Chapter 450: Foie Gras Buffet


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“Here, say ‘ahh’.”


“Next is me. Master, eat up.”


“Eat. Me. Too.”

“We’re not doing that right now, ok Akiha.”

Nighttime, everyone was gathered except for Ruri.

The table had food on it in a Manchu-Han Imperial Feast style, and they were all feeding Taiyou one slice, one spoonful each.

There was a line in front of where Taiyou was sitting. The girls would take turns feeding him before finding a new piece of food and lining back up.

It was almost like one of those handshake events that pop idols had.

“I’m quite impressed that you thought of something like this, Akiha.”

Aoba said to her friend with a half impressed, half exasperated look on her face.

Just as she said, Akiha was the one who thought this up.

She suddenly came up with it in the afternoon and had Youran thrust it into the schedule.

Taiyou grimaced when he heard the idea, but said nothing.

Sakura had a mixed expression on her face, and Kohaku just grinned at him.

“Heheheh, what’s wrong with this? Eating at a buffet is what comes to mind when you go on a trip.”

“””Is that really the case?”””

The three sisters all asked at once. They were the least experienced with trips due to the environment they were raised in, so it wasn’t as clear to them.

“Yeah. Breakfast or dinner at a hotel generally consists of a buffet.”


“By doing that they economize on the number of personnel. Rather than serving food to each and every guest, they have everyone gather in a big dining hall. Having everyone take food for themselves reduces the cost, ja.”

“And the guests are happy. A system where no one loses. Fantastic.”

Akiha said, her eyes glittering.

“Sure it’s fantastic, but I’m still impressed you thought this up. I never thought of having him sit there like that.”

“I call it a foie gras buffet.”

“””That’s an odd name.”””

“Ah, but I’ve wanted to see a fattened Danna-sama, ja. He’ll look so cool and dignified. Mhm, quite good.”

“Sounds like a sumo wrestler I know called The Wolf.”

“You are on quite friendly terms with him after all, Shingetsu-sama.”

“Although that had to be after he retired. In fact, I think he retired before I was born.”

They chatted together as they gave food and more food to Taiyou.

The brides were amusing themselves with the repetition.

“Hey, could we call Ruri over here?”

Youran proposed.

“Master, huh…hmm, what should we do?”

“Today…should be fine. We raised the security levels since then, so as long as nothing crazy happens…”

“That’s a flag!”

“Yep, that’s a death flag right there, ja.”

The two of them who liked subculture interjected at the same time.

“Then how about without the flag. As long as she’s here with us, we’ll be fine no matter who comes.”

“Ah, that’s kinda true. Actually, it might be safer to have her here.”

“That’s just how strong Master is.”

“She’s not called the strongest in the world for nothing. She’s only become even more amazing in recent times.”

“It’s like a cheat unit turned into a fortress just by having her around.”

“Then shall we?”

“””I disagree. We’re in the middle of carrying out Taiyou-san’s request, so it would be a little too much…”

“I also disagree for that same reason and also because she knows what we’re doing and saying so she’s basically with us right now anyway.”

“Same as Aobaaa. Actually, she’s being purposely left out right now and deprived so that once she gets back to Taiyou he’s going to love on her, so it’d be best if we didn’t call her.”

“Three votes against it. Sakura?”

Youran asked her sister from another mother.

“I’m in agreement with the idea. Six of us already are here and we usually do other things, so calling her would be a good idea.”


“Agreed. I wish to see her divide into clones and make the line longer. Now what do you think, since you proposed the idea, ja?”

“Three against three, huh?”

Youran indirectly said she was in agreement.

“What to do…”

“Aoba, what would people in your house say if they were to vote?”

Akiha asked Aoba.

Whenever something had to be decided at Aoba’s house, the three matriarchs of the house did a majority vote. Her best friend had known this for a while.

Which was why she asked her.

“Umm, okay, we’re going to do it one more time. This time we’ll have unsigned votes. That’s a bit of an exaggeration, but it’ll be something like this: you write your opinions on paper and open the papers all at once.”

“Aye, looking at all the opinions in order might bring about some sort of effect, ja.”

“That might be better.”

“I’m opposed to that. It isn’t that it’s a bad idea, but I feel that our family should try something else.”

“I’m in agreement as long as your idea is fantastic.”

“Something that only we can do? She must be the only one, jaro.”

Kohaku pointed at Hera.


“Aye. Something that puts you to use. Something way different that no one can imitate, ja.”

“I see, indeed.”

“””You’re going to have Hera give the last vote?”””

“How about we try roasting her, ja? In ancient times, you heated up the carapace of turtles and decided all sorts of things based on the cracks in the shell, ja.”

“That could be good. There’s also the fact that no one can hurt her but Master.”

The brides shared their various ideas.

During that time, they were lining up, carrying things, and feeding them to Taiyou. Rinse and repeat.

Taiyou said nothing, added nothing. All he did was eat the food that was given to him.

He continued to chew his food with a “nom nom” sound.

That was what the night was like.


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