaku was laughing at Yurikago.

「Even so, I am really thankful」


Yurikago snuffles like a spoiled child as she turned the other way. Taiyou followed Yurikago and together with the girls, they safely got out of the woods. (Light Novel Illustration: Reuniting with the Girls)



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